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Andres Blaquier Wikipedia And Edad- Esposa Magdalena de Elordy And Hijos

Andres Blaquier was a businessman who got shot by motorcyclists who tried to steal his high-end motorcycle on the Pan-American highway.

Being the first cousin of Ledesma shareholders, they stated how he was an endearing person with love for Argentina, his country. The family has bid farewell to the passionate person with extensive knowledge with deep sorrow.

Andres Blaquier Wikipedia And Edad

Andres Blaquier was the agriculturist businessman of the Ledesma Group of the area. He was responsible for the agricultural-livestock area of the location.

Andres Blaquire
Andres Blaquire (Source: Perfil)

He was the general manager of La Biznaga in the Pampa Humeda and an agricultural engineer. Four locations in the Provinces of Buenos Aires and Entre Rios serve as the company’s headquarters.

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He produced meat and cereals on a total area of fifty-one thousand hectares, including a five thousand five hundred hectares protected nature reserve. The agricultural businessman died at the age of 64.

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Meet Andres Blaquier Esposa (Wife) Magdalena de Elordy

Andres Blaquier’s esposa is Magdalena de Elordy, who was with Andres during the incident on Saturday.

Though details regarding Elordy have not come to the media, she is probably in her fifties. The couple and other family members live in a gated community in the Buenos Aires town of Presidente Derqui.

Blaquier and Eloordy had left their House on Saturday on the motorcycle that got stolen after he was murdered.

Meanwhile, Magdalena did not get serious injuries and only suffered a few scratches when she fell from the wheel. However, she probably suffered mental trauma as she witnessed her husband’s horrible death in front of her eyes.

Who Is Andres Blaquier Hijos (Son)?

Andres Blaquier, with his wife, had three Hijos, two twins. Their children are probably in their thirties, as the couple had given birth to them in their twenties.

Besides the number of children, details regarding Andres’ offspring have not come to the media. The Blaquier siblings are in tragedy due to the ultimate and sudden demise of their Father in an unexpected situation.

He belonged to one of the nation’s wealthiest families, ranked 24th by Forbes in 2020. According to reports, the family is claimed to have $490 million in assets.

However, Andres was not in the historical family occupation of Ledesam Sugar Mill, unlike his cousins, being part of the board and shareholders.

How Did Andres Blaquier Die?

Andreas was shot in the chest on the Pan-American Highway when he resisted the theft of his motorcycle. The incident happened on Saturday when he lost his life.

Andres Blaquire
Detained girl on Andres Blaquire case (Source: Paudal)

Buenos Aires Police have arrested an eighteen-year-old girl in the last few hours for the crime of a businessman. However, Brisa Villarreal de Los Ángeles, the motorcycle driver and, in turn, girlfriend and accomplice of “Luciano,” has escaped from there.

Brisa is the alleged author of the shot and is in the eyes of the Police.

The motojets tried to steal his black BMW 1200 motorcycle at the fifty kilometers of highway height of Pilar.

The two chased and intercepted the businessman around 7:30 pm. The investigation of the fact was in charge of the prosecutor Gonzalo Agüero, in order of the UFI No. 4 of Pilar.

The Police have identified five possible addresses in the town of Maquinista, where the murderer has possibly hidden. The Villarreal previously also had a history of qualified robbery.

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