Esteban Ocon: Girlfriend, Career & Net Worth

Success does not come overnight; there are multiple nights you have to lose sleep for it. That is the exact story of racing car driver Esteban Ocon.

Esteban is a French racing driver who competes for the Alpine in the Formula One race.

Esteban is the depiction of rags to riches story. The racer has worked very hard his entire life to be where he is today.

Esteban Ocon in person.

Even with being so successful at a young age, he continues to remain humble and has not forgotten his hard beginnings and his parent’s sacrifices.

Esteban suffered some difficulties even when his career was going smoothly. But after one year of break from the track, Esteban returned with a bang in 2020.

In this article, you will find all that you need to know about Esteban Ocon.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the talented Esteban Ocon.

Full name Esteban Jose Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane
Date of birth September 17, 1996
Age 27 Years Old
Birthplace Evreux, Normandy of France
Religion Christian
Nationality French
Ethnicity Latin
Education Not Available
Father’s name Laurent Ocon
Mother’s name Sabrine Khelfane
Zodiac sign Virgo
Height 6 feet and 1 inch
Weight 66 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth $6 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Siblings None
Profession Racing car driver
Current team Alpine
Nickname Ocon
Salary $5 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 2006 AD
Merch Signed Photo, Hat
Last Update May, 2024

Esteban Ocon: Early Life

Esteban Ocon was born on September 17, 1996. He was born in Evreux, which in the Normandy region of France.

His father’s name is Laurent Ocon, and his mother’s name is Sabrine Khelfane. His mother was a homemaker.

While his father, Laurent, was a mechanic who owned his own garage in Evreux.

Esteban does not have any siblings and is an only child. Being an only child came with its advantages since he got the full attention of his parents growing up.

His parents nurtured him and brought him up to the best of their abilities. They were very loving and caring parents.

The entire Ocon family
The entire Ocon family.

From the moment Esteban was born, his parents never doubted him. They even went as far as betting everything they had for his career to take off.

To fund his racing, they sold their house. Esteban was 11 at the time and was attending school.

The Ocon was living out of a caravan. But despite the difficulties, Esteban never gave up.

He could never forget the sacrifices his parents made for him. He was karting all the time and taking part in lots of competitions.

Esteban, in an interview, said that even though he was living out a caravan, it was awesome.

They parked right outside of his school so he could get to school easily. He said that he was lucky to get into Gravity Academy for his training without any fee.

We do not know where Esteban went for his high school education. But it was a public high school in Evreux.

After his high school graduation, Esteban did not attend college. Renault already signed him.

Esteban Ocon: Physical Appearance

Esteban is six feet and one inch tall, making him the tallest driver in Formula One. He weighs around 66 kgs.

His exact body measurement and shoe size are unknown. But he has an athletic build.

Esteban has black hair and black eyes. He has a fair skin complexion.

Esteban Ocon: Personal Life

Esteban Ocon is a French citizen. He follows Christianity as a religion.

Esteban’s father is of Algerian and Spanish descent since he is originally from Malaga in Spain. So Esteban is Latin in terms of ethnicity.

Being born in September, Esteban is a Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, and they are known to be perfectionists.

Virgo people usually have traits such as being hard-working, patient, kind, critical, and stubborn.

Esteban is the perfect example of Virgos when it comes to their reliable side as he is known to be very responsible.

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Dating Life

Being so successful and handsome, Esteban has caught the eyes of many. But the racer has his heart set on someone already.

Esteban is in a committed relationship with Elene Berri. The couple has been dating since 2018.

Esteban and Elena met in 2017 at an event. And when they met, it was an instant connection.

But they did not rush into dating and started talking to each other. After almost a year of getting to know each other, they were rumored to date.

The couple made it official in the November of 2018 when they appeared at a red carpet event together.

Esteban with his girlfriend, Elena.
Esteban with his girlfriend, Elena.

Elena Berri was born on the 13th of August in 1998. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

She was born in Turin of Italy. But she was raised all over the world, including places like Paris, Dubai, and Singapore.

Elena Berri is currently 25 Years Old and is studying business management in Geneva. She also works as a model on the side.

She is active on social media, where she posts her active lifestyle and workout videos. Elena is known to be a fashionista and has over 25 thousand followers on her Instagram.

Elena is also a supportive girlfriend who shows her love on social media posts and tracks.

They seem to be happily in love despite the long distance. There has been no rumor of affair or conflict of any sort to date.

Esteban Ocon: Career

Ocon started his career in 2006 by karting in the French Minime Championship. Then in the consecutive year, he came in first in the same competition.

He continued his success in 2008 by winning the French Cadet competition. Then after winning the KF3 title in 2010, Esteban was signed by Renault F1 team.

Esteban performed well in the Formula Renault as he earned three podiums. He even came in victorious in the Le Castellet.

Then in 2014, Esteban made his Formula three debut at the Macau Grand Prix.

He also collaborated with Prema Powerteam and won the FIA European  Formula Three Championship for them.

After working as the Renault Sport F1 Team reserve in the 2016 season, he finally made his Formula One debut at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Esteban was signed by the Force India in the 2017 season with Sergio Perez as his partner. He improved his performance with the Spanish and Russian Grand Prix.

The racer finished his first Formula One season with the eighth overall position.

The 2018 season was not good for Ocon since Lawrence Stroll purchased force India, and he replaced Ocon with his son Lance Stroll.

Then Ocon was left to be the reserve driver for Mercedes in the 2019 season. Renault signed Ocon in the 2020 season as a full-time driver for two years.

He made his Renault debut in Australian Grand Prix, where he finished in the eighth position. He finished the season with the 12th overall position despite suffering from many technical problems.

Renault reprised as the Alpine F1 team in the most recent season, where Ocon was paired with Fernando Alonso. Currently, he is in the 10th overall position.

Esteban Ocon: Controversy

Esteban Ocon has found himself in some controversies.

After the Belgian Grand Prix, a Dutch reporter was interviewing fellow competitor Lando Norris, and in the middle of the interview, he called Esteban a French slur.

This immediately went viral, and the issue ended when the Dutch reporter apologized to Ocon via Twitter.

Then Esteban tweeted back, saying that he accepts the apologies without making the issue even bigger.

Another controversy sparked when ex-Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve called Esteban Ocon an embarrassment. This was after Esteban collided with Max Verstappen at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Jacques said that Esteban would not be blamed for the incident even after risking someone else’s place.

He added that he feels sympathy for Max and said that he did a good job being the bigger person.

But Force India came to the defense of Esteban, saying that Max was the one who, even though knowing Ocon was there, did not take the turn.

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Esteban Ocon: Net Worth

Esteban started his career when he was ten years old. This gave him a headstart when it came to earning his fortune.

Esteban ocon has a net worth of $6 million. as of 2021 his salary is $5 million.

When Esteban took a year off racing, his financials also suffered a loss. But with his recent contract and brand endorsement deals, he has started to rise again.

Coming from a poor background, Esteban has come a long way. With his earnings, it is clear that his wealth has promised him a comfortable living.

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Esteban Ocon: Social Media

Esteban Ocon is very active on social media. He uses Instagram and Twitter.

His Instagram has over 906 thousand followers. And his Twitter handle has 374 thousand followers.


Did Esteban Ocon drive in 2019?

No, in 2019, he was replaced by Lance Stroll and became the reserve driver for Mercedes.

Does Esteban still work for Mercedes?

No, Esteban resigned after the 2019 season.

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