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Who Is Mackenzie Astin Wife Jennifer Abbott Astin? Kids Family And Net Worth

Fans are eager to learn about Mackenzie Astin Wife. They want to learn more about his personal life. 

Mackenzie Alexander Astin is an Actor. 

He is an Actor best recognized for his roles in The Magicians (2015), Iron Will (1994), and Scandal (2012). Since April 11, 2011, he has been married to Jennifer Bautz.

Who Is Mackenzie Astin Wife Jennifer Abbott Astin?

As a Canadian filmmaker and editor, Jennifer Abbott specializes in environmental and social justice documentaries.

Her work as the co-director and editor of the documentary The Corporation, which explores major corporations in the twenty-first century, has gained her the most notoriety.

Jennifer Abbott,
Jennifer Abbott, Canadian director and editor, specializes in social justice and environmental documentaries. (Source: IMBD)

Mackenzie Astin and Jennifer have yet to speak about the circumstances that crossed their paths.

The pair nevertheless got married in 2011. They underwent a magnificent ceremony to become one in front of their close friends, family, and loved ones.

The pair have been married for eleven years and remain deeply in love and joy. It is unknown if the couple is expecting a child.

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Mackenzie Astin Kids And Family

John Astin and Patty Duke’s son Astin was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 12, 1973.

He is the actor’s brother Sean Astin. He attended Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School and University High School in Los Angeles. Jennifer Abbott Astin, formerly Bautz, is his wife.

Regarding his children, not much is known.

Astin made his acting debut when he was nine years old in the television film Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal, but from 1985 to 1988, he played Andy Moffett for four seasons on the comedy The Facts of Life.

In addition to his recurring roles on Scandal, The Magicians, and Homeland, he has performed guest roles on LOST, House, Psych, Grey’s Anatomy, and NCIS.

Astin has appeared in various movies, including The Last Days of Disco by Whit Stillman, The Evening Star by Shirley MacLaine, Iron Will by Kevin Spacey, and Wyatt Earp, starring Kevin Costner.

Astin signed a contract for a recurring part in the third season of the Netflix psychological thriller You in November 2022.

Mackenzie Astin Net Worth

According to the celebrity net worth website, Mackenzie Astin is an American actor with a net worth of $5 million. 

He has almost 100 acting credits, starting with the 1982 television film Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal. Astin played Andy Moffett in the television show The Facts of Life from 1985 until 1988.

Mackenzie Astin
Mackenzie Astin when he was young vs now. (Source: Facebook)

He played Noah Baker on the television show Scandal from 2014 to 2015. He plays Richard in The Magicians’ 2016 season.

Astin has appeared in Wyatt Earp, Iron Will, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, Dream for an Insomniac, The Evening Star, In Love and War, The Last Days of Disco, The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, Stranger Than Fiction, Welcome 2 Ibiza, Two Days, How to Deal, The Final Season, and Hell and Mr. Fudge, among other films.

He was given a Young Artist Award in 1986 for The Facts of Life, and in 2005 he was given an Online Film & Television Association Award for Lost.

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