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Does Alvin Kamara Have A Brother? More on His Sister Garmai K. Momolu: Age Gap Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

No, Alvin Kamara does not have a brother, but he has an older sister named Garmai K. Momolu. Alvin Kamara was born to Adama Kamara(mother); she raised both of them as single mothers.

Alvin Kamara, now 27 years old, was born on July 25, 1995, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is well-known for playing professional football.

Alvin is running back for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL).

He had been interested in football since high school and was more active in football than any other sport. In high school, he played with the Blue Devils football team. 

Alvin was good with football and gained much appreciation in high school. After high school in 2013, he was selected to join the Under Armour All-America Game.

People started noticing him after All-American Game. Also, Kamara was ranked as the No. 5 player from Georgia. Alvin was No.42 player nationally in the year 2012. 

He was very hard-working, and after all these achievements, again, he achieved the highest Wonderlic test score of running backs.

When he achieved his fifth Pro Bowl nomination, Alvin became the first player in franchise history to get the title to the Pro Bowl in each of their first five seasons.

Does Alvin Kamara Have A Brother? More On His Sister Garmai K. Momolu

Alvin Kamara does not have a brother; however, he does have a sister who is older than him, Garmai K. Momolu.

Garima K. Momolu is Alvin’s older sister. Alvin and his sister were born and raised in Georgia, United States. They have a very close bond with each other. 

Alvin Kamara with Garmai K. Momolu
Alvin Kamara with his sister

Alvin’s sister has been his support system since an early age. Alvin and Garmai were raised by their mother only. His mother worked as a Librarian. So, Garmai took care of his brother and supported her mother.

Therefore, they share close relationships. She helped him with his playing career. Alvin always looks at her as his second mother. 

Their professional life and other information about his sister are not mentioned; he has always kept his personal life private and respected his family’s privacy. 

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Age Gap between Alvin and Garmai K. Momolu

A single mother raised Alvin and Garmai. They share a good bond. She has always been his best friend and supported him. 

The age difference between them is not mentioned in any source. It is only known that Garmai K. is older than Alvin. 

The exact age gap between Alvin and his sister is unknown. Alvin has mostly kept his personal life private and doesn’t share much about his family in the media. 

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Alvin Kamara Family Ethnicity

Alvin Kamara was born to Adama Kamara and she was a single mother. He was born in Georgia, United States. Adama, his mother, is a permanent resident of the United States. So, she holds American Nationality. 

Alvin Kamara (
Alvin Kamara (

Also, Alvin and his sister were raised and born in the United States and hold American Nationality.

The family follows the Christianity religion. They believe in and follow Jesus Christ. 

The Family Ethnicity of Alvin Kamara is African-American. His mother and father both were of African ethnicity. 

Alvin Kamara’s Net Worth

The player Alvin Kamara is a well-known football player who runs for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL).

He started his career as a football player in high school. Kamara is going great with his career; everyone has supported him with his career.

According to the update for 2022, Kamara’s net worth is close to $ 8 million. His income source is from his playing career, and he plays with National Football League.

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