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Anne Robinson Net Worth: Lifestyle & Journalism

English television presenter and journalist Anne Robinson have a whopping net worth of $50 Million.

Anne Josephine Robinson, Popular as Anne Robinson, was born on 26 September 1944 in Crosby, Lancashire, England.

Meanwhile, Anne is sharp and forthright, which is vivid in her presentation and reality shows. She was the first young female trainee on the famous Daily Mail.

Anne Robinson in black coat.
Anne Robinson in a black coat.

Back in her early days, she tied the knot with a wholesale chicken dealer and even sold the rationed rabbit following the second world war.

Likewise, she is famous for her quiz show ‘The Weakest Link’ and the long-running British series Watchdog, starting from 1993 to 2001 and its second season from 2009 to 2015.

Besides being a famous personality, Anne is a very controversial person and faced numerous controversies over television for her statements and acts.

Quick Facts

Before diving into her net worth, lets us know some facts about this famous English television presenter.

Full Name Anne Josephine Robinson
Net Worth $50 Million
Birth Date 26 September 1944
Age [calculate_years datestring=”09/26/1944″] Years Old
Known as The Queen of Mean
Birth Place Crosby, Lancashire, England
Religion Christianity
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education Roman Catholic Convent boarding school, Farnborough Hill Convent
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight 55Kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Tattoo Not Available
Hobbies Reading
Profession TV Presenter and Journalist
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse  John Penrose (m. 1980–2007), Charles Wilson (m. 1968–1973)
Children Emma Wilson
Active Since 1967
Awards “Breakthrough Stars of 2001”.
Social Media Not Available
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Anne Robinson earns from being the TV Presentor and journalist.

She grabs a salary of as much as $2 Million annually for her performance in TV shows.

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Anne Robinson: Lifestyle and vacations


With such whooping net worth, Anne is quite fashion-conscious.

Anne said that she spends around $50,000-$60,000 annually on her designer clothes. That is a huge sum of money!

Meanwhile, she gets her clothes at Dover Street, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Marni, which are expensive.

Meanwhile, her favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, YSL, Eskandar, Donna Karan, and Lanvin.

Also, the fashion-geek lady used the products of Gucci and Prada.

Likewise, her off-duty looks included three-quarter-length Yves Saint Laurents combats and fitted black tank.

Her YSL High heels cost around 585 Euros to 1295 Euros. Likewise, Robinson prefers using an Issey Miyake jean jacket, which costs around $785

The fashion enthusiastic regards handbag as her greatest weakness. She uses handbags worth around $3500 of Hermes and Bottega.

Also, she is mainly seen wearing dark Giorgio Armani Suits, which costs from $850 to $1500.

Similarly, she spent nearly around $11000 on her facelift in 2004.

Likewise, Anne has revealed that for being a successful TV Presentor, you need to be clever and thin even in the old days. Therefore, the old lady avoids breakfast and is permanently on a diet.

Similarly, before a decade back, she used to go walking three times a week, which decreased in recent years to weekly once or twice.

As being a presenter, she has many mental exercises to perform. Thus her greatest fear is losing her brain.

Additionally, she admires any mother with young children who is also doing a full-time job.

However, the part of the body she hates the most is her ankles, and regarding pets, she loves a dog a lot and never have been without a dog in her life.


At the old age of [calculate_years datestring=”09/26/1944″], Anne usually likes to stay in her house in her off-time.

She usually moves between her homes in the United States and London in her free time.

In her early career years, she has traveled to France.

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Anne Robinson: Houses and Cars


Anne Robinson claims that most of her net worth is due to her property at various locations.

Initially, the aggressive journalist bought a four-bedroom, two-bathroom in neo-Georgian townhouse for $17,370.

The English presenter occupies an apartment on the Fifth Avenue of New York.

Similarly, Robinson owns a house in Hampton and a place in Gloucestershire as well.

Likewise, she has a house in the Cotswolds, the UK, on a seven-acre land.

Meanwhile, she spends her time in Kensington, USA, and her home in Cotswolds, UK.


Obviously, with such excellent net worth and a luxurious lifestyle, Anne owns a quality vehicle.

She is reportedly seen in her Audi A3 model that costs around  $56,200.

Also, in her country home in Gloucestershire, she has two Mercedes of Grey Colors which costs nearly $40,000 at the present rate.

