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Allison Fisher: Obsession, Career & Net Worth

Allison Fisher grew up in Tonbridge, Kent, a former snooker player who is now a professional pool player.

Furthermore, she was seven years old when she began playing snooker. Moreover, she was a World title champion when she was just seventeen.

Also known as the Duchess of Doom, Allison Fisher possessed extraordinary talent, strength, cue-making technique, and lethal shot-making abilities.

Allison Fisher
Allison Fisher posing for a camera

In the article, we have mentioned detailed information about her personal life, early life, career, social media, and net worth. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Allison Fisher: 

Full Name Allison Fisher
Birth Date February 24, 1968
Birth Place Chestnut, United Kingdom 
Residence Charlotte, North Carolina 
Nationality British
Nickname The Duchess of Doom
Hobbies Teaching, Snooker, Gardening
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Not Available
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Father’s Name Peter Fisher
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age 56 years old
Height Not Available
Reach Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Profession Former professional pool player
Children Not Available 
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Net Worth $2 million – $5 million
Pool Merch 2019 Upper Deck Billiards Card, The BAT- Billiards Aim Training, Vintage Photo
Last Update March, 2024

Allison Fisher: Age, Height, and Weight

The Duchess of Doon was born on 24 February 1968. She is currently 56 years old. 

Furthermore, the former snooker player’s weight and height are currently not known. 

Moreover, as Fisher was born in February, her zodiac sign is Pisces. 

Pisceans are emotionally aware. They enjoy sharing and ensuring the happiness of those around them and those they care about.

Allison Fisher: Personal Life

The pool player was born in Chestnut, United Kingdom, but grew up in Tonbridge, Kent. 

Furthermore, Fisher seems to be moving all the time, as they moved again to Peacehaven, East Sussex.

Moreover, she is reportedly currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Unfortunately, Fisher lost her father, Peter Fisher; however, Allison stayed strong and focused more on the pool and enhancing her skills. 

In some ways, it was purgative, a distraction from her grief over her father’s death, as well as an opportunity to honor his memory through her continued success.

Fisher also regained her No. 1 ranking and some control over her schedule.


You can find Allison Fisher’s entire biography on her website. In addition, you can learn about her career highlights, book lessons, and much more.

Moreover, she has an online store on her website. You can shop her cue line, apparel line, and other memorabilia in the store.


Allison Fisher teaches people how to play pool, and you can book her through her website.

Moreover, the Duchess of Doom discusses your goals and selects and creates customized classes for you.

Furthermore, she also spends time working on your mechanics with video analysis. Fisher also assists you in developing a good table routine.

You can choose from single or group teaching lessons from her class. 

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Her first sponsor was Cetec Cues. After that, she became very grateful to Cetec and started to get many sponsorship deals.

Moreover, Allison was sponsored by Kasson Tables, Championship Cloth, and later she was appointed as the American Poolplayers Association’s spokesperson.

However, Allison found difficulties coordinating with many sponsors and caring for an ailing father.

Furthermore, after her father’s death, she rekindled her love of gardening in her spare time.

And eventually whittled down her business dealings to her core sponsor, Cuetec, and began developing the Allison Fisher brand.


Allison Fisher has made numerous appearances throughout her career. At the age of 14, she appeared in Noel Edmonds’ “Swap Shop.”

Fisher also appeared three years later on The Terry Wogan Show.

The Duchess of Doom
The Duchess of Doom

Moreover, the British pool player has also worked as a commentator for the International Pool Tour and the WPBA 2008 US Open Championship.

Furthermore, she has also appeared in Body Matters, Big Break, and Snooker events.

She is also an inspiration who has given speeches at the Rotary Club and The Lions Club.

Allison Fisher: Obsession 

Fisher had already expressed an interest and desire to play snooker and pool.

Furthermore, during her childhood, she reportedly skipped weekends with friends to play her favorite sport.

Even in school, she prioritized Snooker competitions over everything else. However, she was very enthusiastic about the sport.

Furthermore, when she was 14, The Duchess of Doom’s passion turned into an obsession.

