Blueface siblings

Blueface Siblings: Meet Sister Kali Miller, Brother And Family

People are curious about the rapper Blueface’s siblings and family details.

New artists are always entering hip-hop, and their fame frequently fades too quickly. Blueface, the contentious debut artist, appears to be staying for the long haul, though.

“Thotiana” is his most well-known song. It was featured in the summer of 2018 in the chart featuring music of all genres. The hit by Blueface immediately moved up to position 78 before quickly moving down to position 28.

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Blueface Siblings: Meet Sister Kali Miller

The rapper Blueface has two siblings. Kali Miller, whose real name is Johnece Miller, is Blueface’s sister. They are no longer friends because he kicked her from the House in the summer of 2019.

Blueface mother siblings
Blueface with his mother and siblings (Source: Familytron)

The young woman resides in Los Angeles, California. She previously attended Stockdale High School before enrolling at Cal State Northridge. 

She is currently attempting to be a female rapper. Her song “Disrespectful” was very well received.

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The older brother of Blueface was sentenced to 13 years in prison for unintentionally killing a person. No one knows if they will continue to communicate or not.

Blueface Family Details: Does He Have A Son?

Blueface was born to his parents, Karlissa Angelic Saffold and Johnathan Porter. 

The mother and Father of Blueface divorced in the early 2000s. They then engaged in a courtroom custody dispute over their children.

Johnathan lived in his Father’s home for a while. They are currently closed. Porter Sr. is ecstatic about his son.

Blueface siblings
Blueface’s son and baby mama (Source: familytron)

Blueface is a proud Father to a son he refers to as “Little Blue.” The rapper welcomed the kid in 2017. His real name is Javaughn J. Porter. Jaidyn Alexis is the name of the boy’s mother.

She first met the hitmaker, Jonathan, before he became famous. Blueface then stayed at home with his child while she was at work. Jaiden oversees a line of cosmetics.

Even though Blueface is now a famous hip-hop artist, he still spends much time with his son. On occasion, the baby joins him on stage as he sings.

Did Blueface Assault His Mother And Sibling?

Blueface is once more dealing with family conflict. Blueface’s mother and sister accuse him of assaulting them this time, but his girlfriend has admitted that she fought the two of them.

The story began on May 28 when Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, posted a photo of her face on Instagram, which appeared swollen.

She then criticized the rapper of the song “Thotiana” for letting Chrisean Rock, his girlfriend, abuse her daughter.

According to a video Kali Miller posted on her Instagram account, the Los Angeles rapper allegedly assaulted both his sister Kali Miller and their mother.

She claimed he got no respect because he punched her and their mother in the face. On her IG Story, Kali also said more harsh things about Blue, saying that she doesn’t care how rich or famous he is—still, he’s lame.

Blueface, on the other hand, posted a video of Chrisean Rock on the ground confessing that she was the one who beat up his mother and sister. The 25-year-old rapper questioned Rock about her allegedly touching them in the video below.

He asked her, “Why did you beat them that way?” They didn’t give me any options, Rock retorted. Blueface emphasized once more that he didn’t hit his mother or sister.

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No information has been released regarding the argument between Blueface’s girlfriend and the rapper’s mother and sister.

The fight was captured on video, and Rock can be seen physically assaulting Blueface’s sister in the clip. Surprisingly, Blueface seems to be observing the altercation without getting involved.

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