Bison Dene in a bulls uniform.

Bison Dele: Basketball, Mysterious Death & Net Worth

Bison Dele was a professional basketball player from the United States who played center in the National Basketball Association.

He has played for some of the best teams in the league, including the Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, and Detroit Pistons.

Moreover, Bison and his girlfriend Serena Karlan and boat captain Bertrand Saldo were supposedly killed at sea by his older brother Miles Dabord.

Bison Dele playing for the Pistons.
Bison Dele was playing for the Pistons.

In addition, Bison Dele won a championship with the Bulls in 1997.

Continue reading this article to learn about the personal life, career, net worth, social media, relationships, and mysterious life of Bison Dele. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Bison Dele: 

Full Name Brian Carson Williams
Birth Date April 6, 1969
Place of Birth Fresno, California, United States of America
Position Centre
Nationality American
Death Date July 7, 2002
Ethnicity African – American
Education The University of Maryland and University of Arizona 
Nickname Not Available 
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father’s Name Eugene “Geno” Williams Jr.
Mother’s Name Patricia Philips
Siblings Miles Dabord
Age 33 years old (at the time of death) 
Height 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 m)
Reach Not Available 
Weight 118 Kgs (260 lbs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Basketball player
Marital Status In a relationship (at the time of death) 
Partner Serena Karlan (at the time of death) 
Children Not Available
Net Worth  $20 million 
Salary $6 million
Social Media Not Active
Bison Dele Merch Trading Cards
Last Update April, 2024

Bison Dele: Age, Height, and Weight

Bison Dele was 33 years old when he died. He also weighed around 118 Kgs (260 lbs).

Furthermore, the American stood a towering 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 m) tall. Bison was also born under the Aries zodiac sign.

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Bison Dele: Personal Life

On April 6, 1969, Bison Dele was born in Fresno, California, USA. He was also the son of Eugene Williams and Patricia Phillips.

Additionally, Eugene, his father, was a singer who was a member of The Platters.

On the other hand, Bison’s father and mother’s marriage began to deteriorate. And they divorced.

Following Dele’s parent’s divorce, his mother raised the late athlete in Fresno, California.

Moreover, Patricia, his mother, remarried. Sadly, her second marriage also didn’t last long, and she divorced again.

Besides, Bison was in junior high at the time.

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Miles Dabord was Bison’s older brother. Moreover, his older brother’s real name was Kevin Williams.

He had an athletic physique, but he could not participate in sports due to asthma.

Miles was an incredibly bright child who read a World Book Encyclopedia when he was only in third grade.

Moreover, he was an introverted child. Similarly, Miles’ identity began to shift over time.

Additionally, he felt awkward and helpless. Furthermore, Miles suffered from emotional volatility, which made him a depressed man.

In addition, as a result of a bad early life and an imbalanced family, Bison’s brother was addicted to several drugs and was also suffering from depression. 


Bison Dele dated several women, including musicians and artists. He reportedly did not get along with anyone.

On the other hand, Bison met the person he was looking for in Serena Karlan in 1997.

He met Serena for the first time in 1997 while taking a stroll around Los Angeles with one of his friends.

Moreover, Bison fell madly in love with Serena after being asked a question that shattered his soul.

Moreover, Karlan inquired if he had ever felt the strange sensation of being alone in a room full of people.

Despite having an on-again, off-again connection, the couple was always around each other.

In addition, Karlan left for New Zealand in early 2002 to accompany and wander in search of the meaning of life with the late player.


Bison started attending Saint Monica Catholic High School in Santa Monica, California.

The late athlete then eventually moved to Bishop Gorman High School. Furthermore, Gorman High School is also located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moreover, he played basketball until he graduated from high school.

Following the completion of high school, Bison joined the University of Maryland. However, he only spent one year at university playing and studying.

After that, the late basketball player completed his studies at the University of Arizona.

Bison Dele: Career

Brian spent two seasons with The University of Arizona.

Following that, the Orlando Magic selected Williams as the tenth pick during the first round of the 1991 NBA Draft.

Moreover, he saw limited playing time during his two seasons in Orlando.

After two seasons with the Orlando Magic, Williams joined the Denver Nuggets.

Additionally, Dele started playing in a career-high 80 games and averaging nearly 8.0 points per game in 1993–94.

Bison Dele in action.
Bison Dele in action.

Furthermore, Bison then spent a year with the Los Angeles Clippers, where he averaged 15.8 points per game.

