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Kevin Kreider Car Accident: Crashed His Tesla 10 Minutes After Buying, Is He Injured?

Kevin Kreider from Bling Empire crashed his brand-new Tesla ten minutes after buying it. Thankfully he walked away from the accident with a minor cut on his arm.

The model-turned-businessman is also a well-known tv personality, actor, speaker, and fitness coach. The 39-year-old socialite is originally from Seoul, South Korea, and currently lives in Los Angeles, United States.

Kevin is best known for being one of the contestants on the Netflix TV series Bling Empire. The American reality show focuses on the lives of Hollywood-based wealthy Asian-Americans, often described as real-life Crazy Rich Asians.

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The show first aired on January 15, 2021, and is currently on the third season, which premiered on October 5, 2022.

Kevin Kreider Tesla Accident: He Only Got A Minor Arm Injury

Netflix’s Bling Empire has hooked fans, and the third season is no exception. In episode 7, we see Kevin Kreider involved in a car crash. He crashes his newly purchased Tesla within 10 minutes of buying it.

The accurately-titled Crash And Burn episode shows Kevin visiting his family’s car dealership, all excited to buy his first vehicle in Los Angeles. In the scene, he says, “Getting this new car feels like a new start for me.” 

The 39-year-old planned a road trip with Kane to Philadelphia and New York City, hoping to meet with a cousin he connected with on a DNA ancestry site.

He named the white Tesla car after his middle name, Taigen. After sealing the deal and writing it off, Kevin drives away in the vehicle as the car dealer says, “Safe trip, you guys – be careful.” But it turns out to be ironic.

Within 10 minutes, Kevin gets in a pretty serious crash. Fortunately, he suffered no major injuries besides a cut on his arm. “I stopped,” Kevin said. “I can’t help if the other guy speeds and can’t see him.” His co-passenger, Kane, appeared a bit shaken up.

Kevin Kreider Tesla Accident
Kevin Kreider sharing about the accident. (Source: Twitter)

Police officers then arrived at the scene, gave the actor a citation, and towed his car away. The scene ends with Kevin saying: “I feel sick.”

Viewers and fans of the show were shocked by what they saw and quickly took to Twitter to share their opinions.

Some were surprised and thought it must have been a record, while some showed concern for his well-being. Others made lighthearted jokes about the incident.

How Rich Is Kevin Kreider? Net Worth Details

According to Lifestyle Asia, Kevin Kreider is considered worth $10 million. It has been made feasible by his profession as a model, actor, businessman, and television personality.

Besides, Kevin is a motivational coach and fitness and nutrition expert. The fitness coach is also a social media influencer and earns up to USD 2,150 for every Instagram post.

Kevin Kreider
Kevin Krieder is also a fitness coach. Source: Campus Gains

Additionally, he started the business Be More Matcha and owns Taejin Entertainment LLC, a production company. In addition, he founded and served as CEO of Sans by Taejin Beverage Inc.

Starting in the fitness industry, one of NYC’s most prestigious modeling agencies signed Kevin. He left Philadelphia in 2008 to make his way into entertainment as a Korean American adoptee.

Kevin took a few years off following his Alopecia Areata diagnosis in 2014, recovered, and then took a big risk by relocating to Los Angeles.

At the same time, he received an offer for a part in the first all-Asian-American reality series and global smash success on Netflix, Bling Empire.

Regular viewers of Empire Bling know that Kevin has often shared about him not being as well off as his fellow cast members. However, he is still a multimillionaire and doing great for himself.

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