King Von Kill Gakirah Barnes

Who Is Gakirah Barnes? Why Did King Von Kill Gakirah Barnes 17-Year-Old Girl?

Reports have shown that the late rapper King Von Kill Gakirah Barnes, a 17-year-old gangster from Chicago. 

There have been stories of Gakirah “K.I.” Barnes’ demise for many years. However, the government has just recently offered to provide case-related documents.

Supposed Gangster Disciples member Barnes was shot nine times and passed away in Chicago in 2014. The adolescent was a lifelong resident of the city who worked tirelessly on its streets.

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The adolescent, who belonged to the Gangster Disciples in Chicago, was allegedly responsible for the murders of more than a dozen people before being shot and killed by a ‘hooded figure,’ according to an online tabloid.

The Chicago Police Department has released new information regarding Barnes’s case. It allegedly contains the identity of the shooter, according to them.

Who Is Gakirah Barnes? A Vicious Teen Gangster

It turns out that Gakirah Barnes was a cold-blooded killer who was well-liked in the streets of Iraq and dreaded by her adversaries—and for a good cause. 

Gakirah wasn’t always the murderer we later discovered her to be. Gakirah, who lost her father to violence before she turned one, later achieved academic success.

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When she grew older, she wanted to work as a social worker. Although she had the best intentions, the lifestyle temptation was difficult for her to resist, as it is for many people who live in urban areas, particularly ones like Chicago. Gakirah is no different. 

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Gakirah was openly recognized under the G.D.s because of her courageous manner and capacity to carry out crimes that even the men could not because she was from 63rd and St. Lawrence and represented STL/EBT.

She was mentored by criminals in the game and was connected to legends of Iraq like FBG Duck. Slowly, she started to veer more and more toward the dark side. At first, she was just a friend of guys living it up, but then something happened that altered her life’s path. 

Gakirah was the one who embarked on a course of vengeance on the day that her close friend Tooka was killed.

Gakirah would soon learn that the rules of the street apply to everyone, and when her close relative Tyquan Tyler died, she experienced sadness that led her down a darker road.

Why Did King Von Kill Gakirah Barnes? 17-Year-Old Killer Girl

With the revelation of unsealed police records, speculation regarding the murderer of Gakirah “K.I.” Barnes, 17, in 2014 appears to be over.

Before being shot dead by a “hooded figure,” the adolescent, a member of the Gangster Disciples in Chicago, is said to have been responsible for the murders of more than a dozen individuals. Before dying on the streets where she had made her name, Barnes had a fearsome reputation in the city.

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Recently, the Chicago Police Department has made new information on Barnes’s case public and purportedly identified the person they think was responsible for the shooting.

According to the records, witnesses identified the alleged shooter as rapper King Von, who was believed to be a member of the Black Disciples.

Rapper King Von
Rapper King Von Performing- Source: Mirror

The paper states, “An unknown M/1 approached the victims while wearing a grey hoodie and blue pants.

According to the Police, the inquiry “found that the victim was slain by Dayvon Bennett,” according to the records. The rapper King Von’s real name is Bennett, and the “offender” has also been “positively identified” as the rapper.

The paper also claims that no charges were ultimately filed against Von for the killings because there was not sufficient evidence to do so. Following a fight with another rapper in November 2020, King Von was shot and murdered.

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