Ed Gein Kids

American Serial Killer Ed Gein Kids And Family: How Many People Did He killed?

Ed Gein kids and family is a topic of interest to many people. American killer and corpse thief Edward Theodore Gein was also known as the Butcher of Plainfield or the Plainfield Ghoul.

George Gein, the Father of Ed Gein, passed away at age 66 on April 1, 1940, from heart failure brought on by his alcoholism. To help with living expenses, Henry and Ed started working odd jobs around the neighborhood. Residents of the area largely trusted and respected the brothers.

Both men were handymen, and Ed routinely watched children for his neighbors. He seemed to connect with kids more readily than adults, which made him enjoy babysitting. On July 26, 1984, at the age of 77, he passed away from respiratory failure at the Mendota Mental Health Institute. In a grave that is no longer marked, he is interred in the Plainfield Cemetery adjacent to his family.

American Serial Killer Ed Gein Kids & Family

There is no information available on the internet regarding Ed Gein kids. There is no sign of his marriage or kids. Talking about his family, Gein, the second son of George Philip Gein and Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on August 27, 1906. Henry George Gein was the older brother of Gein.

Intensely pious and ostensibly Lutheran, Augusta. She lectured her sons on topics such as the inherent immorality of society, the perils of alcohol, and her view that all women were inherently promiscuous and tools of the devil. Every afternoon, she set aside time to read to them from the Bible. Typically, she chose passages about death, murder, and divine vengeance from the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation.

Ed Gein Kids
Ed Gein and his mother. Source: crimesandcuriosities.com

She detested her alcoholic, unemployed husband, who had previously worked as a carpenter, tanner, and insurance salesman. While living in La Crosse, George ran a neighborhood grocery store. However, he soon sold the enterprise and moved his family out of the city to a 155-acre (63-hectare) farm near Plainfield, Wisconsin, which would become their permanent home.

Augusta took advantage of the farm’s seclusion by excluding visitors who might have impacted her sons. Gein only left the farm to go to school. Gein spent most of his time working on the farm after school. Gein was quiet, and his coworkers and teachers recall him as having peculiar behaviors, such as seemingly random laughter that seemed to come from him laughing at his jokes.

How Many People Did Ed Gein Kill?

Ed Gein killed two women. When Bernice Worden, the owner of a hardware store, vanished in 1957, Gein came to the attention of the Police. Gein had been spotted with her just before she disappeared, and when Police went to his farm, they discovered her body.

She had been shot to death and then beheaded. He had meticulously looted cemeteries and gathered human parts, which he used to construct household items, clothing, and masks, according to later home inspections. On the premises, the head of Mary Hogan, a tavern owner who vanished in 1954, was also found. The cause of the Fire that destroyed Gein’s “House of horrors” in 1958 is still unknown.

Ed Gein Kids
American body snatcher and murderer Ed Gein. Source: Comicvine

Gein pled not guilty due to insanity while admitting to killing the two ladies, who were said to resemble Gein’s mother. He was placed in several psychiatric facilities after being declared unfit for trial in late 1957. However, Gein was tried in 1968 after it was found that he could take part in his defense.

Although he was found guilty of killing Worden—prosecutors only prosecuted one murder, presumably for budgetary reasons—he was later determined to have been made at the time of the crime. He returned to the mental institution, where he stayed until his demise in 1984.

Death of Ed Gein

On July 26, 1984, at the age of 77, Ed Gein passed away in the Mendota Mental Health Institute from respiratory failure brought on by lung Cancer. Tour tourists looking for souvenirs damaged his gravestone at the Plainfield Cemetery throughout the years, and the stone itself was taken in 2000.

It was in storage at the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department after being found in June 2001, close to Seattle, Washington. Although the grave is no longer marked, Gein is buried in the cemetery with his parents and sibling.

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