Amberlyn Parmer Obituary

Amberlyn Parmer Obituary: Died In A Car Accident, Where Are Her Family?

Amberlyn Parmer, a ten-year-old girl obituary notice, got published on various pages, including Mountain Valley Funeral home. Audiences are eager to know about the ultimate device of the poor girl.

According to sources, the cause of her death was a fatal car accident. Who was with her, and where is her family now? Please scroll down to learn more about the Parmer.

Amberlyn Parmer Obituary 

Amberlyn Parmer took her last breath on August 5, 2018. Born on February 18, 2008, she was only ten years old.

The news regarding her obituary is posted on Mountain Valley Funeral Home. According to the report, the memorial service for the beautiful soul was on August 12, 2018, and visitation was on August 12, 2018, at the Mountain Funeral Home, in Joshua, Texas.

The beautiful soul was preceded in death by her Father, Robert Parmer. Additionally, she was survived by her mother, Sandra DiPretore, step-father Michael Murphy. step-mother Valerie Williams, brothers Zach and Cooper, Ranelle Parmer, Tommy Parmer, Robert DiPretore, and Vicki DiPretore; also her step-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. 

She was a happy and energetic child and was said to be loved by all her known ones. The young girl was ridiculous, goofy, and sassy and loved to sing. She was a member of Staples Elementary Choir and the Pathway kids worship team.

Along with singing, she loved dancing and depending time with her best friends. Additionally, she loved drawing and designing various things.

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Amberlyn Parmer Died In A Car Accident

Amberlyn Parmer died in a car accident as she could not overcome the terrible incident. 

Parmer was in the car with her older brother, their biological dad, and his girlfriend. They were heading towards New York on a car trip.

Unfortunately, she and her dad could not make it to life and were demised early Sunday morning.

The devastating news gave Sandra and her husband, Michael, shock. They had never imagined receiving such heartbreaking information.

The details regarding the car accident’s cause and the rest two-person health have not been talked about properly by the media. Hopefully, they survived the incident and are moving forward in life.

Where Are Amberlyn Parmer’s Family Now?

Amberlyn Parmer’s parents have started a craft beer and pizza place at Fort Brewery. The eating place is located in Texas, U.S.A. The site has got good ratings from the reviewers.

Amberlyn’s mother, stepfather, and David filmed a special video on Amberlyn’s birthday (Source: Instagram)

Sandra and her husband started the place in 2018. Probably, they are trying to live happily, forgetting the nightmare.

At Parmer’s death, Mike had recently started a new job, and Sandra was jobless, which had limited their funds.

Now, Sandra, her husband, and artist David have been upgrading their industry. Recently, they filmed a special video on the occasion of Amberlyn’s birthday. According to Sandra’s Instagram, the special video was aired on HGTV.

Murphy has also supported Parmer’s mother in getting the name and worth from their hard work and passion.

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