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Angerfist Net Worth: Salary & Tours

Famous Disc Jockey (DJ) Angerfist has a net worth of $1 Million that he earns from his live shows and tours.

Danny Masseling, popularly known as Angerfist, is a famous Dutch hardcore producer and DJ.

Danny was born in Almere, the Kingdom of Netherlands, on 20 June 1981.

Furthermore, the famous DJ is renowned for his performance with a mysterious look. Angerfist performs with the ice hockey mask and black or white hoodie on.

Likewise, Masseling is known for producing aggressive nut-style sound in addition to drums with hard bass. While performing live, he performs with Mc Prozac(Minnie Roos).

DJ Angerfist performing to increase his net worth
DJ Angerfist performing in a live concert

And, he grabbed the prestigious 39th Spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ (2011 Edition).

However, he later slid down to 42 the following year but jumped up to 34th spot in 2013.

Meanwhile, he is also part of several groups such as The Supreme Team(with Outblasts, Tha Playah, and Evil Activities), Masters Elite(with Catscan and Outblast), and Rolan and Sherman(with Outblast).

Similarly, Angerfist started his career in 1997 and has been working in the music industry regularly.

Quick Facts

Before diving into his net worth, Let us have a quick introduction to him.

Full Name Danny Maselling
Known as Angerfist
Date of birth 20 June 1981
Place of birth Almere, Netherland
Residency Almere, Netherland
Age [calculate_years datestring=”06/20/1981″] Years Old
Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity Not Available
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relationship Status Single
Awards ‘Highest Hard’ – DJ Mag Top 100
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Hobbies Traveling, Partying 
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Education Unknown
Profession Professional DJ and Sound Producer
Source of Wealth Live Shows and Tours
Years active 2001-Present
Day of birth Saturday
Website Angerfist
Social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Deezer, Youtube
Net worth $1 Million
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net Worth and Income

Angerfist is one of the richest DJs in the Netherland, with an estimated net worth of around $1Million.

Furthermore, his earnings are primarily from stage shows.

Angerfist charges a minimum of around $15,000-$25,000 per show.

Danny Masseling has released six albums so far.

Likewise, his monthly earning per month in 2017 was about $65,000.

The amount he charges for the shows is secretive.

Additionally, he also makes a handsome amount of money from his youtube channel.

The DJ also earns from selling songs/albums online, performing shows, and brand endorsements.

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Angerfist: Lifestyle and Vacations


The master of hardcore Angerfist is quite busy with his stage shows and his albums. 

Likewise, the man with the ice hockey mask and hoodie entertains huge fans worldwide.

Similarly, from the social media post, Angerfist can be seen partying out, and he is a hardcore guy and often hangs out with his crew members and friends.

However, the personal lifestyle of Angerfist is still a mystery, and details of his eating habits, outfits, and accessories are secretive.


Recently, he posted photos of his performance in Seoul, South Korea, on his social media platform, where he is entertaining huge audiences wearing his signature clothes. 

Obviously, with such great demand, Dutch DJ Angerfist travels a lot over the globe for corporate events.

Likewise, he travels to different countries like Germany, Finland, London, France, and Austria for shows and spends his free time.

Albums, Singles, Revenue, Tours, and Business


Angerfist net worth depends on the sale of his albums.

Although the individual sales and earnings from the particular albums are unknown, we can estimate from his popularity that he has earned a handsome amount of wealth through selling his albums.

Likewise, some of his hits are songs like ‘Take U Back,’ which made a youtube earning $10,000.

Similarly, his ‘Incoming’ made a digital collection of around $27,562.

Also, Angerfist’s ‘Pennywise‘ is a popular video with more than 31 Million views on youtube that generate an average earning of $95,665 from youtube alone.

Likewise, ‘Solid Stigma‘ was the one that had 2.9Million views on youtube with more than $8500 earning on the digital platform.

His famous ‘Mutilate Album,’ which was priced as high as 199 Euros, was most popular among his creations.

Similarly, his album’ Pissin’ Razorbladez‘ was priced at 208 Euros. Retaliate was sold at the highest price of 29 Euros.

Also, ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’ is one of his hit albums.

Therefore, he gained his net worth from the sale of those albums.


Likewise, Angerfist has produced many singles that are hit over his youtube channel as well.

The official video clip of ‘Angerfist & Tha Watcher – Face My Style‘ has over 642K views on youtube and the earning from youtube alone is $6200.

