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End of the Road: Is Ludacris In Jail? What Did He Do- Arrest And Charge

The famous hip-hop artist and actor Christopher Brian Bridges, renowned as Ludacris, was jailed for unlawful possession of controlled substances. He was a violent offender according to his previous history and was armed.

Christopher Brian Bridges, better known as Ludacris, is a well-known American actor and rapper. His natal nationality is American. He grew up in Champaign, Illinois, in the United States. He was born on September 11, 1977, and is 45.

After finishing high school at Oak Park River Forest High School, Ludacris moved to Centreville, Virginia, where he attended Centreville High School for one year. He graduated from Banneker High School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1995.

End of the Road: Is Ludacris In Jail?

Ludacris is currently residing in jail regarding his family case. But prior, he was arrested by the police officer on the charge of carrying illegal substances and was armed, shooting out police officers.

Whether he will be granted bail or must remain in detention has not yet been officially announced.

He had recently acted in the famous series ‘End of the Road’ in which he has a significant role.

The court decision has jailed Ludacris as he committed a specific crime. The matter is concerned with his family and wife.

No information and report have been confirmed yet. Per the court’s order, the rapper will undoubtedly be out or have to stay in prison. However, his followers and fans were unhappy to see him being prisoned for a long time.

What Did Ludacris Do- Arrest And Charge

The judge just granted Ludacris primary physical custody of his daughter, who is one year old, in family court. However, the choice was somewhat complicated, and his supporters were not satisfied.

A child’s mother, Tamika Fuller, chose forcefully assert that Ludacris attempted to make her abort the child by offering some money.

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Instead of doing what he had requested, she filed a complaint against him.

The judge granted Ludracris primary physical custody while granting Tamika and Luda shared legal and physical custody.

Yet the charges are not reported with the statement, but it might be later informed to the media what he will have to pay for it.

Ludacris Musical Career And Net worth

Georgia State University awarded Christopher Bridges a bachelor’s degree in the music industry. Before this, Bridges had been writing rap songs for 9 years, but this was his first real break into the industry.

He has been a part of many neighborhood hip hoppers since he was 14. He met Timbaland in college, and they worked on music together. Ludacris rose to fame overnight after contributing to Timbaland’s famous song “Phat Rabbit,” He soon began work on his first album.

In 1998, Luda began work on his debut album, Incognegro. In 2000, he re-released the album and added a few new tracks to it. Tej Parker, a character played by Ludacris in the Fast and Furious movie series, is well-known.

The net worth of the rapper is around $ 35 million. All of his money is from his rap songs and the movies he has done. He also earns money from different concerts and programs he organizes and does live singing for his fans.

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Ludacris also has famous fan followers on his social media account, from where he also makes an amount of wealth by uploading his pictures and videos. Also, he has been sponsored by different brands, and endorsements from there, he gets some amount.

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