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Marlyne Barrett Weight Loss Surgery: Does Chicago Med Actress Have Cancer?

Actress Marlyne Barrett of Chicago Med Had not undergone weight loss surgery, and she talked openly about how Maggie still had to deal with her trauma when she recovered.

Actress Marlyne Nayokah Barrett is from the United States. She played Nerese Campbell in the HBO criminal thriller The Wire from 2006 to 2008 and Felicia Marquand in the FX legal drama Damages in 2007.

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Maggie, though, is not immune to the drama of her own. In season 7, the character underwent many changes in her personal and professional life. Even some of her fans have expressed worry that she may have passed away at one point.

Marlyne Barrett Weight Loss Surgery 

Chicago Med on NBC features Maggie Lockwood, played by Marlyne Barrett. The charge nurse is knowledgeable and assured, but she must deal with a severe medical condition — Cancer.

Chicago Med has learned the truth about Maggie Lockwood! In the NBC medical drama, as the adored nurse continued to conceal her breast Cancer diagnosis, some staff members at the hospital began to wonder if everything was alright. When fans saw Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) undergoing her treatments alone, they were heartbroken.

Does Chicago Med Actress Have Cancer?

During “One Chicago Day,” Barrett spoke with the media about her mother’s and aunts’ battle with the illness. When asked, “What sprang to mind when you learned that your character had been identified as having metastatic breast Cancer?”

She replied, using the term “shocked.” I brazenly walked up to Maggie, knowing she could devour metal like Superwoman. She undoubtedly experienced humble moments, but she never experienced weak ones. My mom is a survivor, so I was shocked when I first heard it.

How did I feel when I found out you had breast Cancer, I recalled asking my mother. I was an adult then, and although I initially felt I had not reacted, I had. You went a long time without speaking, my mother said. Do you recall the day I instructed you to resume breathing? What do you mean, I asked? I eventually remembered after she guided me through the procedure. My breath was cut off. I distinctly remember thinking, “I’m not ready to lose my mother in this lifetime.” (Gasp of air) And a few months later, my Father (got) affected. I decided to engage in the battle in front of the camera.

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My sincere request to God was, “Please don’t let me punk out of a scene.” Please don’t let me go back to my shtick! Because if you’re a skilled actor, you can hide behind the bluster, and I wanted to tell a real narrative to respect my mum. My aunt also passed away from Cancer. If we can send bombs throughout the country and the world, we certainly have a few more bucks to invest in [breast Cancer research]. Oh! Have I been too honest there? We should be able to find a remedy.

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