Likewise, the video entitled ‘Angerfist & GridKiller – Virtual Disaster‘ has over 204K views, and his revenue is around $2000 and extras earning from other platforms.

Also, other numerous singles Soldier, Attack of Dice, Freddy, are placed on various other digital music platforms like Deezer.


The DJ collected revenue of approximately $82K in 2017. 

However, there was a decrease in Angerfist’s revenue collection in 2018. He made around $40,000 in 2018, and his monthly earning was on the average of $3.5K per month.

Likewise, in 2019, Danny Maselling collected $35K. His monthly breakdown of revenue collection was in the range of $2K – $6K.

Angerfist pointin gun at someone during his music video shooting
Angerfist in a shooting video(Image Source: Official Twitter)

In 2020, Angerfist earned around $40K, whereas his monthly earning was $3K- $5K.

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Similarly, Angerfist travels a lot for tours around the globe. So, the status and location of Angerfist’s tour schedule are on his website.

And, in May, he had a tour in the Netherland.

Likewise, in June 2021, the tour of Maselling is in Germany and followed by Switzerland in September 2021.

As from his tours and shows, Angerfist’s net worth will undoubtedly rise at the end of 2021.

Recently, in March, he collected $13,400 from his tours.


Although other ventures of Angerfist are unknown, Angerfist earns by selling different apparel that contains the signature logo of his mask and his name.

A section has been named a shop where he sells mobile covers, T-shirts, Car stickers, and Jackets on his official website.

Meanwhile, the price of the mobile cover with Angerfist’s look is mentioned around 9.95 Euros.

Similarly, the shop has an Angerfist logo sticker used on cars for around 17.70 Euros.

Also, the online platform has a dark mask hoodie and edges hoodies in its section, which costs 59.95 Euros, while the regular jacket costs 65 Euros.

And, it also sells T-shirts for around 29.95 Euros and original diabolic dice t-shirt for about 39.95 Euros.

Meanwhile, if you are getting his signature mask, it can be grabbed for 12.95 Euros, and a black snapback for the hip hop look for 24.95 Euros.

Besides these, it also sells various accessories like Wristbands, watches, keychains and necklaces, and different home decoration items ranging from 20 Euros to 100 Euros.

Likewise, Angerfist also earns by selling music over his website.

It has the collection ‘Masters of Hardcore- Insurrection,’ which is priced at 18.50 Euros with around 16 subordinate tunes from various artists.

Angerfist: Career

Angerfist started his career at the age of 16 with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats.

Following this, his career kicked up in 2001 after sending a demo to famous Mark Vos, commonly known as DJ Buzz Fuzz.

Further, Angerfist released ‘Menace II Society’ and ‘Angerfist’ and gained popularity.

Angerfist produced the anthem for Master of Hardcore, titled “The World Will Shiver.

Likewise, he had some hardcore hits on his success list, which included numbers like ‘Dance With The Wolves, ‘Raise Your Fist,’ and ‘Riotstarter.’

DJ Angerfist real face
DJ Angerfist unmasked face (Image Source: Partymap. in)

Following this, Danny Maselling has also bestowed his performance in several renowned events like Sensation Black, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon-1, Mysteryland, and Dominator..’

His style characterizes hard bass drums and vocals sampled from various media, especially films. 

As of 2020, in the DJ MAG Top 100 list, he is listed at number 29.

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3 Facts about Angerfist

He wears a signature black or white hoodie and ice hockey mask during his performance.

Interestingly, Angerfist’s real name is Danny Maselling.

Likewise, MC Prozac accompanies him in his live shows.

Angerfist: Social Media

Angerfist or Danny Maselling is very popular and active in Social Media, where he posts about his creation and tours.

Although DJ is very secretive about his personal life, he has many followers.

Twitter: 81.2K Followers

Instagram: 1538 posts and 545K Followers

Facebook : 1,335,101 followers and 1,246,479 likes

Youtube: 878K Subscribers

Also, he has a Website and Deezer account.


“It’s great. Again, all have their own style and will add big time to the vibe of the event. I will also perform together with many of them, which will be cool. Really looking forward to it.”

“Fans seem to agree with me; all feedback has been very good. When I play the tracks on my gigs, the response is great as well. You never know how people will react when you release something, so I’m happy with all the positivity around it.”


What is Angerfist’s style of music?

Maselling’s style of music is hardcore techno/grabber.

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