Ralph Cirella: Boyfriends, Career & Net Worth

A man who is known as the jack of all trades, Ralph Cirella is a known name in the Hollywood Hills. Ralph is a man of many talents, from being an actor to an on-set designer.

Ralph Cirella also become famous over the years for being a good friend of Howard Stern. He is not only a good friend but also a consultant of Howard Stern.

Cirella is also an incredible actor who has worked in many movies. Some of his credits are Private parts, Alien Space Avenger, and She is Back.

Ralph Cirella in public.

Today Ralph Cirella is already a big name, but he had his struggles for many years.

He has worked from small screens to silver screens. And in this article, we have covered up his stories.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the talented Ralph Cirella.

Full name Ralph Cirella
Date of birth April 20th of 1965
Age 59 Years Old
Birthplace New Jersey, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of Pennsylvania
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Aries
Height 6 feet
Weight 187 lbs
Spouse None
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth $ 1 million
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Gay
Relationship Status Single
Profession Set Designer
Current employment The Howard Stern Show
Nickname Ralph
Salary Not Available
Social Media None
Debut year 1986 AD
Last Update May, 2024

Ralph Cirella: Early Life

Ralph Cirella was born on April 20th of the year 1965. He was born and raised in New Jersey of the United States of America.

There is not much information about his father’s and mother’s names. Ralph has not shared any information about their profession or whereabouts either.

Ralph is a single child and has no siblings. This meant that he had a lot of attention from his mother growing up.

Since his father was absent from his life from a young age and he does not have a good relationship with him.

We do not know where Ralph went for his high school education.

But when he completed his high school studies, he went to the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from that university in the year 1993.

Growing up, Ralph was an extrovert and lively kid. He was always interested in make-up and hosting shows. This, later on, proved to be the pivotal part of his career.

Ralph Cirella: Physical Appearance

Ralph, despite being in his fifties, has maintained a fit body. He does not exactly have an athletic body, but he is lean and tall. In terms of height, he is six feet tall.

He weighs about 187 lbs. We do not know his body measurements. But he has black eyes and black hair.

Ralph Cirella in person.

Ralph has many tattoos all over his body. He is very fond of inking and says that whenever he wants to express something, he likes to get a tattoo of it.

Ralph Cirella: Personal Life

Ralph Cirella is an American citizen. He follows Christianity as his religion and caucasian in terms of ethnicity.

Being born in April, Cirella is an Aries when it comes to zodiac signs. Pertaining to his zodiac sign, Ralph is very courageous, competitive, honest, and driven.

The Aries men are also known to be highly determined and relentless. All these traits are clearly seen with Ralph Cirella.

Ralph Cirella with a fan.

Ralph Cirella openly came out as gay. Being a homosexual is still very hard even in this modern era, but Ralph does not seem to mind what other people say.

Ralph has been in a relationship with women in the past and has also been engaged to some of them.

None of those relationships has ever lasted because he wanted something else out of life, apparently.


His first love interest encounter was with James T Henley in 1975. But they got separated due to some unusual reasons that have not been disclosed.

Then he started dating Sam Simon in 1995. But even Sam Simon became his ex soon enough. And the reason for the separation was never said to the media.

After the break-up, Ralph never really had any dating rumors for a long time. Maybe he took on a break or something for himself.

But then, in 2005, there was a rumor of him dating a girl.

Maybe he is bisexual and was again up for daring girls. He was dating a girl by the name of Sandra Bernhard. They soon broke up.

In 2005, he dated another girl by the name of Sara Switzer. This relationship also, likes his previous ones, did not last very long.

None of his relationships lasted very long for some reason. The reason might be that Ralph does not want to commit to anyone.

Currently, Ralph Cirella is single and focusing on himself. There is no information on whether he is interested in dating or not.

It is still not sure if Ralph is bisexual or homosexual. He always identifies himself as gay, but he has dated some girls in between.

So let’s hope the 59 Years Old star will give us more insights about his love life soon.

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Ralph Cirella: Career

Nobody achieves success overnight, and it takes a sheer amount of determination and hard work.

Ralph Cirella is the perfect example. He was never given an easy way into the entertainment industry, but he clawed his way into where he is today.

Ralph has many talents, and because of that, he has worked in many different niches.

He has been a radio host, an actor, and also a costume designer. His on-set designer job has earned him the most fortunate.

In 1986 Ralph made a ‘talking penis.’ The whole objective of this was to crown the New year’s communication at the forum felt.

Even though it did not work out, this led him to more opportunities, such as being noticed by Howard Stern.


Ralph Cirella got the job as the personal stylist of Howard Stern. Before this, he used to work in a similar post on the Stern’s E show.

After that, he worked on the Howard Stern show at WWOR TV. He started working on the costumes, cosmetics, enhancements, and ensembles.

Radio Host

Then Ralph decided to move on with his radio host career. He got the chance to work at the Howard 100 radio show.

He also worked on the Howard 101 radio show called the Friday Show, which aired every Friday.

While working on the Friday show, he also had Gary Dell Decrease and John Hein as his associates. But Ralph did not stay in his position for very long.

That is the thing with being in the entertainment business, and you never can predict what’s coming for you in the future. Then he worked at the Howard Sterns 101 Time Show Geek.

But currently, he is working as an on-set designer for most of Howard Stern’s shows that is under his productions.

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Ralph Cirella: Achievements

Known for being a radio host and on-screen actor, Ralph Cirella had many achievements in his life.

From the years 1982-1985, he has also worked as a listener for the WNBC.

His big break then came when he got the chance to work at Howard Stern’s show on WWOR-TV, where he was in charge of the costume ensembles.

He has worked as an actor in the movies such as Private Parts in 1997. He also acted in Alien Space Avenger, and She is back in 1989.

Though he has not received any awards, he has earned many fans from working so many years in Hollywood.

Ralph Cirella: Net Worth

Being a veteran in the Hollywood industry, Ralph Cirella has earned a lot of wealth. His main earnings are from being the set designer on the Howard Stern show.

We do not know his exact earnings from the show, but reportedly, he earns about six figures salary from the show.

his net worth is about one million us dollars.

That is a pretty good sum he has earned. He has earned from working in many productions and also being a radio host.

Ralph lives a comfortable life in the Hollywood hills. He does not reveal much about his lifestyle, but we can assure you that it is very fancy.

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Ralph Cirella: Twitter Ban

Cirella was reportedly permanently banned from Twitter. In his attempt to elaborate, he said that Twitter sent him a mail a few months ago to take down one of his tweets which he did.

He apparently tweeted saying that he has given his permission to kill some criminal or something. Twitter said that that was his first offense and warning.


Howard Stern also mentioned how OJ Simpson is still on Twitter. Another employee at the Howard Stern Show remarked how it was not about what Ralph Tweeted but how he tweets.

Either way, Ralph has been permanently banned from Twitter. He is still not sure what led to it.

But he still finds humor in it, saying Twitter’s stock has been down by 20 percent since he has been banned.

Ralph Cirella: Social Media

Ralph is not currently active on any social media.

He used to have a Twitter account with over 87thousand followers, but that account has been banned.


Who is Ralph Cirella married to?

Ralph Cirella is not married to anyone and is single.

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  1. I am from Seattle & I’ve been listening to Howard since 1999 daily.
    I honestly thought Ralph was straight, but his relationship with Chris Wildling is too weird to be “just friends”. Anyway, hope this article is legit, many of the facts are true.
    Thanks for posting

    1. No, ALL of the facts are true. That’s what “facts” are. If it’s not true, it’s not a “fact,” it’s an allegation.

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