Who Did Ime Udoka Have An Affair With

Who Did Ime Udoka Have An Affair With? Cheating On Nia Long With Caught Red Handed

Who Did Ime Udoka Have An Affair With? Ime Udoka is once again the talk of the town as the basketball coach is set to make a comeback to the big league.

People have been enquiring about his cheating with Nia Long, and we intend to dig deeper into the kind of relationship they both shared.

Ime was doing well for himself as a manager to a very successful team before he was accused of something which led to him being suspended for a year.

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According to the authorities in charge, Ime was accused of breaking the rules set within his team, and for that reason alone, he was suspended for a year. If we are to believe the rumors, the Nigerian-American athlete is set to return to the big scene.

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Who Did Ime Udoka Have An Affair With?

Among all the controversies Ime has been a part of, cheating on his partner led to the most backlash for the manager. After he was caught cheating on his wife, Nia Long, fans of the manager called him out for his actions. After he was caught red-handed, people began questioning the nature of his relationship with his wife. 

According to reports, the reason behind his suspension was an inappropriate relationship with the female staff of his team. Many outlets also suggest that he used crude language to the people who called him out for his actions. 

Team service manager Kathleen Nimmo Lynch worked for the Boston Celtics and had an affair with coach Ime Udoka. Both people involved in this scandal are married, which is why this affair seems inappropriate.

Ime’s NBA franchise suspended him for the entire season due to the incident. While the basketball manager is a Father and betrothed to actress Nia Long, Kathleen is married with three children.

Ime Udoka Suspended
Ime Udoka is Suspended on account of breaking multiple club policies. Source: WGBH

Lynch’s name had been posted online, but the Celtics had not revealed the identity of the woman Udoka was seeing.

She acted as the team’s liaison and planned trips, accommodations, and game tickets for Celtics families at home and abroad. She is also suspected of planning the trip for Udoka’s fiancée, actress Nia Long.

Ime Udoka Cheating On His Wife Nia Long: Caught Red Handed

Ime Udoka was caught red-handed in a scandal that accused him of cheating on his wife, Nia Long. Since the person he was involved romantically with was a part of his coaching staff, he was suspended for a year. And after his colleague Steve Nash was fired, there were talks of replacing him with Ime.

Lynch has been friends with famous ex-player Danny Ainge for a long time. Ainge served as the team’s Executive director of basketball operations before departing the organization last year.

Ainge, a 63-year-old fellow devoted Mormon, assisted her in getting the position.

According to a source with knowledge of the investigation, Ainge knew that the Celtics were looking into Udoka’s relationship with Lynch early in the summer. Still, he did not get involved with the inquiry or the decision to suspend the coach.

Nevertheless, the insider continued, Ainge was extremely saddened by the affair, especially given that they both have families.

Nia Long
Ime Udoka’s Wife Nia Long is a very successful actress. Source: Sports Illustrated.

Ime had been married to American actress Nia Talita Long. Long, best recognized for her work in Black cinema, gained notoriety for her roles in the movies Boyz n the Hood and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where she played Beulah “Lisa” Wilkes.

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