Buddy Hield.

Buddy Hield Net Worth: Income & Charity

Popular Bahamian Basketball Player Buddy Hield has a net worth of $6 Million.

Chavano Rainer Buddy Hield, famous as Buddy Hield, was born on December 17, 1992, in the Freeport, Bahamas.

Meanwhile, Buddy Hield is a professional Basketball player who plays with the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association(NBA).

Buddy Hield during game.
Buddy Hield during the game.

Before Sacramento Kings, Buddy used to play for New Orleans Pelicans, where he was drafted at #6 overall.

Besides, Buddy has been awarded several prestigious awards like Big 12 Conference Best Basketball Player of the Year and Naismith College Player of the Year.

He was also awarded John R. Wooden Award,  Oscar Robertson Trophy, and Sports News College Player.

Finally, Hield grabs his impressive net worth from his games and some prestigious endorsements and media appearances as well.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Buddy Hield before getting to his net worth in detail:

Full Name Chavano Rainer Buddy Hield
Birth Date December 17, 1992
Birth Place Freeport, Bahamas
NickName Buddy Hield
Religion Christianity
Nationality Bahamian
Ethnicity Black
Education Oklahoma, Sunrise Christian Academy
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Vincent Hield
Mother’s Name Jackie Bray
Siblings Seven
Age 31 Years Old
Height 6 Feet 4 Inches
Weight 100Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Profession Basketball Player
Team or Club Sacramento Kings
Position Shooting Guard
Jersey Number 16
Marital Status Married
Fiancee Remi Martini
Children One
Active in NBA 2016-Present
Endorsements Nike,
Net Worth $6 Million
Social Media InstagramTwitter, Facebook
Merch Signed NBA Magazines, Autographed Basketballs, Signed Card
Last Update May, 2024

Buddy Hield Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Buddy Hield has collected an impressive net worth of $6 million from his salary and various deals.

Initially, in 2017, Buddy used to earn a salary of around $3.517 Million.

As of now, Buddy has an average salary of around $23.5 Million.

Hield signed a four-year deal with the Sacramento kings for around $94 Million, out of which $85,080,068 was guaranteed.

Also, Buddy grabs his earning by appearing in various events, from which he earns an impressive amount as well.

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Net Worth of Buddy Hield in different currencies

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 5,060,517
Pound Sterling £ 4,341,810
Australian Dollar A$ 7,981,800
Canadian Dollar C$ 7,406,520
Indian Rupee ₹ 447,239,400
BitCoin ฿ 174.87

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Buddy lives a luxurious life.

Buddy is a huge fan of Chinese food and takes it every other day. His favorite restaurant includes Frank’s Fat and Punch Bowl Social.

Although his game is itself a huge fitness activity, he also does workouts that include Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, and strength-development workouts.

And, he does some basic stretches before and after his workout and goes jogging.

For food, Buddy is a huge fan of protein and includes protein-rich food in his diet.

Buddy also includes Protein Shake in his diet and drinks gallons of water daily to keep himself hydrated.

He includes chicken, fish, turkey, and salads in his diet. And, his breakfast is heavy and is loaded with carbohydrates and proteins.

Besides, after heavy meals and workouts, Buddy likes to take a nap twice a day.

Also, instead of having several smaller meals, Hield likes to take heavy meals twice a day.

And Buddy is a fashion enthusiast and prefers brands like Versace and Gucci.

His Versace Tshirts costs over $180, while the Gucci apparel is as high as $600.

Also, the Jersey worn by him for Sacramento Kings could be grabbed for around $109.99.

And, as vivid from his social media post, the linebacker uses the latest model of iPhone that costs $1299.


Meanwhile, buddy has traveled to various places around the globe. He has traveled to Dallas, Texas.

Recently, he has been to Milan, Italy, which is also regarded as the fashion capital. He went there for the first time.

Buddy Hield Enjoying Vacation in Italy.
Buddy Hield Enjoying Vacation in Italy.

And Buddy frequently goes to the Bahamas in his free time and spends his time on the beach and around the city.

Also, Hield goes to Charlotte, North Carolina, New York, and places around the USA for a short weekend trip or during his off-schedule.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, the information about his house is unknown, but once he put a bet on his house. He also said that he has enough money to get a new one as well.


