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Bill Hader Net Worth: Movies & Houses

Bill Hader is an American actor, director, producer, comedian, and writer having a net worth of $12 Million.

William Thomas Hader Junior, commonly known as Bill Hader, was born on 7 June 1978 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, Hader is a two-time Emmy award winner for his successful dark comedy series, Barry, on HBO. It has been aired since 2018.

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Bill has created, produced, wrote, and occasionally directed the series.

Also, Hader is famously known for the show Saturday Night Live for which he received a nomination for the prime-time Emmy Awards four times.

Bill Hader Smiling.
Bill Hader Smiling.

He received a nomination for the prime-time Emmy Awards four times for Saturday Night Live.

And Bill has worked as a production assistant in movies like ‘James Dean‘ and ‘Spider-Man.’

Besides these, Bill earns through voice-over platforms and is thriving on that platforms.

Quick Facts

Before diving into his net worth, here are some quick facts about Bill Hader.

Full Name  William Thomas Hader Junior
Nick Name Bill Hader
Date of Birth 7 June 1978
Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Place of Birth  Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education The art institute of Phoenix & Scottsdale Community College
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Father’s name William Thomas Hader Senior
Mother’s name Sherri Hader
Siblings Kara Hader and Katie Hader
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/07/1978″] Years Old
Height 6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 81Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye color Blue
Chest 40 Inches
Waist 33 Inches
Arms 14 Inches
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Ex. Wife Name Maggie Carey
Children Hannah, Harper, and Hailey
Profession Actor, Writer, Producer, and Comedian
Debut Movie and TV You, Me and Dupree, and Saturday Night Live
Major Sucess Barry, Documentary Now, Saturday Night Live
Awards Primetime Emmy Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards, Director Guild of America, and Critics Awards
Net worth $12 Million
Social media Not Available
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net worth and Income

Meanwhile, the versatile Bill started his career with a low and tremendously increased his net worth to $12 million as of [current-year].

Bill grabs an approximate range of $9-$11 Million per year from his works.

Similarly, to appear in events and shows as a speaker or guest, Bill Hader charges over $100,000.

He additionally collects around $500,000 from the endorsements and charges up to $20,000 for appearing in events.

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Bill enjoys a lavish lifestyle with such a handsome worth. Let us get to know about his clothing and eating habits.

Bill prefers White Stan Smith Adidas, which are worth more than $150, and usually loves wearing white T-shirts of Worn Free, which are over $50.

Similarly, the comedian and actor is a fan of the Rag and Bone Clothing brand and uses jeans that are over $250.

Bill Posing for Camera.
Bill Posing for Camera.

And Bill was spotted in California wearing a brown suede Jacket which cost approximately $950.

Whereas, for fitness, the actor has his trainer and practices meditation also.

And his music taste involves a love for musicians like Brain Eno,  The Clean, and Frank Zappa, whereas, for TV, he prefers shows like ‘Fleabag‘ and ‘What We Do in the shadows.’


Bill Hader has visited numerous places worldwide.

Meanwhile, his vacation destinations include Dublin, London, and Spain.

Also, Hader travels to various places for his shooting and awards shows.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, the successful Emmy award winner, Bill Hard, owned a luxurious villa he bought in 2019.

Bill bought a Contemporary Villa in Pacific Palis, Georgia.

Meanwhile, the property is spread over 4300 square feet of area, has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and was bought for around $4.2Million.


Despite such a good net worth, Bill is not such a fan of cars and is not interested in cool cars that celebrity usually likes to own.

Bill Hader owns a Toyota Camry car which cost around $24,000.

Movies, TV Shows, Voice Over, Music Videos, and Endorsements


Meanwhile, his debut film was You, Me and Dupree in 2006; he played the role of Mark. The movie amassed over $130 Million.

Likewise, Hader has appeared in ‘Knocked up‘ as Brent and ‘Hot Rod as Dave.

Also, he had featured in ‘Superbad‘ as an office later and in ‘Brother Soloman‘ as a Recumbent biker.

Similarly, Bill Played in ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the world,’ which made around $49,286,548 in a worldwide box office collection.

In 2012, the popular blockbuster ‘Men in Black 3‘ played the role of Andy Warhol. The movie collected $654,213,485 worldwide.

In 2013, the actor played in ‘The To Do List’ as Willy, which collected $4,128,828 worldwide.

Similarly, in 2014, Hader’s portrayal in ‘The skeleton Twins’ is as Milo Dean. The movie collected an impressive $5,797,192.

In 2015, Bill acted as Aaron in ‘Trainwreck’ and collected $141,123,897 in a worldwide box office collection.

