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Who Are Asier And Irene From Love never Dies? Are They Married? Relationship Timeline

People are curious to know about the contestants, Asier And Irene, from the show “Love Never Dies.”

In Season 2 of Love Never Lies, there are six couples. As a result, the love game will feature 12 participants.

The Spanish program will transport viewers to Sardinia, where they can witness couples putting their relationships to the test with single men and women. If they want to keep their relationships, they must put up an intense fight.

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Paula and Daniel previously claimed the grand prize and the winner’s title in Season 1. Additionally, judging by their Instagram photos, they appear to be together still.

Who Are Asier And Irene From Love Never Dies?

Asier and Irene have reportedly been dating for some time now, according to Realitytitbit. However, their relationship has gone through some difficult times. They allegedly have some infidelity issues and chose to take part in the show to address the problems and build trust.

Asier and Irene 1 1
Picture of Asier and Irene (Source: Instagram)

In one of the episodes, it was revealed that Asier had once met a girl and wanted to have a sexual encounter with her, but he decided against it out of concern for Irene’s reaction.

At 26 and 22, Asier and Irene, respectively, enrolled in “Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia.” Their primary motivation for taking part in the trying experiment was to show how much they cared for one another and perhaps use the whole thing as a turning point in their relationship. 

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Irene admitted that she thought her life would be simpler if she hadn’t been dating Asier during the first “eye detect” session. The latter responded that, given their rocky relationship, he could understand the sentiment.

Asier And Irene Were Separated In “Love Never Dies”

Asier had previously cheated on Irene, which she was aware of before the show. Still, it was also revealed that he had met up with a girl again, intending to have a sexual relationship with her. 

He decided to refrain from cheating out of concern for Irene’s reaction. When Irene learned about this, she was baffled as to why Asier had kept it from her. 

Soon after, the couples split up, forcing Asier to remain in the original villa, where several bachelors would quickly enter. Irene acknowledged that her boyfriend did not actually seem to be particularly interested in Belén and that she still trusted him after being shown clips from the same, which did contain some suggestive scenes. 

Asier wanted to form a relationship with Sara, another participant with whom she felt a stronger connection. Irene and Sara’s boyfriend, Guillem Morell, were taken aback by the strong bond between their partners.

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Asier was hurt when Irene admitted she preferred the fame and money she might gain from the show over their relationship. Still, he added that he partially understood the situation and hoped to fulfill her wishes.

Are Asier And Irene Married?

It has yet to be revealed whether Asier and Irene are married. However, It appears that Asier and Irene are still a couple. The two still have pictures of one another and are on each other’s following lists. 

Asier and Irene
Asier and Irene from “Love Never Dies” are still together. (Source: Instagram)

Asier and Irene had comparatively fewer problems than almost every other couple on the show. Additionally, they had a lot of faith in one another.

They both seemed to get what they wanted from the experiment and appreciated their time on the show.

The couple is currently based in Madrid, the Spanish capital. Irene is currently employed in the creative marketing, extensive design, and fashion sectors. 

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Thanks to her sizable social media following, she has promoted various brands over the years. The couple appears to enjoy both eating delicious food and traveling.

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