In addition, Bison Dele could not find a team at the start of the 1996–97 season due to a contract issue.

Moreover, William’s asking price was too high. In addition, he spent the majority of the season on the bench.

He then joined The Chicago Bulls when they signed him just before the end of the season.

Moreover, Bison quickly established himself as an essential backup player for the team. Furthermore, his form was crucial in their run to their fifth championship.

Williams ended his career with the Detroit Pistons, where he set career highs points and rebounds per game in 1997–98.

To honor his Native American and African ancestors, he changed his name to Bison Dele in 1998.


Dele decided to leave the NBA before the 1999–2000 season began. In addition, he was only 30 years old. He was still in the prime of his career.

Moreover, Bison Dele was the Pistons’ highest-paid player. However, due to strained relationships with the organization, he decided to resign.

Although, Bison had five years remaining on his contract; and could be traded. He walked away from the game. 

Bison believed he had managed to earn sufficient money to leave the professional game and lifestyle.

Supposedly, Dele had never been particularly enthusiastic about basketball.

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Bison Dele: Mysterious Death

Bison Dele, his brother Miles, girlfriend Serena Karlan, and the boat captain, Bertrand Saldo, arrived at their boat on July 6, 2002.

They were sailing from the Tahitian port town of Papeete to the island of Raiatea and, eventually, the coastal regions of Hawaii.

However, the system recorded only three phone conversations from the boat until July 8, 2002.

Moreover, all communication systems with the boat completely stopped on July 8. 

How did Bison Dele die? 

According to Miles, the two brothers got into an altercation on the boat.

Moreover, he reported that during the initial hurdle, Karlan tried to separate the two brothers and was accidentally dropped to the deck by Dele.

Bison Dele's girlfriend Serena Karlan
Bison Dele’s girlfriend, Serena Karlan

Furthermore, she hit her head on a boat cleat and died due to sustained injuries. Despite the horrible accident, the brothers’ feud appears to have continued.

After Karlan’s death, he informed the police, and Captain Bertrand Saldo told the two brothers that the boat needed to come ashore.

Additionally, Saldo also wanted Karlan’s death to be reported to the police. However, Dele retaliated by murdering Saldo by battering him with a wrench.

That left only the two brothers, and living in fear for their own life, Dabord took Dele’s pistol and fired his brother, killing him in self-defense.

Dabord then supposedly made a heinous decision.

Furthermore, Miles then hurled all three bodies overboard into shark-infested seas and continued sailing.

After two months of this tragic trip, he was discovered lost consciousness on a beach in Tijuana, just south of the Mexico-US border, on the morning of September 15.

According to reports, it was probably caused by an insulin overdose. Sadly, he died on 28th September.

Bison Dele: Social Media

Dele doesn’t have any social media presence. Furthermore, Bison Dele sadly died at the age of 33. 

However, there are some photos of the late basketball player on various social media platforms. 

Bison Dele: Net Worth

Before his death, Bison Dele’s net worth was approximately $20 million. 

Additionally, before he retired from the Detroit Pistons, he was among the team’s top earners.

Moreover, he would have managed to earn $36.4 million if he hadn’t retired from the game. However, he declined the contract to live his own life.

According to 2016 news stories, the average annual income of an NBA player was $7.77 million.

Dele is estimated to have obtained the same sum, if not more, during his peak years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Bison Dele buy for his mother and father? 

Furthermore, the late basketball star Bison purchased a $350,000 home for his mother.

Moreover, he also spent $15,000 on a Harley Davidson for his father, Eugene Williams.

Did Bison Dele win the rookie of the year award? 

Brian, also known as Bison, became a top basketball player at Santa Monica High School.

Furthermore, during his freshman year at the University of Maryland, he was named Atlantic Coast Conference rookie of the year.

How old were Bison Dele and Miles  Dabord when they passed away? 

On October 12, 2002, a memorial ceremony was held at Trinity Baptist Church in Los Angeles for both the brothers.

Dele was only 33 years old and had just finished his fourth season in the NBA. Dabord was 35 years old.

Is the mystery surrounding Bison Dele’s death solved?

What happened on the boat has yet to be determined.

One thing was sure: Dele, Karlan, and Saldo were no longer alive, and their bodies would almost certainly never be found.

Is there a movie about Bison Dele? 

Bison Dele’s mysterious disappearance can be found in Season 1, Episode 12 of the Dark Waters series. Jeremy Miller portrays Bison Dele.

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