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Tanya Pardazi Net Worth Before Her Death: Details On The Tiktok Star

Tanya Pardazi net worth has been the talk of the town since she died in an unpleasant skydiving accident. 

On TikTok, Pardazi had 95.4K followers and more than 2 million likes under her moniker, making her a famous face. She competed in the Miss Canada beauty pageant in 2017 and made it to the semifinals.

While it seemed like Pardazi’s life was going well, disaster struck on August 27, 2022, as she tried her maiden solo jump.

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Tanya Pardazi Net Worth Before Death

Tanya Pardazi net worth of around $100,000 before her passing; she is a well-known social media influencer and former beauty queen.

Since the precise facts of her earnings haven’t been discovered yet, the amount indicated is only a general estimation of her income.

Tanya Pardazi
Tanya Pardazi Photo Shoot In-front Of Eiffel Tower

She was constantly eager to try something new and risky. Given her accomplishments, it is assumed that she had a sizable income and led an opulent lifestyle.

On her TikTok account, she shared content on various topics, such as psychology, aliens, and art history.

She recorded her final video on August 22, describing her irrational need to complete a puzzle Tanya had been attempting to work on for a few days.

Tanya Pardazi Parents

Tanya Pardazi had Canadian citizenship because she was a citizen of that country.

Her parents haven’t been made public with their identities till now. There is no information available regarding her home because she never spoke publicly about her private life.

Regarding her parents’ professional histories, there is no information available. She comes from a loving family who unapologetically encouraged the TikTok star to pursue her goals.

Tanya went to Toronto University even so and studied philosophy there. Additionally, she was a cheerleader for the institution, and after her untimely passing, the team gave her a tribute.

The grieving family has stayed out of the spotlight and requested privacy during this trying time.

Tanya’s parents are devastated by the loss of their cherished daughter. Every parent finds it challenging to cope with such a tragedy.

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Skydiving Accident Leads to Death of Tanya Pardazi

Tanya Pardazi, a philosophy student, perished in a sudden skydiving accident when her primary parachute failed to open.

She successfully completed one training with Skydive Toronto in Innisfil, Ontario, according to dailymail.com.uk, qualifying her to make the deadly jump on Saturday from 4,000 feet in the air.

According to Skydive Toronto, Tanya “released a fast rotating main parachute at a low height without the time or altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate.”

Tanya Pardazi
Tanya Pardazi After Winning Miss Teen North York

The woman was told to switch to her backup parachute in case the original one failed before she performed the jump, according to Skydive Ontario.

Skydive Toronto made a message on Facebook, saying, “A skydiving student, age 21, passed away from fatal injuries sustained in an emergency circumstance.”

She was rushed to the hospital immediately after the event, where medical staff pronounced her dead.

She only spent one day in “ground school,” when jumpers rehearse the maneuvers in the safety of the ground, before being allowed to dive alone.

Tanya Pardazi Finalist For Miss Teen Canada, Was In An Accident; What Transpired?

On August 27, Tanya Pardazi conducted her first solo skydive, which was unsuccessful for the online sensation. The sad mishap resulted in her death at a very young age.

She joined Skydive Toronto, a community and school teaching skydiving for the past 40 years, because she loved it.

Her companion Melody Ozgoli told CTV News Toronto that this was her first time jumping alone. “Paradazi was always trying to do something exciting,” she remarked. She made the most of every moment.

This is the biggest shock to us, Ozgoli commented, “Tanya never seemed to have a dull moment. It’s incredibly challenging to process.

“She didn’t want to allow herself or the people closest to her to grow bored, so anytime we saw her, we knew we were in for an adventure,” Kimia Sepanlou said in an interview with CTV News Toronto.

“I regret that you left us so quickly. Until we cross paths again, I hope the afterlife is everything you dreamed it would be, “a follower wrote.

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