Who Is Yuna On Twitch? Age Real Name Identity And Twitter Explored

Who Is Yuna On Twitch? The availability of Yuna on Twitch has struck everyone’s attention lately. She is a famous Malaysian singer.

Malaysian singer Yuna is the stage name of Yunalis Binti Mat Zara’ai. Her first big break came from her Myspace song upload, which went viral and earned over a million plays.

Her music was discovered by an indie-pop label/management business thanks to her internet popularity, and at the beginning of 2011, she signed with the Fader Label. Her breakthrough track “Crush,” which she co-wrote with Usher and reached number three on the US Billboard Adult R&B chart, is what most people remember her for.

Who Is Yuna On Twitch?

Yuna is on Twitch as yunamusic. She is a Malaysian singer-songwriter who is residing in Los Angeles, California. She says she is on Twitch to chill out with you guys and play games and music.

Yuna has a delicate soprano voice that is lyric. She once compared her music to “a mix between Coldplay and Mary Poppins.”  In response to this description of her musical taste, she can’t believe people still hang onto it.

Yuna Malaysian singer in Forbes magazine
Yuna Malaysian singer in Forbes Magazine (Source: Forbes)

It was a saying that she had seven years ago on my music profile on Myspace. However, she really wanted to say that she enjoys mixing various musical styles into her songs and that the lyrics tend to be sincere and honest. 

Yuna has credited her father for introducing her to artists like Coldplay, Bob Dylan, and Feist. She listened to many The Cardigans, Fiona Apple, and Garbage while growing up in Malaysia.

Yuna has worked with numerous well-known musicians during her musical career, including Usher, Tyler, the Creator, Epik High, G-Eazy, Jay Park, Jhené Aiko, KYLE, Little Simz, and MIYAVI.

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Yuna Age & Real Name

Yuna’s real name is Yunalis Binti Mat Zara’ai.

Yuna was born on November 14, 1986, and is currently 35 – she was born and raised in Kedah and Selangor, and at age 14, she started creating songs. As she was attending law school, she quickly taught herself how to play the guitar.

By 2006, Yuna had her first performance. In 2008, Yuna released an EP with the same name and her first recorded album in Malaysia. This album received five nominations for the Malaysian Music Awards (the Malaysian equivalent of the Grammy).

She received four awards, including Best New Artist and Best Song, for her first-ever hit song, “Dan Sebenarnya.”

Adam Sinclair, a Malaysian director and the younger brother of the late actors’ Ashraf Sinclair and Aishah Sinclair, has been Yuna’s husband since 2018.

Yuna Identity And Twitter Explored

Yuna is of the Muslim religion and shows pride in wearing Hijab. She had been wearing a headscarf when she initially began to play music.

She claims that ordinarily, people would anticipate that you would alter and discard this aspect of your life to become a pop star. But she didn’t want to be a “pop star”; she just wanted to make music.

Additionally, there will always be others who disagree with what she is doing at this time. However, she is content with her current situation.

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