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Adam Dimarco Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating? Gay Rumors And Sexuality

Adam Dimarco is single, he isn’t open about his love relationships. So, no one knows who he’s dating. 

Adam DiMarco is a Canadian actor who portrayed a member of the operations division in the film Star Trek Beyond. He was referred to as the “injured red shirt.”

At the age of 20, he made his acting debut in the film ‘Do Something With Your Life.’ After starring as Gavin Morgan in the Disney Channel original film ‘Radio Rebel,’ his fame skyrocketed.

Adam Dimarco Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating? 

Adam isn’t particularly forthcoming about his romantic connections. Therefore nothing is known about who he is dating. Adam hasn’t been married or engaged and doesn’t have children.

But the media and a few select audiences know one of his prior relationships. According to the media, he reportedly had seen Sarah for three years.

sarah yarkin adam
                                                                             Adam Dimarco Ex-Girlfriend Sarah yarkin Image Source: deadline

Before breaking up, the couple dated for three years, from 2015 to 2018. In addition, there is no proof that the couple ever had a child.

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As for 2022, He appears to be content with his single life because he is not currently dating anyone. Several media publications reported that Adam was dating Sarah Grey, his co-star on The Order.

Because the co-stars frequently share images of each other on their social media sites, many of their followers speculated that Sarah and Adam are a real-life pair.

The paparazzi have also captured the couple hanging out together on multiple occasions. However, this was merely a rumor since Sarah seemed content with her relationship with her partner.

Adam Dimarco Gay Rumors And Sexuality Explored

Adam DiMarco’s homosexuality became a topic of discussion in 2019 after the Canadian actor attended the Met Gala. As a result, many people speculated about Adam’s sexuality, believing he was gay or bisexual.

In contrast, in 2019, he attended the Met Gala, where he donned a red scarf and carried a pocketbook with a flower print, sparking allegations that he was gay or bisexual but was trying to hide it. 

In response to these rumors, Adam stated that he was heterosexual. Furthermore, he maintained that he was just dressed for the Met Gala’s theme, “Camp,” and that, despite being straight, he supports the LGBTQ community.

He posted a gorgeous image of himself and actor Ajam. According to the photos, they posed closer to the camera, embracing a pillar.

atticus mitchell gay
                                                                          Actor Adam DiMarco and Atticus Image Source: Instagram

Fans reacted positively, many remarking that they looked wonderful as a pair. On the other hand, Adamhas not acknowledged or denied being gay.

Adam Dimarco Early Age And Wikipedia

Adam DiMarco was born on 14 April 1990 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada; his zodiac sign is Aries; he is of Canadian nationality and Spanish heritage. 

He is an actor and musician renowned for his parts in the well-liked TV programs “The Order” and “The Magicians.”

He has a brother, Michael, and a sister, Tausha. Adam grew up in Oakville but later relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to pursue post-secondary education.

He graduated from Vancouver Film School with his “Radio Rebel” and “Arctic Air” co-stars Tanaya Beatty and Iain Belcher. He was a Vancouver Theatre Sports League member during his tenure there.

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