Is Jaden Smith Still Living

Is Jaden Smith Still Living? What Happened To American Rapper? Death Hoax

Jaden Smith has also been the victim of a death hoax, and his followers are concerned if he is still living a healthy life.

Early this week, news of actor Jaden Smith’s death circulated swiftly, raising the alarm among fans worldwide. 

The September 2022 rumor, however, has since been revealed as a total fraud, the latest in a long line of phony celebrity death reports. 

Is Jaden Smith Still Living? Death Hoax Explained

Jaden Smith, the actor, best known for his roles in films such as After Earth, The Karate Kid, and The Pursuit of Happyness, is still living his best life.

Rumors of the actor’s death spread on Tuesday after a ‘R.I.P. Jaden Smith’ Facebook page received nearly one million ‘likes.’ Those who read the ‘About’ page got a credible story of the American actor’s death: 

“Our favorite actor Jaden Smith died on Tuesday (September 27, 2022) at about 11 am. E.T. Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith) was born in Malibu on July 8, 1998. He will be missed, but he will not be forgotten. Please express your sorrow and compassion by commenting on and liking this page.”

Jaden Smith’s reps formally acknowledged his death on Wednesday, September 28. They warned viewers not to believe everything they saw on the Internet and that Jaden was still alive and healthy.

Jaden Smith 1
Jaden Smith reacted to bizarre death rumors that circulated on social media on Wednesday morning. (Source: Twitter)

The Karate Kid star turned to Twitter to respond to a bizarre social media scam in which netizens claimed he died in a vehicle accident.

The 24-year-old dismissed the rumors by simply tweeting, “Invisible.”

Jaden Smith Death Hoax Reactions By Fans

Hundreds of fans instantly began posting condolence messages on the Facebook page, expressing their regret that the talented 24-year-old actor, rapper, and dancer Jaden had died

And, as usual, the Twittersphere was enraged by the death hoax.

Whereas some trusting fans believed the message, others were immediately skeptical of the news, possibly having learned their lesson from a large number of phony death stories about celebrities that have emerged in recent months. 

Some pointed out that the news had not been broadcast on any major American network, implying that it was a hoax, as the death of an actor of Jaden Smith’s caliber would be significant news on all networks.

Some fans were outraged by the phony news, calling it risky, disturbing, and disrespectful to the actor’s fans. Others argue that this demonstrates his worldwide popularity.

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Jaden Smith Suffered From Serious Medical Condition

It’s distressing to learn that Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is battling a terrible illness. Will Smith’s family is in danger of dissolving due to Jaden’s struggles in life at such a young age. 

Recently, disturbing news has spread throughout the Internet that Jaden Smith, now 24 years old, is suffering from Nutrient imbalance. 

Jaden Smith Illness
Jaden Smith looking weak after going vegan (Source:

It reveals that a nutrient imbalance causes the dark circles under his eyes. It all started with Jaden being forced to follow a Veggie-lover diet. 

Yes, the Veggie-lover diet might sometimes fall short of meeting the body’s requirements. But that is what Jaden is going through right now while dealing with such a significant medical problem.

According to rumors, the young musician is deficient in several vitamins. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 are all deficient. He is not suffering at this point since his body lacks the necessary Vitamins and Protein to function properly. These inadequacies are what cause Jaden’s sickness and its consequences.

Doctors and nutritionists are doing everything they can to restore Jaden’s health. However, overcoming such major medical issues takes time. 

All of Jaden Smith’s followers and supporters are hoping for his recovery and wishing him well on social media. Finally, we must all trust and pray for greater health.

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