Bow Wow.

Bow Wow Net Worth: Albums & Movies

One of the famous American musicians and actors, Bow Wow, has a net worth of $1.5 Million.

Shad Gregory Moss, insanely famous as Bow Wow, was born on March 9, 1987, in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow is also a television presenter.

Interestingly, the Bow Wow began rapping at the mere age of six and released his first album when he was 13.

Bow Wow Posing for Camera.
Bow Wow Posing for Camera.

Bow Wow, who snoop Dogg discovered, was also the one to give him the nickname “Lil’ Bow Wow.”

Apart from music, the rapper has also featured in numerous movies and TV shows and grabs his earnings from those platforms.

Quick Facts

Full Name Shad Gregory Moss
Known as Bow Wow
Date of birth March 9, 1987
Place of birth Columbus, Ohio, USA
Residency Duluth, Georgia, USA
Age [calculate_years datestring=”03/09/1987″] Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Father Alfonso Moss
Mother Teresa Caldwell
Siblings Erica Caldwell
Ex.Fiancee Erica Mena
Child Shai Moss
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height  5 ft 6 in
Weight 147.7lbs
Education Hannah J. Ashton Middle School
Profession Rapper, Actor, Television Presenter
Ex. Girlfriend Joe Chavis
Years active 2000- Present
Labels LBW, Bad Boy, Cash Money, Republic
Social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
Net worth        $1.5 Million
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, the rapper’s earning is around $75,000.

Also, his earning from youtube is approximately over $50K annually from the views and an additional $10-$15K from the advertisements.

The rapper earns by endorsing various brands and also from movie and television appearances.

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Bow Wow likes to live a luxurious lifestyle.

When it comes to food, he loves chocolate chips and apple pie without fruits.

And, his favorite food is seafood Alfredo, and his favorite drink is Hawaiin punch.

Meanwhile, he only eats the white part of the egg.

Also, the rapper is tech enthusiastic and loves getting updated gadgets.

Regarding clothing, he loves white tees, and he is a neat fanatic.

Similarly, for t-shirts, he likes to wear his clothing line or uses slingshot tees, which costs over $30.

Also, apart from his signature dress, he casually prefers the brand fashion nova and denim products, which are over $250.

Also, the actor is primarily seen with his signature gold chain and Rolex watch, which is worth over $9400.

He has an interesting habit of brushing while in the shower and is afraid of heights.


Meanwhile, Bow Wow spends a luxurious time around various cities of the USA and abroad for his refreshment.

Recently, the rapper traveled to Netherland in 2020.

Likewise, he goes to various places in the USA like Los Angeles, California, Arizona, Ohio State for refreshments.

Similarly, he also has been to multiple cities in Australia and the United Kingdom for his vacations.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, the rapper shares a mansion that has over eight-bedroom in Atlanta with his mother.


The rapper likes to buy luxury vehicles.

He owns a luxurious Lamborgini Murcielago, which costs around $350,000.

Bow Wow in his Car.
Bow Wow with his Car.

Also, back in 2013, he used to drive Ferrari, which is worth $283,000, and Bentley, worth $220,000, which the Creditors have repossessed,

Albums, Movies, TV Shows, Endorsements, and Business


Meanwhile, Bow Wow became surprisingly popular right from his debut album.

Firstly, his album ‘Beware of Dog‘ was released in 2000 and over 2 million copies were sold and grabbed around $19 million.

Then, Bow’s second album, titled ‘Doggy Bag,’ was released a year later, sold over 1 Million Copies.

His earning over was $8.8 Million from its sales.

Following this, he released ‘Unleased‘ in 2003, which managed to make over 500,000 Sales and grant him $1.4 Million from the sales.

Likewise, Bow released the album Wanted in 2005, which was also platinum-certified.

He earned around $10 Million from its sales of over 1 Million Copies.

A year later, his album, The price of Fame, was marked as Gold Certification and earned over $2 Million from its sales of over 500,000.

Similarly, he released ‘New Jack City II‘ in 2009, which has explicit lyrics and could be grabbed over $9.42.

Due to numerous legal issues, there was a break in his career.

Meanwhile, he has earned various prestigious awards like the BET Awards and BilliBoard Music award for his performance.


Bow Wow has released various singles over the youtube platform and earned his net worth from over there also.

Bow Wow’s official music video of ‘Like You‘ has over 118 Million views on youtube that earned around $10 Million.

Also, he has released various videos and has over a million views, from which he had collected an impressive amount.

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Meanwhile, the rapper has also made a fortune with movies.

Although he initially played the supporting role in 2001 in ‘Carme,’ his notable cameo appearance was ‘All about Benajamin‘ in 2002.

The movie collected over $25.8 Million, where he played the role of Kelly, and he was paid the salary of $1 Million.

