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Bessy Gatto: Joe Gatto, Children & Net Worth

Bessy Gatto is the ex-wife of a famous American comedian, Joe Gatto. Moreover, she announced the separation from her husband on Instagram on 1st January of 2022.

Before their marriage, the public knew little about Bessy Gatto. However, she is now known immensely as the ex-wife of the renowned comedian. 

Bessy Gatto posing with her dogs
Bessy Gatto posing with her dogs (source:

She appeared on the American comedy shows, Impractical Jokers and Jokers Wild. 

Moreover, Gatto is also a social media influencer with a massive following on Instagram. 

There is little information available about Bessy. However, this article brings all the available information at once. 

In addition, it covers her early life, marriage, husband, social media, and net worth. 

Quick Facts

Maiden Name Bousseina Haggar
Known as Bessy Gatto
Known For Joe Gatto’s ex-wife
Date of Birth April 11, 1982
Age [calculate_years datestring=”04/11/1982″] years old
Place of Birth California, USA
Nationality American
Residence New York, USA
Ethnicity N/A
Religion Christianity
Education N/A
Profession Acting, Philanthropist, Influencer
Hobbies Puzzle Solving, Spending time with family, playing with the dogs
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Separated
Ex-spouse Joe Gatto
Children Milana Gatto (daughter), Remington Joseph Gatto (son)
Height In feet: 5 feet and 3 inches
In centimeters: 160 cm
Weight In kilograms: 60 kg
In pounds: 132 lbs
Body Measurements 33-28-32 (inches)
Zodiac Aries
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Bessy Gatto: Appearance

Bessy is a charming lady and is often seen with her lovely smile. 

In addition, her face always seems excited about things. She has dark brown eyes and hair of the same color. 

She has a round face. Bessy has a long, pointy, and slim nose with thin lips. 

Moving to her physique, she stands five feet and three inches tall. On the other hand, she weighs about 60 kg. 

Similarly, she has a body measurement of 33 inches bust. Additionally, she has 28 inches waist and 32 inches hips.

Gatto has also aged well. Despite reaching her 40s, Gatto still has her charms and looks young.

Bessy Gatto: Professional Life

The information regarding Bessy’s personal life is unknown. In addition, she used to spend the majority of her time promoting her husband’s work. 

Moreover, she handled Joe Gatto’s social media to promote his comedy work.

As a result, Bessy gained fame among the comedian audience. Hence, one of her professions is social media manager.

She is a vegan and an animal advocate. Similarly, she has also spearheaded charity campaigns for animals. 

Bessy often performed different charitable works with her ex-husband, Joe Gatto.


Bessy also appeared on a few TV shows. She made appearances on Jokers Wild and Impractical Jokers

On Impractical Jokers, she appeared on two challenge episodes. 

Initially, she appeared on ‘The Dream Crusher’ episode. Meanwhile, her husband was facing the ‘Find The Mouth’ challenge. 

In addition, her husband lost the challenge. Joe kissed Bessy over an actress and lost the challenge. 

Later, Bessy Gatto appeared on the ‘Urine Trouble’ challenge episode. During the episode, Joe was facing the ‘Grounds For Divorce’ challenge. 

In this episode, pictures of Bessy and Q dating are shown to Joe. However, they were set up for the challenge.

Bessy Gatto: Marriage and Divorce

Bessy and Joe met and started dating in 2009. In addition, Joe was already in the Impractical Jokers show. 

Bessy later moved to New York from California to stay with Joe. Meanwhile, Joe lived with a star and friend from the show, Murray. 

Bessy and Joe at their wedding
Bessy Gatto and Joe Gatto at their wedding (source:

About approximately four years later, the couple decided to get married. They got married on September 2, 2013. 

Additionally, it was a low-key wedding ceremony. Despite being a comedian star, Joe married Bessy with only close friends and relatives’ attendance. 

Unfortunately, the couple separated. In addition, Bessy announced the news on 1st January of 2022 on Instagram.


Joe and Bessy were married for almost a decade. As a result, they have two children.

Initially, they had a daughter in 2015. Her name is Milana Francis Gatto. Similarly, they also have a son named Remington Joseph Gatto. He was born in 2017. 


Surprisingly, she treats dogs as her babies. She has a total of four pups as of now. 

Initially, they had two dogs named Mishkeen and Zeppole. Mishkeen was also featured on the Impractical Jokers. 

Unfortunately, Mishkeen passed away in 2017, followed by Zeppole in 2018. 

The family’s latest dog is Spumoni. They adopted Spumoni after attending the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas. 

All of the other dogs were also adopted. In addition, they are named Biscotti, Tartufo, and Cannoli. 

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Who is Joe Gatto?

Bessy’s ex-husband, Joe Gatto, is a famous American actor and comedian. In addition, he has also written a few books. 

Joe is well-known for his works in the American reality show, Impractical Jokers.

Moreover, he is a member of a comedy troupe called The Tenderloins. Some other members of the troupe are James Murray, Brian Quinn, etc. 

The group was formed by Murray, Joe, and Vulcano when they reunited after college. The three began practicing improvisation at Gatto’s house after their graduation.

Later, the three went on tour as an improv and sketch comedy troupe. Meanwhile, they also named themselves ‘The Tenderloins’ in 1998. 

The troupe produced and posted comedy sketches online. As a result, they earned millions of views online on Youtube, MySpace, and Metacafe. 

The troupe, along with Joe, started a podcast in April 2012. The podcast is available on their official website and also on iTunes.

Personal Life

Joe is of Italian descent and was born on Staten Island. He initially went to Monsignor Farrell High School. 

Additionally, the other troupe members went to the same high school. Later, he graduated from LIU Post with a degree in accounting.

Joe’s father died when he was in his twenties. Regrettably, there is no information available regarding his mother. 

Similar to his ex-wife, Joe is also an animal lover. Moreover, he advocates for the ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ movement. 

The movement encourages people to adopt pets from shelters rather than purchasing from breeders. 

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Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Bessy Gatto is around $1.5 million. Therefore, she lives a comfortable life with her children. 

However, her ex-husband has much more net worth from his journey in comedy. Joe Gatto, a comedian, producer, and actor, has an estimated net worth of around $7 million. 

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Bessy Gatto: Social Media

Bessy Gatto is an active social media user. To clarify, she managed her ex-husband’s social media accounts for promotion and such.

In addition, she also has a significant following. She has a following of 110k on Instagram

She mostly posts photos of her family, friends, and dogs. In addition, she also posts about events, movements, and awareness. 

The Gatto Family
The Gatto Family; from left, Milana, Joe, Bessy, and Remington (source:

Joe has an even higher following on social media. He has over 1.1 million followers on Twitter and over 1.9 million on Instagram.

Joe’s Instagram primarily includes his personal life and some of his professional activities also.

However, his Twitter mainly includes his professional works over personal things. Additionally, Joe is also active on Youtube and TikTok.


Is Bessy Gatto an actor?

Bessy Gatto has appeared on multiple episodes of TV reality shows Impractical Jokers and Jokers Wild. However, Bessy is no professional actor.

Moreover, she never took any acting classes and has not appeared on any significant acting gig. 

Where can you see the Gatto family’s dogs?

Both Joe and Bessy often post pictures of their dogs on their social media. 

However, they have a separate Instagram account to post images of their dogs. The account is under the username gatto_pups

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