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Who is Tony H. Payne? Georgia Man Arrested For Gun Possession On Capitol grounds

Tony H. Payne, Georgia Man, was arrested by Capitol Police on Wednesday for possessing an under register firearm. 

Capitol Police under arrest Tony H. Payne, along with two other people, after Police surrounded his Van parked illegally down several streets around the Capitol and Supreme Court for hours. 

Who Is Tony H. Payne?

Tony H. Payne, known as Georgia man, is recently all over the news headline after the Police arrested him with multiple handguns and shotguns.

Tony H. Payne is an 80 years old native of Tunnel Hill, Georgia. By profession, he is a driver of the delivery van. 

Tony H. Payne was arrested around Washington for possessing an unregistered firearm, possessing unregistered ammunition, and carrying a pistol without a license.

As per the Police, he claimed to be a delivery man who came to deliver a document to the supreme court.  

Tony H. Payne arrested after Capitol police recover weapons from van (Source: Washington Times)
Tony H. Payne arrested after Capitol Police recover weapons from the Van Source: Washington Times

However, as soon as Police found it suspicious when Tony illegally parked his Van for almost four hours, Capitol Police surrounded the Van. After an inquiry and investigation, the driver of a white van admitted to having a gun without a license. 

During an investigation, Tony claimed he was there to deliver the documents to the U.S. Supreme Court; however, he was proved wrong after Police found Firearms in the Van. 

Tony H. Payne: Georgia Man Arrested For Gun Possession On Capitol grounds

On October 19, Wednesday, Capitol Police officers hedged the suspicious white Van. When they approached, Tony H. Paynes said he had come to deliver documents to the court.

Tony Payne claimed to be an Eighty Years old Georgia Man from Tunnel Hill, Georgia.

Payne told officers he had weapons in the Van, and a search turned up two handguns and a shotgun, along with a pipe and containers, Capitol Police said. 

 Capitol Police in the scene where Georgia man was arrested with Guns (Source: NBC News)
Capitol Police in the scene where Georgia man was arrested with Guns Source: N.B.C. News

A hazardous incident response team conducted a more detailed search of the Van after a pipe and containers were found inside, Capitol Police said. They later said the items did not pose a threat.

Tony H. Payne of Tunnel Hill, Georgia, was taken into custody on three weapons-related charges, the U.S. Capitol Police said in a written statement. However, Two passengers in the Van were detained but not arrested.

Capitol Police said dozens of people are arrested yearly for bringing weapons onto Capitol grounds.

Georgia Man Arrested With Guns: Incident Details

The incident took place on October 19, 2022, in the surrounding near the U.S. Supreme Court.

Capitol Police officers spotted the white Van parked illegally near the U.S. Supreme Court building at around 3:45 pm E.S.T.

As soon as the Police found them suspicious, they surrounded the Van. There was a total of three people in the Van. First, they approached the driver of the van Tony H. Payne. He claimed to be a delivery man and came to deliver documents to Supreme Court. 

But Police found it doubtful, so they searched the Van. During the investigation, Police found Two HandGuns and Shotguns along with a pipe and containers.

However, as soon as the Police found firearms without any License, they arrested Tony H. Payne and released the other two people. Police have not disclosed any information about the two people. 

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