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Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth: House & Charity

Actor, Writer, and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a net worth of $400 Million.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, commonly known as Arnold, was born on 30 July 1947, at Thal, near Graz, Austria.

He is an Austrian-American film actor, director, politician, former professional bodybuilder, and powerlifter. 

Besides giving superhit blockbusters, he has also served as the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

Arnold Waving at Audience
Arnold Waving at Audience

Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Philanthropist and has assisted many charitable organizations.

Even so, he was born in Austria, Arnold later took the citizenship of America.

Moreover, being in Governor’s tenure for the straight second time, he has taken retirement from politics and has returned to his acting career.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here are some quick facts about Arnold before knowing more about him

Full Name  Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
Nick Name Arnold, Australian Ooak
Date of Birth 30 July 1947
Residence California, USA
Place of Birth  Graz, Austria
Religion Christianity (Catholic)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Austrian
Education University of Wisconsin–Superior, Santa Monica College
Zodiac Sign Leo
Father’s name Gustav Schwarzenegger
Mother’s name Aurelia Jadrny Schwarzenegger
Siblings Meinhard Schwarzenegger ( Brother )
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/30/1947″] Years Old
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m)
Weight 260 lbs
Hair color Black and White
Eye color Brown
Chest 57 Inches
Waist 34 Inches
Arms 22 Inches
Thigh 28.5 Inches
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Ex. Wife Name Maria Shriver
Children 5; Patrick, Katherine, Christina, Christopher, and Joseph Bianca
Profession Actor, Politician, Entrepreneur, Film-Maker, Writer
Political Party Republican party
Debut Movie Hercules in New York
Major Movies Pumping Iron, Twins, The Terminator, Conan-The Barbarian, Conan-The Destroyer, Terminator-2:Jugement Day, Terminator-3:Rise of Machines, etc.
Awards Best Acting Debut, Action Hero, Best Internation Actor, Hall of fame, Male Star of the Year, Favourite Movie Actor, International Star of the Decade
Net worth $400 Million
Social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
Website Arnold Schwarzenegger
Last Update [current-year]

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Net worth and Income

Schwarzeneggar has a massive net worth of $400 Million.

Meanwhile, the net worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger is earned from acting and being a politician, business, investments, and writer.

Meanwhile, Arnold used to charge as much as $25Million per movie during his career peak.

Hence, he earned millions of dollars from movies and commercial advertisements alone, which adds to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth. 

Likewise, his net worth includes his investment in real estate, restaurants, shopping malls, and his own production company known as Oak Production Company.

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Arnold: House and Cars 


Arnold lives in a Mansion in Los Angeles worth $23 Million.

Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver own vacation homes in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Hyannis port, Masacheuttes.

We can see different clips and pictures of his mansion in his Instagram account.


His collection of cars worth millions of dollars.

One of his famous collections is Tesla Roadster which costs around $200,000.

Also, he possesses a Hummer H1 Slant Back priced at $150,000 and Porsche Turbo having worth $216,000.

Similarly, he also owned Custom Audi R8, Bently Arnage, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

Arnold: Lifestyle and Vacation


Arnold has a healthy lifestyle. He has a gym inside his mansion.

Even now, his exercise is primarily concerned with muscle building and his brutal diet for a healthy lifestyle. He believes in “No Pain, No Gain.”

Arnold Riding Bi-Cycle
Arnold Riding Bi-Cycle

Further, Arnold’s diet includes grains, vegetables, micronutrients, and fats. He believes that we need to take one gram of protein daily for every pound of our weight.

Arnold is, however, more or less vegan these days as compared to his diet plan during his peak bodybuilding tenure.

The Austrian-American politician, actor, and former professional bodybuilder drinks almond milk to power him through the day and avoids meats to the maximum extent.

Also, he does a lot of cycling, as is shown in his social media posts.


Arnold likes to spend his time in his mansion with his pets.

Recently, due to the COVID situation, he traveled less.

His social media post shows he travels to Germany and London for refreshments.

Even during his vacation, he goes out cycling.

The former governor also spends his free time with his family.

Arnold: Charity 

Arnold is a kind-hearted person and does a lot of charitable works.

Further, he recently donated $1Million for a coronavirus relief fund to help front-end workers.

One of the organizations he supports is After-School All-Stars Alliance that works to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking, and help develop under-resourced students.

Similarly, he supported an organization called Fight Night Foundation, which helps children affected by AIDS.

