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Does Don Watson Have An Illness? Health Condition Explored

The beloved Australian author Don Watson was put under the limelight after fans received rumors about his illness. The screenwriter and former political advisor are reportedly suffering from a blood-related disease. 

Don Watson is imminently known in the literary community and has been recognized with various awards. 

His 2014 book “The Bush: Travels in the heart of Australia” was a significant success. Likewise, his book titled “American Journey” was granted the age book of the year non-fiction and the book of the year award in 2008.  

Don Watson
Don Watson Source: The Australian

Does Don Watson Have An Illness? Health Update

Don Watson’s admirers have been concerned about his health. In 2018 Don Watson took a test that revealed he had Leukemia.

This news arrived following the passing of Michael Gordon.

 After the death of his close friend, Watson took the tests that revealed the tragic news.

Don Watson
Don Watson Source: The Guardian

Gordon’s passing severely affected Watson. He was concerned that he wouldn’t fare any better if someone so healthy and active could die from an unexpected disaster. So, he visited a doctor and learned that he had Leukemia. Leukemia is a blood-related disease that is used as a broad term for bood-cancer. 

Watson’s epiphany was startling since, while being significantly older than his wife, who is 23 years younger, he had two small children and an adult child from a previous marriage.

Watson felt he still had a considerable amount to write, and the idea of leaving a young family made the diagnosis difficult to accept.

Even still, years after receiving his diagnosis, Watson is still writing and seems in good health. He appears to be more physically fit and has improved his self-care.

Is Don Watson Married? Who Is His First Wife?

Don Watson has been married twice. He was married to Hilary McPhee the first time, and the second time, he married Chloe Hooper.

A renowned author and editor, Hilary McPhee, received the Order of Australia for her contributions to the arts. He received the award in 2003.

McPhee, Don Watson’s first wife, is eight years older than him and was born in 1941. Together with Diana Gribble, she co-founded McPhee Gribble Publishers.

Hilary McPhee
Hilary McPhee Source: The Saturday Paper

She is also in charge of the Australia Council for the Arts and the Major Organizations Board. Another accomplishment in McPhee’s impressive career was his work as the editor and founding director of the online political journal

The University of Melbourne’s first Chancellor’s fellow, Hillary, also received an honorary doctorate from Watson’s alma mater, Monash University.

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Before Watson, Hillary had a son named Rupert and a daughter named Sara Harriet. They are from her marriage to Peter Freeman in 1964. The following year, in 1976, she wed publisher John Michie, with whom she had a son named James.

McPhee married Don Watson in 1986. The couple called quits in 2009. After the divorce, Don married writer Chloe Hooper.

How Much Is Don Watson’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the renowned Australian novelist Don Watson is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million.

Watson is a renowned historian and one of the most well-known writers in contemporary Australian literature and historical works.

Don Watson
Don Watson Source: Better Reading

Watson has gained several honors and prizes for his writing. His historical work revealing the leadership role of pioneer pastoralist Angus McMillan in many brutal killings of the Gunai Kurnai people in Gippsland, Victoria, is cited in most accounts concerning the man and the massacres.

In 2008 and 2014, for his books “American Journeys” and “The Bush: Travels in the Heart of Australia,” he received two Book of the Year awards. Watson has won the Age Book of the Year award for “American Journeys” and the Paul Keating biography.

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