Ben Fogle Illness

Ben Fogle Illness: What Happened To Him? Family And Net Worth

Ben Fogle suffered from Leishmaniasis, and his fans are worried about his health now.

Benjamin Myer Fogle is a British broadcaster, writer, and explorer best known for his work on the British television networks Channel 5, BBC, and ITV.

Ben Fogle has emerged as a national treasure. Since 2000, the award-winning TV presenter, animal advocate, and adventurer have been frequent on our screens, hosting programs on a variety of channels.

Ben Fogle Illness: What Happened To Him?

In 2008, while filming an Extreme Dreams series in Peru, Fogle suffered from Leishmaniasis, which left him bedridden for three weeks upon his return home. He was treated at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London.

Ben Fogle admitted to contracting this skin-eating condition. The doctor simply stated that it results in face mutilation.

Ben Fogle Illness
Ben Fogle on hospital bed after he contracted Leishmaniasis

Only five weeks before his departure, he realized he’d contracted Leishmaniasis, a flesh-eating illness, while on a previous trip to Peru. 

He’d been sick for months, with a deep lesion on his arm that wouldn’t heal, but the ailment was so unusual that he’d always dismissed it as more legendary than real. 

“When you travel into the forest, people make fun of the willy fish, which are small fish that swim up your urine and expel the little spikes. Everyone talks about them, but no one has ever had them. Then there’s this skin-eating sickness.” 

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Ben Fogle Leishmaniasis Treatment: Health Update

It was far worse than he had feared when Ben was finally diagnosed with Leishmaniasis.

The doctor revealed that it was Vianna, the most dangerous kind of Leishmaniasis where the face is affected. It will travel right to the nose and lips, and he essentially stated that it would result in face mutilation. 

Then he described the horrifying treatment and gave Ben a vial of poison with a skull and crossbones on it.

Fogle was given the poison on a drip every day for five weeks – a sort of chemotherapy so potent that some patients don’t walk again for two years. He vomited every night. By the second week, his body was throbbing, and he was in pain, and by the third week, he had pneumonia. 

Nonetheless, the physicians approved him to travel, and five days after finishing his treatment, Fogle set off for the South Pole.

Ben Fogle Family Details Explored

Ben Fogle was born to his parents, Bruce Fogle and Julia Foster.

Bruce Fogle, his father, is a veterinarian and author of pet care books and travel memoirs.

The campaigner earlier tweeted a nice photo of himself and his mother, actress Julia Foster, cuddling up at home, demonstrating how close the two are.

Ben also has a sister named Tamara Fogle. He uploaded a cute snapshot of her cuddling up to an adorable Labrador. Ben stated in the caption that he was pleased with his sister and her spouse for beginning a clothing line.

Ben fogle family
Ben Fogle with his wife and children

Ben Fogle has a wife named Marina Charlotte Elisabeth. They met for the first time while walking their dogs in Hyde Park, and they married in 2006. 

They went on to have two children, a son named Ludovic, born in 2009, and a girl named Iona, born in 2011.

Ben Fogle Net Worth In 2022

According to, Ben Fogle’s net worth in 2022 is around £2.6 Million.

Ben rose to prominence in the BBC show Castaway 2000, which followed a group of people trapped on the Scottish island of Taransay for a year.

The wildlife enthusiast has had a lot of success on the big screen and even has Royal ties.

Ben has a close relationship with the Royal Family, having gone on safari with William and Harry in 2011.

He described the Prince as “exceptionally realistic for someone in his position.” 

Ben even gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle his “warmest wishes” after missing the royal wedding while climbing Mount Everest in 2018.

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