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TV Shows, Journalism, and Books

TV Shows

In 1982, Anne received $80,000 as a TV choice presenter at a breakfast TV program called ‘Breakfast time.’

Similarly, for her television show ‘Points of View,’ the Queen of Mean grabbed an astounding $4,630,000 in 1988.

Likewise, even for being mean and delivering infamous comments for her dominating quiz show, ‘The Weakest link’ managed to grab $14,150,000 in 2000.

Also, the copies of the TVShow were sold to 70 countries worldwide and generated an income of more than $30 Million from it alone.

Likewise, she signed a two-year contract for another season and was about to earn $4 million.

But she was paid half as she took another show called My Life in Books.

She interviewed several celebrities regarding their favorite work of literature.

Anne in the set of The Weakest Link.
Anne in the set of The Weakest Link.

Similarly, Anne managed to grab almost $1,290,000 as a salary for the show Watchdog in 2013.


Before stepping into the TV field, Anne Robinson was also a successful journalist.

During her journalism career, she was the highest-paid journalist in Britain.

Her column was published on platforms like the Daily Mirror, Today, the Sun, and The Express.

She was paid around 250,000 pounds for writing columns for ‘The Sun’, and it was even higher while she was writing for The Express.


Anne Robinson is a die-hard fan of books.

Meanwhile, She has written an autobiography called ‘Memoirs of an Unfit Mother.’

In this book, she has written about her past, motherhood, feminist ideals, real life, and her relationship with filmmaker daughter, Emma Wilson.

Also, she has described her former drinking problem in the book.

Meanwhile, two million copies of the book have been sold worldwide, gaining the estimated amount of $24Million in revenue.

Likewise, in collaboration with Nigel Hall, Annie has published a book named ‘Explore and Play’ which can be found on Thriftbooks for the price of $7.59

Additionally, she has almost numerous pocketbooks for teachers, children that costs in the range of $8 – $11.

And, she has read books such as The Descent of Man to The Happy Hack, Ed Balls’ Speaking Out: Lessons in Life and many more.

Anne Robinson: Career

Initially, Anne worked in a news agency and then shifted to London in 1967, becoming the Daily Mail’s first young female trainee.

Anne was later appointed as a permanent employee for covering Brian Epstein’s death.

Following this, after numerous journalism works, Anne debuted in television in 1982 through BBC television.

Anne Robinson posing for photo.
Anne Robinson is posing for a photo.

Firstly, she was appointed as a panelist on Question Time and presented ‘TV Choice’ at Breakfast.

Likewise, in 1986, she replaced Barry Took for the television show ‘Points of View.’

Additionally, Annie gained popularity after presenting the show ‘Weakest Link’ initially in London and later in the United States.

‘The Weakest Link’ is her longest-running show that started from around 2000-2012.

She has been appointed as the host for the game show Countdown after the resignation of Nick Hewer, which is expected to cast her from June 2021. Also, she is the first woman to land the last job.

Anne Robinson: Charity

Despite being well known for mean behavior, Anne Robinson works for the noble cause as well.

Meanwhile, Robinson has agreed to be the ambassador for the team of Medical Detection Dogs. The organization trains dogs to detect cancer in urine or breath samples.

She believes that this could save several peoples’ lives and save millions of pounds for the National Health Service.

Additionally, Robinson has also done cycling for 53 Miles for Fundraising for the University of Nottingham – Life Cycle.

Likewise, by inviting various celebrities in her show, Weakest Link, she advocated for fundraising for children in need for BBC Children in need.

Since 1980, BBC Children in need has successfully managed to grab around 1 Billion Pounds for disadvantaged children.

3 Facts about Anne Robinson

Because of her humorously mean and infamous comments on the show ‘Weakest link,’ she earned the nickname ‘The Queen of Mean.’

Similarly, Annie has a trademark of signing off from her show with a wink to the camera.

Likewise, Anne was investigated by British police for alleged incitement to racial hatred following comments she made about the Welsh in Room 101 in Episode 6.9 that was aired in 2001.


“Every mother and daughter should make time for a trip together. It’s good for the soul.”

“I saw George Bush at a benefit concert actually waving at Stevie Wonder. Someone had to tell him ‘he can’t see you.'”

“I’ve had a lot of dates, but I don’t think there’s been anyone that special or important.”


What does Anne Robinson’s Daughter do?

Emma Wilson, Daughter of Annie Robinson, is a radio host.

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