In her day, no one considered snooker or pool to be a female sport. 

On the other hand, she did not give up and bulldozed her way through every obstacle she encountered.

One of the most upsetting times for her was when she wasn’t allowed to enter pool halls because she was a female. 

Fisher, however, began to demonstrate her abilities and skills, owing to her passion or, as it was rumored, an obsession.

Allison Fisher: Early Life

She has won over 80 national titles as well as 11 world titles.

Furthermore, she attempted to qualify for the prominent Men’s snooker tour in the 1980s.

When she attempted to join the tour, the tournament had 128 participants. Unfortunately, her efforts were futile.

As time passed, the tour enacted a rule requiring all players to become professionals in 1991.

In addition, they had to pay a significant fee to participate. Players would also be required to compete in a 500-man qualifying round.

Allison Fisher only made it to the fourth round of the tournament in 1994.

On the other hand, Fisher had good abilities and skills on the field, but Fisher felt she didn’t receive the same respect as the men’s professionals.

She then relocated to the United States to participate in the Women Professional Billiards Association, the WPBA tour.

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Allison Fisher: Career 

In the world of pool, she made a name for herself in her second tournament. 

Allison has won the WPBA titles fifty times. In the world of pool, this is an unrivaled record.

Furthermore, she was the highest-earning player in WPBA history on multiple occasions.

Allison Fisher poses for a camera
Allison Fisher poses for a camera.

In addition, she was invited to compete in the Mosconi Cup in 1994.

For many years, Allison has been at the top of the list. For ten years, she has been at the helm of the Women’s Professional Billiards Association.

She reigned supreme from 1996 to 2001. Furthermore, she was at the top from 2002 to 2007.

Fisher has also been inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame. 

Her most successful season was in 2000/2001. Fisher won eight major pro pool tournaments in a row that season.

Allison Fisher: Net Worth

In the WPBA BCA 9-Ball Championship, she won a massive prize of £110,000.

In addition, she was named top earner several times. Furthermore, she has won at least one million dollars in prize money alone.

The 56 years old has amassed a sufficient amount of wealth to live a healthy and happy life.

The net worth of Allison Fisher is estimated to be between $2 million to $5 million.

Allison Fisher: Social Media 

The Duchess of Doom can be found on various social media platforms. 

She has over 1.8k followers on the Twitter page, while there is no information about her Facebook account.

However, there is a fan page with over 39k followers. Furthermore, on Instagram, she has over 6.8k followers. 

She shares photos of her friends and family on her page. Moreover, she is also enthusiastic about her cat. 

Allison Fisher: Legacy 

Allison Fisher is still adding pearls of victory to an ever-expanding string.

Furthermore, Fisher has a legacy in sports that is unlikely to be matched or surpassed.

In addition, she was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame, putting her among the sport’s most remarkable men and women players of all time.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of pool cues can we found on the Allison Fisher store?

On the website store, you can find all sorts of pool cues. 

You can find the AF3 Signature Cue, AF5 Signature Cue, and more importantly, we can find Allison’s playing cue; The AF8 Signature Cue. 

Was Allison always athletic?

Allison Fisher was always athletic and always loved sports.

Furthermore, as a child, she always loved to play different sports and was very competitive. 

In school, she used to play hockey, netball, basketball. Moreover, she also used to throw the javelin.

Moreover, Allison also participated in-country trials for hockey and javelin.  

How did Peter Fisher, Allison Fisher’s father, die?

Allison Fisher lost her father to cancer. Peter had a long and hard battle with the disease. 

Does Allison Fisher use the same cue in Snooker and Pool? 

Allison Fisher plays pool with an 18-ounce Cuetec cue.

On the other hand, Fisher used to play snooker with a 19-ounce cue, which was the average cue used by most players.

What are the other nicknames of Allison Fisher? 

Allison Fisher is mainly known as The Duchess of Doom.

However, she also has been dubbed the “Fisher Queen,” the “Barracuda,” and “Alli the Bug.”

Fisher’s brother gave her the nickname “Alli the Bug” when she was a child. Moreover, Allison is not fond of her nicknames.

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