Who Is Shayna Saide? Shia LaBeouf Mother, Children And Net Worth

Shayna Saide is the proud mother of the main combatant of highest grossing film Transformers, Shia LaBeouf. 

Shia LaBeouf is an American Performance artist, filmmaker, and actor. He shot to fame at age 14 on the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, winning a Daytime Emmy for his role on the show in 2003.

Shia, a good-looking and charming actor, was hurled in the lead role in the popular Transformers film series. He was also cast in popular arthouse films like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and The Company You Keep.

His acting career pulled out when he became part of Disney Channel’s peak-hour show Even Stevens, where he presented a popular character.

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After that, he was showered with offers and was seen in various commercial hits like Disturbia, Indiana Jones, and the Kingdom of the Cryst l Skull.
Besides acting, Shia LaBeouf is also known for his directorial talent in Hollywood. He made his directorial entry with a short film, Let’s Love Hate. Later he directed television movies like Maniac and Born Villain.

Who Is Shay A Saide? Shia LaBeouf Mother

Shia LaBeouf was born to his parents, Shayna Saide and Jeffrey LaBeouf. Shia’s Father, Jeffrey LaBeouf, is a Vietnam War veteran and former professional clown, and his mother, Shayna Saide, was a visual artist, jewelry designer, and former dancer.

LaBeouf’s mother, Shayna Saide, was born in New York, the United States of America, to her parents, Malki Rosen and Shia Saide.

Her mother’s name was Malki Rosen, and her Father’s name was Shia Saide. Shayna’sFatherr, who hails from Bialystok, Poland, is a performer, artist, and barber. And her mother comes from a Russian Jewish Family. 

Shayna married Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf but later on, the couple divorced. The couple eventually divorced due to financial reasons. Shia, the son of Shayna, was only three years old when she divorced. She raised her son solely. 

shayna Saide Shia LaBeouf Mother
LaBeouf is mourning his mother Shayna Saide, who died at age 80 in August: “She was a good girl”. (Source: People)

However, Shia LaBeouf’ revealed that his mother died. In an emailed interview with The Hollywood Reporter, LaBeouf said Thursday that his mother passed away on August 27 at age 80.

According to the news, the actor was with his mother, Shayna Saide, when she died of heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital.

Shia LaBeouf Children

Shia tied the knot with actress Mia Goth in 2016. The couple met in 2012. After six years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child on April 1, 2022. 

The couple was mottled, pushing a baby pram while walking in Pasadena, Calif. The couple had closemouthed about their newborn baby. However, the pair recently disclosed the details about their child. On August 26, Shia divulged he welcomed a daughter with his wife, Mia Goth.

Shia LaBeouf with his daughter and wife Mia Goth (Source: Page Six)
Shia LaBeouf with his daughter and wife Mia Goth (Source: Page Six)

In an emailed interview, he disclosed his daughter’s name as Isabel. He also stated that he and Mia found each other again and are peregrinating toward a healthy family with love and mutual respect.

Moreover, according to Olivia, Shia is pursuing to launch a redemption tour with his daughter in mind. He stated that he has “commenced on a journey that feels compensating and righteous,” adding that he now has “627 days of continence and a moral sense that never existed before my great repentance that was the last year and a quarter of my life.”

Shia LaBeouf’s Net Worth 

The estimated net worth of Actor and Filmmaker Shia LaBeouf is around $25 million, according to celebrity net worth

His main source of income comes from his acting career. Moreover, in 2006, Shia earned $400,000 for his role in the historical drama “Bobby.” He earned $400,000 each for “Disturbia” and “Surf’s Up.” In 2010 he earned $8 million for “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”

Shia earned $750,000 for the first “Transformer ” movie. His paycheck was bounced to $5 million for the second installment and $15 million for the third.

He gave up another $15 million when he chose not to star in the fourth ins ailment. He reportedly demanded $18 million, which was denied. So in total, he earned $20.75 million from Transformers before taxes.

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In March 2020, Shia paid $5.475 million for a gorgeous home in Pasadena, California.

In 2009 he paid $1.8 million for a home in Sherman Oaks, California. He listed this home for sale in July 2020 for $2.25 million. He sold this home in September of that year for $2.4 million.


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