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Who Is Shane Burnett From George And Tammy? Age Wife And Net Worth

Actor Shane Burnett has been portraying the Casino guest in George And Tammy.

Audience wonders who Burnett is and his family details, including his marital life.

Shane Burnett is an actor portraying the role of a Casino guest in the biographical drama George and Tammy. The first episode of the first season will air on December 1, 2022.

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Who Is Shane Burnett From George And Tammy?

Burnett, an actor is portraying the role of a Casino guest in the biographical drama George and Tammy. The first episode of the first season will air on December 1, 2022.

hane Burnett From George And Tammy
Shane Burnett From George And Tammy (Source: IMDb)

The series revolves around the story of country musicians George Jones and Tammy Wynette and their love story and struggle in life.

Burnett will be seen in the three series episodes, where nine are available. Likewise, the principal cast in the series is Michael Shannon as George and Jessica Chastain as Tammy.

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The series is gaining immense popularity, and audiences are excited to witness and live the life of George and Tammy, along with other characters of the series.

Shane Burnett Age Explored

Shane Burnett’s age is yet to be displayed to the media. Glancing at the actor’s appearance, he seems to be around his mid-forties.

He seems to have joined the acting career lately, as his IMDb profile depicts him to be in the industry since 2020.

The trailer video of George and Tammy has amassed over three million views on YouTube. Likewise, the acting of the portrayers seems natural and is appreciated by the fans.

Talking about his involvement in acting, he has been featured in ten TV episodes for four series.

Who Is Shane Burnett Wife?

The audience has yet to discover the marital status of Shane Burnett and whether she has a wife.

Burnett does not seem to have access to any social media accounts. Surprisingly, he does not appear in clips of the series.

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Shane is likely to be someone’s heart and keep it private. However, he has to talk and express his family and marital life with his followers and audiences.

Likewise, the casino guest’s details and personal space will only be known after watching the mini-series.

Shane Burnett Net Worth 2024

Shane Burnett’s net worth in 2022 is unknown to the audience. However, he seems to earn some thousand dollars from his acting career.

Shane Burnett Net Worth 2022
Shane Burnett’s miniseries Geroge and Tammy (Source: IMDb)

Burnett has entered acting as a part-time job and is pursuing a Digital Cinematography course at FulSail University.

Before acting, he had been to work in various job sectors. He was a general manager at Domino’s for seven months since March 2021. Surprisingly, he had done the same job at Domino’s pizza from 2010 to 2018 and left in between.

Shane also worked as a truck driver for several years for several agencies.

Shane has embraced his dream journey lately, as he was busy with other stuff in the earlier days. Since he has made a vision to stick to acting and is trying to set in by learning new things, he will increase his net worth in the coming years.

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