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Christopher Schwarzenegger: Weight Loss & Net Worth

While some celebrity kids thrive with the media spotlight, others develop a hate relationship with them. Unfortunately, the latter is the same life story of the one and only Christopher Schwarzenegger.

Who is Christopher Schwarzenegger, you may ask? Christopher Schwarzenegger is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. 

Though Christopher Schwarzenegger is not a household name because of his last name, anyone can easily recognize him. His father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, became known for his role in the Terminator series

Christopher before his weight loss.
Christopher before his weight loss.

Since his father is known for his muscular build, Christopher was heavily criticized for being overweight. But recently, he increased the media attention with a massive weight loss.

Christopher, unlike his siblings, has repulsed the limelight ever since a young age.

While, on the other hand, his sister Katherine and brother Patrick have followed their parent’s footsteps and are always in the eye of the media.

In this article, you will find all that there is to know about Christopher Schwarzenegger. 

Quick Facts 

Here are some quick and exciting facts just in case you did not know about Christopher Schwarzenegger:

Full name Christopher Schwarzenegger
Date of birth September 27th of 1997
Age [calculate_years datestring=”09/27/1997″] Years Old
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of Michigan
Father’s name Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mother’s name Maria Shriver
Zodiac sign Libra
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight Not Available
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Net Worth Not Available
Siblings Two brothers and Two sister
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Not Available
Profession Not Available
Nickname Chris
Salary Not Available
Social Media Not Available
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Christopher Schwarzenegger: Early Life

Christopher Schwarzenegger was born on September 27th in 1997. He was born and raised in Los Angeles of California, in The United States of America. 

His father’s name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor by profession but also earns from real estate and is the former Governor of California. 

His mother’s name is Maria Shriver who is a reporter and journalist based in California. She is also an activist and the former first lady of California. 

Christopher grew up in a big family with three other siblings. He also has a half-brother from his dad’s side. 

Christopher grew up in the eyes of the media and did not have a normal childhood. But yet he did not grow to be a spoiled child; instead, he was very grateful for his privileges. 

For his high school education, Christopher went to Brentwood High School. It is a prestigious private school in Hollywood where many celebrity children attend.

After graduating from high school, Schwarzenegger went to the University in Michigan. He started attending the University of Michigan in 2016 and graduated in 2020.

When he graduated from college, his father posted a congratulatory message on Instagram. 

Arnold has always been a supportive dad to Christopher and supports all his decisions. Despite their busy schedules, Arnold and Maria never hesitate to make time for their children. 

Christopher Schwarzenegger: Personal Life 

Christopher Schwarzenegger is an American citizen. Moreover, Christopher is of Christian faith and is caucasian in ethnicity when it comes to religious belief. 

Being born in September, Christopher is a Libra. Libra is an air sign and known to be very mutable. 

Libra people have traits such as being kind, loyal, humble, soft-spoken, and hardworking.

Christopher is the perfect example of Libra regarding their determined side as he is very dedicated to his studies. 

Christopher is a bashful guy and likes to keep his life very private; moreover, not everyone feels like sharing their relationship on social media. 

Thus, even though Christopher might have a girlfriend, it is unlikely that the press will know about it any time soon. 

Christopher is not working at the moment and is just figuring what he wants to do. However, as a college graduate, there are lots of opportunities present for him.

Weight Loss 

Christopher became the talk of the town when he was spotted during lunch on July 17th, 2020. He had massively lost weight. 

Unlike his dad, Christopher always struggled with his obesity. People even commented how ironic it was of the father-son duo to be complete opposites.

Christopher before and after weight loss.
Christopher before and after weight loss.

But now Christopher seems to be in great shape. It seems like he worked on his abs and arms mostly. 

The shocking weight loss was snapped into a before and after photo. Christopher has learned from all the criticism he has gotten over the years. 

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Christopher Schwarzenegger: Family


Arnold Schwarzenegger is an American actor born on July 30th in 1947. 

Arnold was urged by his father to join the gym, where he started getting interested in bodybuilding. He was just fifteen at the time. 

