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Why Did Blink 182 Break Up? Is The Band Reunited Again? Tours And Band Members

Blink-182 was one of the most popular bands back in the 90s. However, fans are curious to know Why Did Blink 182 Break Up? 

Blink-182 is an American rock band established in Poway, California, in 1992. They currently have Mark Hoppus on bass and vocals, Tom DeLonge on guitar and vocals, and Travis Barker on drums.

Their music is still combined with fast-paced punk rock and catchy pop songs, even though their sound has evolved throughout their career. They frequently use relationships, teenage angst, and maturity—or lack thereof—as topics in their lyrics. The band sprang from the skate-punk suburbs of Southern California and quickly gained notoriety for their raucous live shows and biting humor.

Why Did Blink 182 Break Up?

In February 2005, Geffen issued a press release announcing the band’s “indefinite hiatus.” The band split up due to the members’ differences in its shared future and recording methods.

Blink-182, American rock band formed in Poway, California. Source: Deezer

 DeLonge and Hoppus were Blink-182’s original two founders in 1992. DeLonge left the band in 2005 after the group went on an indefinite hiatus because, in his opinion, his bandmates’ objectives were “mad different” at the time, according to an MTV interview. Later, he started the group Angels & Airwaves.

Blink 182’s separation only gets messier as Tom DeLonge refutes claims that his negative view contributed to the band’s stalling and instead blames Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus’s inaction and his stubbornness to give up on other projects that were already in the works.

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Is The Band Reunited Again?

Legendary pop punk band Blink-182 will tour extensively in 2023 with members of their original lineup, including guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge. Matt Skiba, who had spent ten years on tour with the group in DeLonge’s place, took over when DeLonge left the group in 2015.

The likelihood that DeLonge and Blink-182 will reconnect increased when Skiba said earlier this year that he wasn’t sure if he was still a band member.

The tour and the actual reunion with DeLonge have been officially revealed in a humorous and raunchy video the band dropped on Tuesday morning, along with a teaser for their next track, “Edging,” which drops this Friday. The trio also said that a new album, their first since 2011’s Neighborhoods to feature John DeLonge, would be released in 2019.

Blink 182 Tours And Band Members 

Since his departure, DeLonge has been the subject of several rumors from fans and the media, and DeLonge has remained hopeful that he will eventually return. However, when DeLonge modified his Instagram account to once more name Blink-182 as one of the bands he plays in, the rumors significantly increased in the second half of 2022. The issue worsened when Skiba acknowledged earlier that year that he wasn’t certain of his current place in the band.

The band’s website was established later that year, and their Instagram account had been completely removed. Fans began to see billboards and posters for the band worldwide as news outlets continued to predict that DeLonge’s rejoining the band may be announced soon.

DeLonge’s official return was confirmed on October 11, 2022, and brand-new band advertising images started to surface on ticketing websites. Along with this announcement, it was revealed that the band plans to release a new album on October 14, 2022, embark on a global tour, and release a brand-new song named “Edging.”

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