Apekz Girlfriend

Apekz Girlfriend: Who Is The Musician Dating? Family And Net Worth

Philippines rapper Apekz is getting attention after his rapping style. Fans are eager to know more about Apekz Girlfriend. This article will let you know about Apekz Girlfriend.

Mark Anthony Cadiente, more commonly known by his stage name, Apekz, is an acclaimed rapper, songwriter, and battle MC of the Fliptop Battle League.

He has won notable competitions such as the 2012 “End of the Weak TRUE MC Challenge” and the 2013 “Araneta Dream Battle Royale.” His mastery of rap battles has earned Apekz the admiration and respect of many in the hip-hop community today.

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Apekz Girlfriend: Who Is The Musician Dating?

Apekz Girlfriend is Christine Claire Fuentebella Elnas, also known as Buhhsha. They have been together for six amazing years.

Buhhsha, an Instagram model and influencer, quickly stole Apekz’s heart. Apekz and Buhhsha are the ultimate couple goals! They are always active on social media, sharing their most special moments with the world.

Apekz and Buhhsha at Buhhsha's graduation.
Apekz Girlfriend: Apekz and Buhhsha at Buhhsha’s graduation. (Source: Instagram)

From their love-filled photos and videos on Instagram to their travel adventures worldwide, Apekz and Buhhsha have become the envy of many.

Buhhsha and Apekz are an inspirational couple. Not only are their relationship goals, but Buhhsha is also incredibly supportive of Apekz’s rap career.

From providing moral support to helping him with his music, Buhhsha plays an integral role in Apekz’s success.

Apekz Family: Meet His Parents 

Unfortunately, neither Apekz’s birthdate nor his horoscope sign has been revealed, even though he is quickly becoming a major player in the music industry.

Despite this, one thing is abundantly clear: he does not appear very old.

Apekz with his family.
Apekz with his father, mother and sister. (Source: Instagram)

Apekz is an up-and-coming artist making waves for his unique and dynamic sound. As we follow his career, one thing that stands out is his privacy regarding his family life.

Apekz has kept the information about his parents off the public radar and doesn’t reveal their identity to anyone. This privacy is a testament to his character, as it reflects his commitment to his loved ones and his desire to keep them out of the spotlight.

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How Much Does Apekz Have Net worth?

Since Apekz is a musical artist who leads an extravagant lifestyle, it should be no surprise that many people are interested in learning about his wealth.

Apekz is not an exception to the rule that musicians typically earn a comfortable living, as evidenced by his wealth. Apekz’s wealth remains a mystery, as there is no information about it to be found anywhere.

Apekz is a talented musician who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique style of music.

After being represented by Hustlin Records, Apekz was recently signed by Artifice Records and is currently working on his new music.

Buhhsha is very supportive of Apekz's career.
Apekz Girlfriend: Buhhsha is very supportive of Apekz’s career. (Source: Instagram)

His previous album, Ala Una, was released in 2017 and was highly successful with both fans and critics.

Apekz has a few popular songs, such as Haring Araw, Mayor de Edad, and Bara Mala Apekz, contributing to his growing popularity.

With his new label and upcoming music, Apekz will make a bigger splash in the music industry.

The rapper is a style icon in hip-hop, known for his unique look and ability to carry himself confidently.

He stands at a decent height with a lean body figure, and his style is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, often with long hair and a certain air of coolness.

His look and music have made him a popular figure in the industry, and he continues to inspire many aspiring rappers.

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