Arnold graduated from the University of Wisconsin, where he majored in Bachelors of Business Administration and Marketing Degree.

By the time the actor was 20, he had already been titled, Mr. Universe. After that, Arnold changed his focus towards acting.

He debuted with his role in Conan, the barbarian. The movie was released in 1982 and was a box-office hit.

Then came his ultimate success with his Terminator series, which was first released in 1984. Finally, in the Sci-fi movie, he played Terminator, which became his most known role. 

Similarly, his role in Total Recall was also critically acclaimed.

Arnold has also involved himself in politics. He was elected the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. He was nicknamed the Governator during his time in the office.

Arnold was the 38th Governor of California. But now, he has retired and mainly focuses on his business.

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Maria Shriver was born on November 6th in 1955. She is a very famous T.V. news anchor who started her journey from Philadephia. 

She has also authored best-selling novels such as ‘What’s Wrong with Timmy?‘ and ‘One more thing before you go?’.

Maria has anchored for CBS morning news, NBC news Sunday Today, NBC News Nightly, and NBS Dateline.

She got married to Arnold on April 26th in 1986, and on May 9th of 2011, the marriage came to an end.


The eldest Schwarzenegger child is Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger, who has followed her mother’s footsteps and is an author by profession. She is [calculate_years datestring=”12/13/1989″] Years Old and is married to Chris Pratt.

The second child, Christina Maria Schwarzenegger, is currently [calculate_years datestring=”07/23/1991″]. She graduated from Georgetown University.

The Schwarzenegger family
The Schwarzenegger family

Then comes Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has followed his father’s footsteps and does acting. Patrick has worked in many movies, such as Moxie.

And Joseph Baena, who may be a half-sibling but is very close to Christopher. Like his father, he also spends a lot of time in the gym and has ventured into real estate.

Christopher Schwarzenegger: Controversy

Although Christopher himself has not been part of any controversy, his father landed in a major controversy when his affair was revealed. 

This news came to light in late 2011 when it was revealed that Arnold had an affair with his housekeeper Patricia Baena. 

They even had an illegitimate son named Joseph Baena. Maria had noticed the striking resemblance between her husband and the housekeeper’s son. 

When she confronted Arnold, he confessed and accepted the fact. After that, Arnold and Maria decided to go their separate ways, and the divorce proceedings went on.

The divorce was harsh, and the proceedings have lasted for almost a decade now. 

Amidst all the divorce hassle, Christopher had gotten in the surfing accident in 2011. At the time, he was just thirteen years old.

He was hospitalized, and this was when Maria and Arnold put aside their differences and came together for their son. 

Christopher had a broken rib and collapsed lung because of the accident, but he recovered very soon.

Christopher Schwarzenegger: Net Worth

Since Christopher does not have a career, he does not have a net worth yet. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a net worth of 400 million us dollars as of [current-year]. 

His mother is also a multimillionaire with a net worth of $100 million. His parents earn from their real estate investments and restaurants, along with their presence on screen. 

He owns a $12.5 million home in Los Angeles gifted by his parents. 

It can be safely assumed that Christopher lives a very lavish life because of his parent’s fortune. 

Christopher Schwarzenegger: Physical Appearance 

When it comes to height, Christopher is five feet and eleven inches tall. However, his weight is still not known. 

Christopher has recently become fit and healthy with his healthy diet and extreme workout regime. Before this, he used to be on the obese side. 

Christopher has blue eyes and brown hair. He has a fair skin complexion. 

He does not have any facial hair neither does he have any tattoos. 

We do not know his exact body measurements neither has his shoe size been revealed. 

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Christopher Schwarzenegger: Social Media

In contrast to the rest of the family, Christopher is absent on social media. In addition, he does not have any social media account of his own. 


Is Christopher Schwarzenegger single?

Yes, Christopher Schwarzenegger is single at the moment.

Where does Christopher Schwarzenegger reside?

Christopher Schwarzenegger lives in Los Angeles in Hollywood Hills.

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