In the same year, Hader appeared in the movie ‘Inside Out,’ which collected over $855Million.

Likewise, in 2019, Bill appeared in the role of Richie Tozier in ‘It: Chapter two,’ which made a box office collection of $469,566,806.

TV Shows

Meanwhile, Hader started low with around $5,250 per episode for the show Saturday Night Live in 2005, which scaled to $6000 in 2006.

His salary doubled to $12000 for Saturday Night Live show in 2009.

Bill Hader was also portrayed in the TV show ‘Documentary Now!’ which collected over $67,000 from domestic video sales.

And he has also played a role in a series called ‘Barry‘ for which he got various awards.

Following this, Bill has worked in several series episodes like ‘Human Giant(2010-2013)’ and ‘Funny or Die Presents (2011).’

He also worked in Essentials, Jr(2011-2014).

Voice-Over in Games and Animated Movies

Similarly, Bill Hader has also had a fantastic career as a voice-over artist.

Similarly, Bill provided the voice for the blockbuster animated movie ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,’ which generated over $886 Million.

Meanwhile, Hader gave his voice to the popular video game called GTA-IV, which sold almost 25 million copies worldwide.

The video game platform generated over $32 Million in 2010.

Bill Hader Speaking in event.
Bill Hader is Speaking at the event.

Bill also provided the voice in several episodes of ‘South Park’ that ran from 2008 to 2017, for which he was paid an estimated amount of $550,000

And in ‘Sausage party(2016), which is an animation movie, Hader provided the voice for Firewaters/Tequilla, which made an impressive collection of  $141,344,255.

And Hader gave voice to another blockbuster animated movie, Finding Dory (2016), for the role of Ned, which collected a whopping $1,025,006,125.

Likewise, in the first part of Angry Birds, he portrayed the role of Hog. The movie grabbed a collection of $352,327,887 worldwide.

Similarly, in 2017, he provided the voice of Alpha-5 in the movie power rangers, grabbed an estimated $142,530,000

In 2018, ‘Ralph Breaks the internet was a massive box office hit with over $435 million collection, where he provided the voice for J.P. Sampley.

Also, he played the role of Leonard in The Angry Bird Movie-2 (2019), which collected the sum of $152,026,330.

In the same year, he provided a voiced Axel-The Carnie in the animated movie ‘Toy Story-4‘ which amassed over $1 Billion.


Bill has endorsed a company like Volkswagen and done photoshoots for magazines for a while.

He earns approximately $60,000 for his photoshoot and advertisements.

Music Videos

The fantastic versatile actor has also modeled for various music videos.

Bill has featured in a music video by Lonely Island called ‘Like a Boss,’ which has over 174 Million views on youtube.

Similarly, Hader has given his performance in Great Day by Lonely Island, which has over 4 Million views.

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Initially, Hader chased his dream of being a filmmaker and heading to Los Angeles.

Luckily, he landed the post of Production Assistant while going through pages of The Hollywood Reporter, where he worked more than 18 hours daily.

As a PA, he worked in documentaries like Empire of dreams: The story of the Star Wars trilogy and featured movies like James Dean, Spider-Man, and Collateral Damage.

Following this, he left his job as PA and joined as night-time assistant director in Triage Entertainment.

Further, after being separated from his then-girlfriend, the actor went to comedy classes and created his sketch comedy group with friends.

Following this, Hader got an opportunity to be hired as a ‘Featured Player’ in NBC’s popular show Saturday Night Live in 2005.

Further, the Actor got a chance to act in his debut movie ‘You, Me and Dupree‘ alongside Owen Wilson and Matt Dillon and since then has featured in several projects.

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Bill Hader is also a charitable person.

Meanwhile, he has supported foundations like Adrienne Shelly Foundation, Stand up to Cancer, and the Entertainment industry foundation.

His charity works include appearing as guests in events and participating in sponsors for fans for fundraising works.

Similarly, he has also attended Hilarity for a charity show

Besides these, the versatile Bill supports causes like Cancer, Children, Education, creative arts, Health, Hunger, and Poverty.

3 Facts about Bill Hader

Meanwhile, Bill has never watched Saturday Night Live Sketches.

Hader worked as a driver for the karate kid star Martin Kove in his initial career.

Also, Hader was the personal assistant of famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


“If you can’t forgive yourself, you think you’re never going to be able to forgive yourself.”

“A person being patient with an insane person is my favorite thing in the world.”


What did Bill’s Ex-wife do for a living?

Maggie Carry is also a talented writer and director.

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