Likewise, he has done charity works for different sorts of organizations operating in other medical sectors, wildlife conservation, forest conservation, etc.

Meanwhile, he was also a Red Cross Ambassador and used to ask people for their blood donations through television and radio announcements.

Additionally, he has been awarded the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for his charitable endeavors.

Movies, Book, and Investment


Arnold received $12,000 for his debut movie ‘Hercules in New York‘ in the year 1970.

For his role in The Terminator,’ he was paid $75,000. The movie made a box office collection of $80Million.

Although he was initially not a filmmaker’s choice due to his heavy accent, he later came into fame from the documentary movie ‘Pumping iron‘ in 1977.

Following this, ‘Conan the Barbarian‘ was a hit movie, for which he grabbed $250,000.

And he worked on its second part as well, ‘Conan the Destroyer,’ for the price of $360,000.

Similarly, establishing himself as the action superstar, he worked in a different blockbuster like ‘Commando‘ to grab $2Miilion.

Also, he had a deal of  $3.5Million for the movie ‘Predator.’

Likewise, ‘Red Heat‘ made him $8 Million.

Similarly, he was offered $15 Million for his role in ‘Terminator-2‘.

Likewise, Arnold received $30 Million to cast in ‘Terminator 3: Rise of Machines.’

Arnold Schwarzenegger look in Terminator Movie. Movies add up to millions in his net worth
Arnold looks in the terminator movie.

Nonetheless, ‘Twins‘ released in 1988, was a huge commercial success where he did a comedy role, and he grabbed around $35Million.

Further, in this movie, he earned the most from any other film in his career. 

From 2003 to 2011, when he was a governor of California, he didn’t work in movies and made a comeback after 2011.

The Expendables,’ ‘The Expendables-2,’ ‘The Expendables-3‘ and ‘Escape plan‘ were some of the movies he worked on after 2011.

Further, he later announced that he had lost around $200 Million, which he would otherwise have earned from the movie, during the Governor’s post for eight straight years.

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In addition to being an actor, politician, business, Arnold was also into writing.

Likewise, Arnold himself has published several books. Arnold makes a handsome earning through his publications as well.

Meanwhile, some of his publication are:


Arnold’s first apartment was four units and cost $214,000, which he sold for $360,000 after a year.

Likewise, he immediately reinvested his profits into a new 12 unit building, followed by a 36 unit building and up to a100 unit building. By the age of 25, he was a real estate millionaire.

Furthermore, the desire to earn more made Arnold step into the real estate business, restaurants, and shopping malls. 

Also, Schwarzeneggar is the owner of an annually held sports festival in Columbus, Ohio, named after him, Arnold’s Sports Festival.

The daily ticket expos cost $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Also, The VIP packages of tickets were around $350 to $650.

Additionally, Oak Production is also a film production company owned by Arnold, where he earns at least Millions of dollars annually from tenants.

Initially, it had a market value of $1Million and earning $100,000 during its initial years.

Besides these, he also partnered to develop a company that developed nutritional supplements to help athletes with severe cramps. They made over $4Million in Sales in a year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Career

Although Arnold’s father disapproved of him being an athlete, Arnold did not get discouraged and engaged in sports like soccer which helped him gain physical strength.

Following this, his soccer coach took him to the gym, and from there, he began his bodybuilding career.

After, he got a chance to participate in the Junior Mr. Europe contests while serving in the army in 1965.

In 1967, Arnold bagged Mr. Universe’s title and followed by winning Mr.Olympia.

Meanwhile, Arnold was the youngest individual ever to win, and the trend continued for six years in a row.

Because of Mr.Olympia, Arnold started receiving offers to the film industry.

In 2003, he fought for the Governor’s post and won the regular two tenures’ seat till 2011.


3 Facts about Arnold 

  • The former Governor and Actor, Arnold, had three heart valve surgeries.
  • Similarly, Arnold once saved a drowning man’s life in 2004 while on vacation in Hawaii.
  • Arnold had a decent governor’s income, which amounted to $175,000 per year. However, he refused to take it as he had his wealth from his acting career.

Social Media

Arnold Schwarzenegger is very active in Social Media. So, he has a huge fan following his social media networks.

Twitter: 5Million

Facebook: 25Million

Youtube: 1.15Million

Instagram: 21.5Million

He also has his Website.


“You have to remember something: Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.”

“The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.”

“If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results.”


How old was Arnold Schwarzenegger when he won Mr. Olympia?

The former governor was just 23 Years Old when he won Mr. Olympia, and it is still a record till now.

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