Similarly, in the same year, he played the Lead Role as Calvin Cambridge in the movie ‘Like Mike‘, which made over $62.4 Million.

Further, Bow Wow has acted in  ‘Johnson Family Vacation‘ in 2004, which made an impressive collection of $31.2 million.

He played the character of DJ in the movie and was offered a salary of $750,000.

Further, he acted as Xavier X’Smith in Roll Bounce in 2005, which made a box office collection of $17.4 Million.

Also, in 2006 he has appeared in a supporting role in the blockbuster movie ‘Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift,’ which successfully managed to grab over $157.7 Million.

Further, he earned $500,000 for this role.

Similarly, the rapper was paid around $200,000 for his supporting role of Gary Davis in the movie ‘Hurricane Season(2009).”

Likewise, for the lead role, he signed a movie called ‘Lottery Ticket’ in the year 2010, which made over $24 Million from the worldwide gross collection, and the actor received $1Million in salary for the movie.

Similarly, in 2011 he appeared for the movie ‘Madeas Big Family,’ which collected over $54.1 Million from the box office collection while he was paid $650,000 for his performance.

Following this, the actor cum singer played Specialist Chris Reyes in Allegiance(2013), which paid him $500,000.

TV Shows

Also, Bow Wow has made his appearance in several TV Shows.

He debuted on the small screen through the show ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ in 2001.

Following that, he appeared in ‘Moesha,’ and in 2006, he appeared in ‘Small Villie’ in single episodes.

However, he had a recurring role in the series ‘Entourage’ in 2008, which managed to make over $85 Million from domestic sales from all its seasons.

Also, he earned his fortune by being the host of the TV Show ‘106 and Park’, where he was paid $1 million.

In 2015, he made an appearance in series called ‘CSI: Cyber’ for the role of Brody Nelson, which managed to make $256,177 from domestic sales.

He is still playing in the TV Show ‘Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ being aired in 2017.


Meanwhile, the rapper and actor have also earned a considerable amount of money through various endorsement deals.

He endorsed brands like Asphalt Yacht Club.

Also, he endorsed liquor brands like Besado and Cavado.

‘Besado’ costs around $44 for 750ml Bottles, while Campbell also sells products like cream of Chicken soup that costs around $43.35.

Likewise, the rapper grabbed a huge sum of money by appearing in around 72 Concerts throughout his lifetime.


Bow Wow also has his clothing line known as BW Apparel.

Different products with Bow Wow logos are found, including Tees, Hoodies, Sportswear, and accessories.

Here the Tees are marked from around $20 and hoodies around $60. Also, various accessories could be grabbed from about $5 to $25.


Meanwhile, after Bow Wow was discovered on stage by Snoop Dogg, he gave him a chance to feature in his debut album ‘Doggy Style,’ which was released in 1993.

Following this, Bow Wow talent was brushed after he met Jermaine Dupri, because of which he made entry into music with his debut album named ‘Beware of Dog‘ in 2000.

Meanwhile, the album was a super-duper hit with 3 Million copies sold till 2009.

Following this, he changed his name to ‘Bow Wow’ and released his next album called ‘Doggy Bag,’ which was also a super hit.

Bow Wow is Striking Pose.
Bow Wow Striking Pose.

Further, he released four more albums which were a hit.

And also took his acting career side by side and started with a debut role in 2002 in ‘Like Mike.’

As of 2021, he has played the supporting role of Twinkie in Movie F9 and has competed in The Masked Singers’ third season, where he stood third.

3 Facts about Bow Wow

  • In 2012, he was ordered to pay $3000 per month for child support by the court.
  • Similarly, he is a fantastic basketball player.
  • Also, he is an excellent fan of Michael Jackson and reveals that he can do ‘Moonwalk’ perfectly.


Even on the verge of bankruptcy, the rapper managed to donate his earning for noble causes.

Meanwhile, the rapper supports foundations like Bow Wow Foundation and Computers for Youth.

Similarly, he supports causes like Health, Education, Children, and Animals and donation a proportion of money for the noble cause.

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Social Media

Meanwhile, he is very active in social media and has a huge fan following.

Instagram: 4.6 Million

Twitter : 3 Million

Facebook: 6.8 Million

Youtube: 1.15 Million


“I love my fans very much. …

“My fans saw ‘Roll Bounce,’ but also that older crowd who might not have been familiar with me on the music tip saw ‘Roll Bounce’ and loved it. …”

“I got a nice jumper on me, and I’m not just bragging.” …


Why was Bow Wow arrested in 2019?

After a fight with a woman, bow wow was arrested in Atlanta, Georgi, and was released with an $8000 signature bond.

Who is Shai Moss?

Shai Moss is Bow Wow’s daughter, born to his ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis.

How did Bow Wow Lose his son?

He revealed that he lost his son due to a miscarriage.

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