Alia Shawkat sexuality

Alia Shawkat Sexuality: Is She A Lesbian? Who Is She Dating Now?

American actress Alia Shawkat is bisexual. She has openly talked about her sexuality and has also played lesbian roles.

Alia Shawkat is an American actress and artist best known for her roles in The Old Man, State of Grace, and the Fox/Netflix television sitcom Arrested Development.

The 33-year-old was also a cast member of The Final Girls, Search Party, and Comedy Central’s Drunk History. Her upcoming films include Drift and Pussy Island.

Alia Shawkat Sexuality: She Is Not Lesbian

Alia Shawkat is not lesbian; she is bisexual. In a 2017 interview with Out magazine, Alia shared about her bisexuality, saying she was a tomboy growing up.

Alia always knew she was different but was unsure. When her mother asked when if she liked boys or girls when she was ten, she said she did not know. 

But now, she is certain of herself and believes that balancing her male and female energies has been a big part of her growth as an actor.

Alia played a lesbian role in the 2014 sitcom Broad City, where she dated Ilana Wexler (played by Ilana Glazer).

Alia Shawkat lesbian
Alia Shawkat played a lesbian role in Broad City. Source: Salon

Publicly coming out as queer might be seen as bold, but Alia was not always so outspoken. Being a female, an Arab-American, and an LGBTQ member might have been difficult, but she has decided to be open.

Alia Shawkat Is Not Publicly Dating Anyone

Alia Shawkat is currently single. Being a celebrity, she has been linked with many other famous people but has not admitted to dating anyone at the moment.

According to Who’s Date Who, Alia has been in relationships with Michael Angarano (2010 – 2011) and Jack Antonoff (2009 – 2010).

Besides, the actress was recently rumored to be dating actor Brad Pitt. They were reported to be seeing each other during the COVID lockdown.

Alia Shawkat Brad Pitt
Alia Shawkat was rumored to be dating Brad Pitt amid the pandemic. Source: Koimoi

However, Alia has denied the rumors and reacted by saying she found it “ironic, gross, and stupid” that her “being romantically involved with an older white guy” got more media attention than her acting. Brad, 60, is 25 years older than Alia.

Alia Shawkat Parents And Family Details Explored

Alia Martine Shawkat was born on April 18, 1989, in Riverside, California, to her parents Dina Shawkat (née Burke) and Tony Shawkat. Her Father is also from showbiz, as he was a film producer.

Tony is from Baghdad, Iraq, and Dina is of Norwegian, Irish, and Italian descent. Alia’s maternal grandparents are actor Paul Burke of Valley of the Dolls (1967) and former dancer Peggy Pryor.

Born in Riverside, Alia grew up in Palm Springs with her two brothers. Now, she manages her time between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, where she resides with her parents, brothers, and pet cat, Max.

Alia Shawkat family
Alia Shawkat with her on-screen family from the Oranges. Source: Zimbio

When not acting, Alia likes to paint. She is also an accomplished artist who has exhibited her work at galleries in L.A., Mexico City, and Paris and published a book of her drawings. Besides, she loves music, dancing, horseback riding, and ice skating.

Alia Shawkat Career Highlights

Alia Shawkat achieved success quite early. Her career began at 11 when she bagged a role on the ABC Family series State of Grace (2001).

At 16 years of age, she attended a private school near her home in Rancho Mirage, where she could continue her studies in English, Physics, Math, Geography, and Drama. 

Alia was introduced to show business after appearing in a Calvin Klein catalog, which immediately garnered the attention of commercial and theatrical agents in Hollywood. Soon after, she obtained a role opposite George Clooney in Three Kings (1999) and a supporting lead role in the Ron Perlman movie The Trial of Old Drum (2000).

She later landed one of her biggest roles as Maeby Funke on Fox’s Emmy-award-winning series Arrested Development (2003). Maeby is a rebellious and mischievous member of a dysfunctional family in Orange County, trying to adjust to their loss of wealth.

Alia Shawkat career
Alia Shawkat as Maeby Funke in Arrested Development. Source: IMDb

Besides, Alia has also guest-starred in numerous projects like JAG (1995), Without a Trace (2002), Boomtown (2002), and Rebound (2005).

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