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Brendan Fraser Sexual Assault Case: Wife And Net Worth

After a sexual assault case that left him tantalized, Brendan Fraser suddenly disappeared from the movie industry. Ten years ago, the star was one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but where is he now?

In the ’90s and early 2000s, Brendan Fraser was one of the biggest names in the movie industry.

The actor played mainly comedic and action roles in movies such as ‘The Mummy’ franchise, ‘George of the Jungle, and more.

But post-2008, he disappeared largely from starring in any significant role or major movie.

Despite several memes and speculations about drugs and illnesses, some even blaming the actor for poor career choices, the truth behind him laying low is quite intriguing.


Fraser revealed in 2019 that a sexual harassment incident led him to withdraw and reconcile himself from the high-profile Hollywood life.

Brendan told GQ that he was being groped physically by the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk.

The actor has said that the incident was one of the vilest acts against him, making him fear going out.

Berk admitted to ‘pinching’ Fraser, while the latter explained in more detail. His account is worse than the remarks by Berk in his book.

Fraser admits that various actors speaking up on sexual assault motivated him to speak up about the incident.

Jeanie Buss, whose age is 60, is an American sports executive who has proven herself as one of the best female sports executives in history.

Fraser’s claims move people, and he has been praised across social media for being strong and coming out with his story.


Brendan James Fraser was born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He is 53 years old and holds US as well as Canadian citizenship.

He was married to Afton Smith on September 27, 1998; however, they got divorced in 2007.

Brendan Fraser Wife
Brendan Fraser Wife

They had three sons together; Griffin Arthur Fraser (born 2002), Holden Fletcher Fraser (born 2004), and Leland Francis Fraser (born 2006).

Fraser is the youngest of 4 siblings, the son of Canadian parents Carol Mary and Peter Fraser. 

After separating in 2007, the couple went their separate ways, and Fraser had to pay alimony for his three children.

As of 2018, Brendan Fraser lives in Bedford, New York.


Brendan Fraser is an American-Canadian actor and producer with a net worth of $20 million.

Fraser had a successful period during the entire 1990s, creating many blockbuster hits to skyrocket his career.

He has more than 70 roles in movies with both major and minor roles.

Brendan Fraser is best known for his role in The Mummy, George of the Jungle, and Encino Man.

He also featured in one of the most memorable 3-episode arcs in the hit TV show, Scrubs.

After paying hefty alimony, Fraser reported that his net worth was going down, and his monthly income was only around $200,000.

Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino’s daughter, shared her thoughts about her father’s demise on social media. The late great actor died of natural causes at age 83 on July 25.

However, Brendan was only left with around $100,000 to himself after expenses and bills.

He was paying annual alimony of $900,000, which he appealed to be lessened after heavy financial burdens. 


Brendan Fraser has been planning his return to the big screens through his upcoming movie, ‘The Whale.’

Fraser is playing a middle-aged man who weighs over 250 kgs and is estranged from his teenage daughter.

Fraser has only had various transformations for his acting work and has never really been fat.

He lives quite a healthy life and is very healthy for his age right now.

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