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Who Is Giuseppe Brunetti From The Lying Life Of Adults? Age Family And Net Worth

Fans are curious about Giuseppe Brunetti from “The Lying Life Of Adults.” He has appeared in multiple minor roles in different movies and T.V. shows alongside theatre productions.

Giuseppe is an actor from Naples, Italy. His recent rise to fame is attributed to his role as Corrado in the Netflix show, “The Lying Life Of Adults.”

“The Lying Life Of Adults” is a coming-of-age show that centers around Giovanna as she navigates her adolescent life around the “grown-up” world.

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Meet Giuseppe Brunetti From The Lying Life Of Adults

Giuseppe Brunetti is a famous supporting actor from Italy.

He appears to be very private and, as such, hasn’t revealed much information about himself to the public.

But, it has been determined that he attended Teatro Stabile di Genova for a year, where he earned his professional acting training.

Giuseppe Brunetti
Giuseppe Brunetti(right) as seen on “The Lying Life Of Adults.” (Source: Instagram)

In addition to his professional acting training, the actor also holds a degree in foreign languages from the University of Naples L’Orientale, Italy.

He earned his degree in foreign languages in 2020.

With Italian as his mother tongue, Giuseppe is also fluent in English and French, which has undoubtedly helped him in many of his roles.

Keeping his linguistic prowess aside, he is skilled at music and plays instruments such as electric bass and guitar.

Giuseppe Brunetti Family: Who Are His Parents?

Keeping in mind the actor’s secretive nature, it isn’t surprising that his parents remain anonymous.

The actor has adamantly kept his early life from the media.

It also needs to be discovered if Brunetti has any siblings.

Giuseppe Brunetti
Giuseppe performing an original song at one of his local theatres. (Source: Instagram)

There has been a recent surge among parents who keep themselves away from their children’s fame, instead choosing to cheer them on silently.

It is possible that Giuseppe’s parents and extended family fall into that category and would like to stay out of the media’s spotlight for as long as possible.

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Giuseppe Brunetti Age, Girlfriend, And Wikipedia

Giuseppe was born on December 10, 1995, in Naples, Italy.

As of 2024, the actor is 35 years old.

He is not dating anyone as of 2024.

Furthermore, there have been no reports in the past about the film star’s love life, which means that he is solely dedicated to his work.

The young actor may want to reach great heights in his career before settling into a relationship.

Giuseppe Brunetti
Giuseppe(second from left), performing in “A Midnightsummer Night’s Dream.” (Source: Instagram)

As for Brunetti’s Wikipedia, he still needs to get a page of his own.

However, if he goes on to play roles like the ones he has previously played, the actor will have a Wikipedia page dedicated solely to him very soon.

What Is Giuseppe Brunetti Net Worth In 2024?

According to sources, Brunetti’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

While this seems like a lot for a supporting actor to make, we must consider that Brunetti has worked in stage productions since 2015. 

His first stage production was “The Merchant Of Venice,” directed by Laura Anguilli. It was very well-received by the audience, and, as such, Giuseppe Brunetti was compensated very well for it.

He continued to work off his initial success, landing more than ten roles at local theatres.

Giuseppe Brunetti Net Worth
Brunetti on the set of “The Genius Friend.” (Source: Instagram)

He started with minor roles but moved on to play the supporting lead in many plays quickly.

Giuseppe’s multiple roles have contributed considerably to the actor’s wealth.

However, Brunetti has now made his way toward T.V. shows and makes a living from there.

His most recent roles in T.V. shows include “The Brilliant Friend,” “Sea Out,” and “The Lying Life of Adults.”

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