Is Liz Cheney Related To Dick Cheney

Is Liz Cheney Related To Dick Cheney? Father Daughter Age Gap, Family And Net Worth Difference

Is Liz Cheney Related To Dick Cheney? Learn more to know about their relationship and family details.

Liz was one of 10 Republicans in the House who voted in favor of impeaching Trump due to his alleged role in inciting the riot.

She hasn’t wavered in her conviction that Trump’s rhetoric was a major contributor to the violence.

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Cheney has continued to oppose Trump as the top Republican on the House Jan. 6 committee.

He has denounced the alleged intimidation of committee witnesses by members of the former president’s inner circle and resisted their attempts to discredit a crucial witness.

Is Liz Cheney Related To Dick Cheney? Their Age Gap Explored

Yes, Liz Cheney is related to Dick Cheney. The Republican from Wyoming is the daughter of Dick Cheney, a former Vice President who served alongside former President George W. Bush and former second lady Lynne Cheney.

As of 2024, Liz Cheney is 57 years old, and her Father, Dick Cheney, is 83. They have an age gap of 25 years.

Is Liz Cheney Related To Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney in an Interview. (Source: usatoday)

Before becoming vice president, Dick Cheney served as the House minority whip and secretary of defense after serving in the same leadership position in the House that his daughter had in the late 1980s.

According to The Washington Post, Liz Cheney might even owe her existence to her Father’s efforts to keep her out of harm’s way. 

After married men without children were deemed to no longer be exempt, Dick Cheney was briefly designated as 1A and was therefore eligible for the draft.

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For all of 10 weeks, he was in danger of being drafted before securing a 3A exemption because his wife Lynne was expecting their first child.

After six and a half months, Liz was born. The math indicates that she was conceived just days after her Father qualified for the draft, serving for Dick Cheney as a fetus, what Donald Trump’s alleged bone spur did for the similarly anti-draft candidate.

Meet Liz Cheney Family

She grew up in a presidential family from Madison, Wisconsin, in the United States. Mrs. Lynne Cheney, a former second lady of America, is Liz Cheney’s mother. She also has a sister named Mary Cheney.  

Is Liz Cheney Related To Dick Cheney
Dick, Lynne, Mary and Liz Cheney in frame. (Source:

Liz Cheney is already a married woman. She wed Philip Perry, a very well political appointee in George W. Bush’s administration who was also an attorney. 

She has five children; her sons are Philip Richard Perry and Richard Perry, and her daughters are Grace Perry, Elizabeth Perry, and Kate Perry. 

Net Worth Difference Between Liz Cheney And Her Father

According to, Liz Cheney has a $7 million net worth as of 2024.

She amassed her wealth thanks to her work as a politician and attorney. Before her, Cynthia Lummis was present. She was a member of the Republican Party.

Her Father, Dick Cheney’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $82 Million, according to The net worth difference between Liz and her Father is $75 Million.

When Liz Cheney ran for the Senate in Wyoming in 2013, she appeared to be very much her Father’s daughter, despite the fact that her sister Mary was a lesbian with a long-term partner.

Due to Wyoming’s sparse population, Cheney, who was once the third-ranking Republican in the House, is also the state’s lone representative.

The 57 -year-old has been a member of the House since 2017. In 2019, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, appointed her to the chair of the Republican conference. 

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The conservative Heritage Foundation, which rates lawmakers based on how closely their voting records align with the think tank’s political wing, gave Cheney a 98% positive rating.

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