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Tony Hawk: Wives, 900 trick, Birdhouse & Net Worth

Tony Hawk is one of the most notable skateboarders of American origin. Nicknamed ‘Birdman,’ he is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Furthermore, Hawk introduced the “900” trick to becoming a pioneer of modern skateboarding.

The entrepreneur also established his own skateboarding company called ‘Birdhouse’ with Per Welinder.

tony hawk skating
Hawk skating for Power Peralta (@jgrantbrittain)

As a skateboarding prodigy, he showcased exceptionally talented skills in vertical skating.

Moreover, he licensed a video game series under his name with Activision.

Nevertheless, the legendary skater also delved into acting, making shows, and appearing in other media.

Quick Facts

Full name Anthony Frank hank
Date of birth May 12, 1968
Age 56 Years Old
Birthplace San Diego, California, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White American
Education Torrey Pines High School
Mother’s name Nancy Hawk
Father’s name Frank Rupert Peter Hawk
Zodiac sign Taurus
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 170 lbs
Shoe size 11 (US)
Hair color Grey
Eye color Grey
Marital Status Married
Wife Catherine Goodman
Children Four children
Net Worth $140 million
Profession Professional Skateboarder, Entrepreneur
Salary $50 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok
Professional Debut year 1982
Last Update 2024

Tony Hawk: Family, Early Life, and Education

Tony was born in San Diego, California, on May 12, 1968.

His parents were Nancy Hawk and Frank Rupert Peter Hawk. Recently, his mother passed away in 2019, while his father in 1995.

tony hawk's mother
Tony Hawk’s mother (his Facebook)

Likewise, he was the youngest child. Thus, he had two older sisters, Pat and Lenore, and an older brother, Steve.

As a child, Tony became hyperactive in his day-to-day activities. He always strived to excel in everything, so he got frustrated.

Due to his activeness, he expected himself to do everything. When he was 9, he joined the Baseball Little League in 1977.

However, he got struck out every time. Therefore, he got very disappointed in himself and hid in a ravine.

Then his father had to draw him out of the ravine physically.

Because of his especially dynamic behavior, he was psychologically evaluated in school.

At that time, he was studying at Jean Farb Middle School. Surprisingly, the results showed he had a 144 IQ.

In late 1977, he gave up the baseball league and went skateboarding.

Hawk encountered the life of skateboarding through his older brother, Steve.

Initially, Steve gifted him a blue fiberglass Bahne skateboard when he was 9.

Since then, Hawk became highly suited to skateboarding. Moreover, it became his outlet for his activeness.

Next, both his parents supported his passion for skating. Later, he became a professional at just the age of 14.

Then, he graduated from Torrey Pines High School in 1986. At the time, he was highly influenced by Steve Caballero.

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Tony Hawk: Body Measurements

Tony Hawk is a highly athletic skateboarder with a fit and slim body.

Even at the age of 56, he has aged gracefully, retaining his athletic body.

Also, he stands over 6 feet 3 inches tall, reaching 1.93m in height.

Likewise, he weighs around 170 lbs.

Regardless of his retirement, he still skates occasionally and keeps fit.

Tony Hawk: Personal Life

Tony Hawk has a dynamic personality who is interested in many sectors.

Hence, he delves into business, skateboarding, and even acting frequently.


Hawk started the Tony Hawk foundation in 2002.

The foundation looks over the creation of safe and legal skateboarding parks in various marginalized communities.

The foundation handled 596 skating parks worth $5.8 million.

Alongside various athletes, Tony Hawk founded the charity Athletes for Hope in 2007.

Recently, the Tony Hawk Foundation changed its name to The Skatepark Project.

Hawk believes it is better suited to match the foundation’s objectives.

Later, in 2015, the foundation received the Robert Wood Johnson Sports award.

Tony Hawk: Wives

Unfortunately, Tony Hawk has been dynamic even in his love life.

Currently, he had three divorces.

First of all, he married his high school girlfriend, Cindy Dunbar, in 1990. Then, the couple birthed son Riley Hawk.

Riley Hawk is also a professional skateboarder, snowboarder, surfer, model, and songwriter. He recently got sponsored by Baker Skateboards.

However, the couple parted way in 1993.

tony hawk's fourth wife
Tony Hawk’s fourth wife (his Instagram)

Later, Hawk married Erin Lee in 1996. They had two sons Spencer Hawk and Keegan Hawk.

After his divorce in 2004, he again married Lhotse Merriam in 2006 and again got divorced in 2011.

The couple gave birth to daughter Kadence Clover Hawk in 2008.

Finally, in 2015, he married his fourth wife, Catherine Goodman. Further, the ceremony was held in Ireland.

Tony Hawk Son: Spencer Hawk

Spencer Hawk is an electronic music producer and creator also known as Gupi.

Born in 1999, he produces music based on experimental and hyper pop.

Moreover, Gupi started creating music in 2016. Following that, he released two albums and an EP.

