Bruna Biancardi Sister, Bianca

Bruna Biancardi Sister Bianca Biancardi: Siblings & Parents

As Bruna and Neymar are expecting a child from their relationship, people are also curious about Bruna Biancardi Sister, Bianca Biancardi. So, let’s take a moment and talk about  Bruna Biancardi Sister. 

Bruna is a model, social media influencer, and marketing manager by profession. However, she is best known as the girlfriend of one of the famous football players, Neymar Jr. As of 2023, she has over 4.7 Million followers on her Instagram.

Furthermore, Neymar and Bruna are expecting a baby as she has announced her pregnancy to the public media. The duo will soon be parents to their newly born baby in the coming months.

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As Bruna is entering her parenting life soon, what about Bruna Biancardi’s sister? Read the article for detailed information about her sister, Bianca Biancardi.

Bruna Biancardi Sister Bianca Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi Sister is Bianca Biancardi. There is not much information about Bianca as of today. However, going through her Instagram post, she reportedly celebrated her 29th birthday and posted a picture with her sister on her Instagram with a long format caption.

Bruna Biancardi Sister, Bianca
Bruna Biancardi Sister, Bianca
Source: Instagram

She celebrated her birthday on April 16, 2023. So, Bruna Biancardi Sister, Bianca, was born on April 16, 1994. Also, she looks a like her sister Bruna. Furthermore, she is currently married. She tied the knot with Criss Guedes. 

Well, Chris is an entrepreneur, and he has over 426K followers on his Instagram account. Moreover, he is a Brazilian fan and often uploads pictures of enjoying his life with his family.  

Bruna Biancardi Sister, Bianca Shares Two Kids With Her Husband

Unfortunately, there is no information about the marriage details of Bianca and Chris. However, the duo dated for many years before tying the knot of husband and wife. As of 2023, the happy couple shares two kids.

Their first kid name is Francisco Coimbra A. Lavratti. He was born on 2013/4/20. As of 2023, Francisco is ten years old. As of 2023, he is studying and also practicing Judo. 

Bianca With Her Husband And Two Kids
Bianca With Her Husband And Two Kids
Source: Instagram

Back on February 8, 2022, Bianca uploaded her second pregnancy picture on her Instagram and ensured that their family of three would be four soon. In March, they celebrated Bianca’s pregnancy, and in April, they welcomed their baby daughter.

Since then, the family has been living happily until now. Not to mention, the duo often upload pictures of their kids on their Instagram. Recently, the family of four celebrated their first Halloween together and also went on swimming. Francisco also has an Instagram account.

Bruna Biancardia And Neymar Jr. Expecting Their First Kid

Brazilian star Neymar Jr. and his girlfriend, Bruna Biancardia, announced they expect their first kid via Instagram. Ten hours ago, she uploaded a picture of her pregnancy on her Instagram.

Soon-to-be parents, Bruna and Neymar, started dating back in 2021. However, they kept their relationship a secret before officiating it in January 2022. The same month they also exchanged their engagement ring.

Bruna Biancardi And Neymar Expecting Their First Kid
Bruna Biancardi And Neymar Expecting Their First Kid
Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, the famous duo broke up in the summer of 2022. Neymar briefly stopped wearing his engagement ring in public. Likewise, Bruna also took a break from social media and confirmed the split between them.

The reason for their breakup was Neymar cheating on her. After going through the thick and thin in their relationship, the lovey-dovey couple finally takes their relationship one step ahead.

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