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Meet Ma Dong Seok Wife Ye Jung Hwa, The Couple Have Revealed That They Are Officially Married! On October 20

Ma Dong Seok Wife, Ye Jung Hwa; The Couple revealed that they are officially married! On October 20, Ma formally described her as “wife” during the 12th annual Beautiful Artist Awards.

They had already tied the knot a year ago, and their fans cannot stop praising them as, after several years of dating each other, they have finally ended as a husband-wife duo. Both come from a celebrity background, so their fan base is no less.

Their official marriage was known to very few people as they held their ceremony in a private event after being postponed earlier due to the Covid-19 pandemic and busy schedules; no pictures of the wedding are out yet!

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Meet Ma Dong Seok Wife Ye Jung Hwa

Ma Dong Seok wife, Ye Jung Hwa, has been the center of attention after the couple revealed they are now in a husband and wife relationship. They married a year ago but publicly claimed their relationship on October 20 this year.

Dong’s wife, Ye Hung Hwa, worked as a sports reporter, media personality, and health trainer. They have been dating since 2016; likewise, after four years, they married. She is available on Instagram @yejunghwa with more than sixty posts, three hundred thousand followers, and zero followings.

Actor Ma Dong Seok And His Sweetheart Ye Jung Hwa Belatedly Revealed To Have Gotten Married Last Year
Hollywood Actor Ma Dong Seok And His Sweetheart Ye Jung Hwa Belatedly Revealed To Have Gotten Married Last Year Source- Han Cinema

They were previously set to marry, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and their pack work routine, their marriage got delayed. They finally registered their marriage in 2021 and completed the ceremony without media exposure.

It has already been around one year of marriage, and just a few days ago, he exposed their relationship in front of all after winning in the12th annual Beautiful Artist Awards.

He proudly expressed, “Thank you to my The Outlaws 2 colleagues, my family, and my wife Ye Jung-Hwa, whom I love.”

Ma Dong Seok Family

Ma Dong-Seok was born on March 1, 1971, and has American citizenship. He resided in Ohio and went to Columbus State before returning to South Korea to begin his acting career.

Even though much detail about his parents is unavailable, his Father had gone to jail for scamming a man. This news was all over in his work set, and he had also apologized for the same.

Seok is available on Instagram, where his updates are posted promptly. He has more than one million followers and only two followings. But one can see that he has not shared any pictures with his family members and wife to date. 

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Famous Personality Ma Dong-seok on being cast in ‘Eternals’: “They changed the character to suit me”
Famous Personality Ma Dong-Seok on being cast in ‘Eternals’: “They changed the character to suit me” Source- Ke Poper

Ma Dong Seok Career

Ma Dong Seok built his career as an actor in 2005 and worked as an agent under Big Punch Entertainment. In 2018, he received Gallup Korea’s Film Actor of the Year.

With his major superhit role in Train to Busan and many other main roles, he has become one of South Korea’s most wanted actors.

Seok initially came into people’s eyes after his supporting roles in The Neighbour, Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, and The Unjust.

Also, while going through his social media, he has given various updates on his work and co-stars, which have highly encouraged his fans with excitement reflected in the comment section. 

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