Recently, he produced a new single titled ‘Thos Moser.’

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Tony Hawk: Career

As a man of many talents, Hawk does a lot of activities across all sectors. His major career remains his skateboarding career.

Skateboarding Career

Tony went pro at the age of 14. He first took part in the Spring Nationals Contest which he won.

Moreover, in 1999, he was the only skateboarder who could do the “900” trick. The trick involved two and a half rotations mid-air.

At the age of 48, he landed his final 900 tricks on his YouTube channel.

Till now, Hawk has won 8 gold medals in Summer X Games representing the U.S.

He also became the world champion for 12 years consecutively.

Later, he started street skating more often and won three Street championships in 1992 alone.

In 2003, he was awarded the Best Vert Trick in Los Angeles X Games.

He was invited by Barack Obama on June 2009 for Father’s Day celebration as well.

Later, in the same year, he was featured in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame at its inaugural ceremony.

Although Vans sponsor him, he currently uses Proto model shoes.

In 2012, he gathered a group of vert skateboarders to tour in India.

The team performed in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s house with a huge crowd.

Then, he showcased the excellent 540-degree trick before the audience.

After that, in 2013, he started his YouTube Channel called RIDE.

Till now, Tony Hawk has won over 65 skateboarding contests altogether.

Videogame Career

He signed a videogame where his skateboarding skills are featured called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Likewise, the franchise has garnered over 18 titles so far. Out of ten, Hawk is a prominent character in at least five series.

Later, the game also features his cameo in story-mode sections. Then, he became a non-playable character for a while.

Moreover, he appears in the Backyard Sports series as a kid.

Acting Career

Hawk has a rich history of acting, from minor parts to cameos.

The skateboarder has appeared in movies like Thrasin’, Police Academy 4, Gleaming the Cube, and Drake & Josh Go To Hollywood.

He also starred in Lords of Dogtown, 3000 Miles, and Haggard: The Movie.

Moreover, he also made minor appearances in “Smells like Nirvana” and “I’m Just a Kid” by Simple Plan.

He has been in the Simpsons, Suite Life of Zack & Cody, as well as Cyberchase.

The talented man guest-starred in CSI: Miami, Last Man Standing, and Epic Meal Time.

Business Career

Hawk started the skateboarding company Birdhouse with partner Per Welinder in 1992.

The company has been widely featured in Tony Hawk’s video game series. It is one of the five teams to be in the Underground series.


In 2002, he started the Boom Boom HuckJam to feature BMX, freestyle motocross, and skateboarding.

In 2007, the Six Flags parks featured Tony Hawk’s Big Spin rides. Thus, the rides offer a full skateboarding experience.

In 2012, he started his YouTube Channel RIDE with a couple of professional skateboarders.

Next, in 2018, he helped Emojipedia to create the perfect skateboarding emoji.


Huge companies like Cameo, Vans, Bones, and Dyna Craft sponsor Tony currently.

He is also partnering with Triple Eight, Masterclass, Jones Soda Co., and Activision.

Recently, he also worked with Ride and Eyewear Design Ltd.

Tony Hawk: Controversies

Currently, Tony stays away from any ongoing controversies.

He is a humble guy, so he has not been involved in any controversy to date.

Tony Hawk: Net worth

As an enthusiastic athlete and businessman, Hawk has amassed a significant net worth.

Tony Hawk’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million.

Moreover, he bought his first house when he was a senior in high school.

His video games, a skateboarding company, and various investments boost his hefty net worth.

As of now, his annual salary crosses $50 million marks.

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Tony Hawk: Social Media

Tony Hawk remains extremely big on social media due to his skateboarding legacy.

First of all, his Instagram has 6.5 million followers with more than 6000 posts.

Next, his Twitter shares 4.5 million followers.

Then, his Facebook has about 6.2 million followers like his Instagram.

Finally, his Tiktok has over 1.3 million followers and over 6.3 million likes.

He also has a youtube channel and another youtube channel (RIDE) with other skaters.

Trivia on Hawk

  1. In 2013, professional skateboarder Jogn Cardiel told Transworld Skateboarding Tony Hawk was one of his idols.
  2. Moreover, earlier in 2009, he went to the White House. Hawk then skated in the hallways of the Old Executive Office Building.
  3. In 2011, Transworld Skateboarding called him the second most influential skateboarder after Mark Gonzales.
  4. Tony Hawk shows his exceptionally skilled self doing the 540s and 900 tricks. Likewise, he can do 540s without using his hands across all ramps.


What is Tony Hawk’s earliest performance?

In 1981, he performed for the show Homecoming with Rick Reilly. Moreover, he set up a ramp and showed an extremely skilled skateboarding performance.

Is Tony Hawk retired?

Yes, Tony Hawk retired from professional skateboarding in 2003. However, he still does skateboard in shows and appearances occasionally.

Is Tony Hawk’s son is in his skateboarding company?

No, Riley Hawk left Tony’s company to work with professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds in 2012.

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