Alexandria Herring Apology

Alexandria Herring Apology Video On TikTok: Cheated On Will Thayer With Ned

Alexandria Herring’s apology video surfaced on TikTok after she cheated on her partner Will Thayer.

Alexandria Herring, one of The Try Guys’ most visible employees, has become a YouTube celebrity in her own right. The Try Guys have a long history with Alexandria. 

They’re known as “The Try Guys,” which included a gang of four males who hang out online. Ned, Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang are their names. They frequently document their initial reactions to new experiences.

Following Ned’s departure, the collective now consists of three members and several of their staff who appear in their videos on occasion.

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Alexandria Herring Apology Video: Did She Cheat On Will Thayer?

Alexandria Herring’s ex-fiancĂ© had already moved on before he reportedly exposed Alex for cheating on him with Ned Fulmer, one of the show’s co-founders. Herring and Thayer were set to marry after being together for over ten years.

Thayer had leaked photos and videos of Herring and Fulmer, 35, kissing at a New York City nightclub.

alexandria herring apology
Alexandria Herring cheated on her partner Will with Ned. Source: sportskeeda

Thayer’s friend Steven Cuzzort posted an Instagram photo of the two drinking champagne at Jones Bar and Grill in Hollywood on Sunday.

Following the revelation of their affair, the “Try Guys” official Instagram revealed that they had parted ways with Fulmer. The Try Guys announced on Tuesday that “Ned Fulmer is no longer working with us.”

With a statement on his personal Instagram shortly after, Fulmer confirmed he had a “consensual workplace relationship.” He did not, however, name Herring in his post.

Despite Thayer and Herring’s apparent breakup, Ariel and Ned are still trying to work things out, as they were seen together on Wednesday.

Alexandria Herring’s Relationship With Will Thayer

The associate producer Alexandria was engaged to her fiance, Will Thayer, and the couple had been together for ten years as of 2024.

Alex and her boyfriend, Will Thayer, used to exchange a lot of photos throughout their relationship. Her Instagram feed is full of pictures of the two of them having fun together.

Alex had also tried on a wedding dress and shared details about her relationship with beau Will in a February 2022 YouTube video on the Try Guys channel titled Women Wear Wedding Dresses For The First Time.

When asked how long she and her fiance had been together, the producer stated that they had been together for ten years.

Ned Fulmer Admitted To Cheating On Ariel

The Try Guys fired member Ned Fulmer after he also admitted to cheating on Ariel Fulmer.

After screenshots and photos were posted in a Reddit thread, it was revealed that Ned, who frequently expressed his love for Ariel, had cheated on her with Herring. The photos appear to show Ned having sex with Herring at the East Village hotspot Niagara.

Alexandria Herring Apology
Ned Fulmer’s apology post on Twitter. Source: sportskeeda

Fans of the YouTube series noticed that Ned had not come into sight in the group’s three most recent videos, despite being featured in the season’s promotional material.

Ned Fulmer publicly apologized to his wife, saying he regrets any pain his actions may have caused the guys and fans, but especially Ariel. Fulmer said that the only thing that matters at the moment is his marriage and children, and that’s where he’ll concentrate his efforts.

Ariel, 36, the mother of Ned’s sons Wesley, 4, and Finley, 1, also spoke out in the midst of the scandal.

She expressed gratitude to everyone who reached out to her and said it meant a lot to her. She added that nothing was more important to her and Ned than their family, and they all asked their fans to respect their privacy for the sake of their children.

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