Meanwhile, with such a handsome net worth, Buddy has luxurious vehicles.

He drives the famous Jaguar, which costs on average $44,000, and has modified it.

Annual Earning, Penalty, and Endorsements

Annual Earnings

In 2016/17, Buddy grabbed around $1,075,849 and $2,441,351 from New Orland Pelicans in the same year when he was retained.

And in 2017/18, he earned a base salary of $3,675,480, which further rose to around $3,833,760 in 2018/19.

Likewise, in 2019/20, Hield’s salary was around $4,577,383.

Meanwhile, in 2020/21, Buddy will collect a salary of around $24,201,834, including an incentive of $500,000.

Further, in 2021/2022, Hield will grab a salary of around $22,477,272, rising to around $20,522,728 in 2022/23.

Finally, for the last year of his deal, which is on 2023/24, Buddy will grab a salary of around $18,568,183 and an incentive of around $500,000.


Meanwhile, Buddy has lost earnings due to fouls play and his aggressive behavior on the field.

Buddy was fined around $2000 for ejection from the NOP-SAC game in 2017.

He was further fined $2000 for the technical foul in 2018 and 2019.

Further, Buddy was penalized twice in 2020 for the technical foul, which amounted to around $4000 collectively.

Also, Hield was fined for kicking the ball into the stand after the BOS-SAC game, which was around $25,000.

In 2021, he was fined around $20,000 for using inappropriate language towards the official.

Hence, Buddy has been collectively fined around $55,000 throughout his career till 2020.


Over time, Buddy has endorsed Nike. Nike is very known for its endorsement deals, for which the company spent billions annually. Its market cap is over $253 Billion.

Also, Buddy endorsed the energy drink Body Armor, which costs over $18-$25 for a pack of 12, and he regards it as his fitness secret as well.

Also, he partners with Capital One who has a market value of over $63 Billion, and Mountain Dew.


Buddy does not keep his wealth to himself and is involved in various philanthropic causes.

Buddy remembers his childhood when drug dealers used children for smuggling drugs and making them drug-addict as well.

But, Hield, with proper guidance, escaped from it and now works for children and youth who have been affected by drug abuse and dealings.

Meanwhile, he has established a foundation called ‘Buddy Hield Foundation,’ which aims to develop youth through sports.

Also, Hield has donated $100,000 to the Hurricane Dorain relief fund in the Bahamas.

Further, Buddy has advocated fundraisers to collect $1 Million, out of which $224,030 has been collected to date.


Meanwhile, Buddy Hield has professional skills right from a young age.

In his early school days, he leads his Jack Hayward High School team to the Providence holiday tournament championship and leads his team to win the Grand Bahamas high School Championship.

And, he played for the Oklahoma from 2012 to 2016.

Buddy Hield Playing in his high school team.
Buddy Hield is Playing in his high school team.

Buddy got selected by the New Orleans Pelicans in 2016 in the NBA draft following his popularity and excellent skills.

Further, he was traded to Sacramento Kings in 2017 and had been playing with them ever since.

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Social Media

Meanwhile, Buddy has a huge fan following over his social media platform.

Instagram: 542K

Twitter: 132K

Facebook: 113K

3 Facts about Buddy Hield

Meanwhile, Buddy was 46th Highest Paid NBA Player in 2020.

Buddy announced that he was ready to bet his house in one of the events if Sacramento Kings didn’t win the playoff.

His name ‘Buddy’ is influenced by the then famous drug dealer of Bahamas ‘Bud.’


“College is so different from the NBA. You have three guys coming at you and trapping all over the place, and NBA is different. There’s more space.”

“Biggest motivator, I would probably say my mom, how she takes care of seven kids by herself and how she raised us. She always an inspiration to us.”

“Everyone in New Orleans has been welcoming me like family. Everywhere I go, they always say, ‘Put on for the city, baaay-bee.'”


What is Buddy Hield Career High?

Hield has a career record-high of 46 Points in a triple-overtime loss to Kansas.

Is Buddy Hield a bad defender?

Hield is a fine one-ball defender and has guarded ten players for ten minutes each through the season.

When was Hield’s daughter born?

Hield’s daughter is his first child and was born in 2017.

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