Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin

Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin ended their love relationship after approximately a year together. 

As both of them hold a reputable position in the South Korean entertainment industry, many of their viewers are shocked after they are confirmed to part ways.

They are willing to learn the cause behind their separation as they were one of the most adored couples.

Pyo is well known for the television series VIP and Taxi Driver, while Seo gained fame widely after portraying reporter Kim Moo-jin in the 2020 Drama Flower of Evil.

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Know About Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin Relationship Moments

Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin both relate to South Korea’s acting industry, making them work as fellow actors. Being in the same field, they got to know each other shortly and decided to stay in a relationship.

The duo first met while being together on the 2017 KBS weekend Drama “Laurel Tree Tailors” and then fell in love after the conclusion of the Drama. 

With their association, they shared their special moments with their beloved fans; the two actors went public with their relationship in September 2018.

Actor Hyun Woo & actress Pyo Ye Jin break up has saddened their fans
Actor Hyun Woo and Actress Pyo Ye Jin’s break up has saddened their fans (Source- La Republica)

Being a fan’s favorite actor, they made headlines throughout the media. Also, many well-wishers congratulated them on their future together.

From co-stars to lovers, they were spotted at multiple events and seemed happy together, sharing several occasions. Many paparazzi and media outlets shared the news about their togetherness.

Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin Are No More Together; Why Did They Break Up?

The fan-adored couple, Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin are no more together. Pyo Ye Jin’s agency has affirmed that she has ended her relationship phase with fellow actor Hyun Woo.

Pyo Ye Jin’s agency expressed that “Pyo Ye Jin and Hyun Woo recently parted ways and have decided to remain just a junior and senior in the entertainment industry.” 

After their break on November 27, 2019, her agency also mentioned, “She will do her best to continue to show growth in her work.”

Even though they did not highlight the reasons for being apart, they ended their term mutually without grudges or hatred.

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Na In Woo & Pyo Ye Jin Praised for being Credible Actors amid Crisis in Their Respective Dramas
Na In Woo & Pyo Ye Jin Praised for being Credible Actors amid Crisis in Their Respective Dramas (Source- Kdrama Stars)

Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin Dating History

Seo Hyun-Woo And Pyo Ye Jin have not exposed their past relationship with other people. They may want to keep their private life detail a secret.

Even after the breakup, both seem to be single as they have not announced being in the relationship even after around two years of separating.

Additionally, they look focused on their career as they are seen to be involved in different superhit shows and movies. When they are ready for another relationship, they may announce it through social media.


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