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Chris Pine Net Worth: Career & Movies

Chris Pine is a famous American Actor having an outstanding net worth of around $30 Million. He is renowned for his role in Star Trek.

Christopher Whitelaw Pine, famous as Chris Pine, was born on August 26, 1980, in Los Angeles, U.S.

Meanwhile, Chris had his acting in the blood as his parents were also actors, his grandfather was a producer, and his grandmother was also into acting.

Chris pine in an event.
Chris pine in an event.

And Chris has been featured in various movies and TV Shows like ER, Star Trek, and Wonder Woman.

Also, Chris has worked for the voice-over in ‘SuperMansion’ and worked as the Narrator in the National Geographic channel. 

Therefore, Pine’s impressive net worth is from his various ventures, from acting to different commercials and endorsements.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here are the quick facts about Chris Pine before getting to know his net worth in more detail:

Full Name Christopher Whitelaw Pine
Birth Date August 26, 1980
Place of birth Los Angeles, U.S
NickName Pinewood, Piney, Peene
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Biceps 35.5
Education The University of California Berkely (BA)
Grandparents Anne Gwynne, Max Gilford
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father’s Name Robert Pine
Mother’s Name Gwynne Gilford
Siblings Katherine Pine
Age 42 Years Old
Height 6 Feet and 1 Inch
Distinctive feature Eye Color
Weight 78 Kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Actor, Voice-Over Artist
Relationship Status Dating
Partner Annabelle Wallis
Children N/A
Net Worth  $30 Million
Social Media N/A
Last Update December, 2022

Chris Pine: Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Chris Pine has grabbed his impressive net worth by acting in various films and movies.
And Pinewood’s salary for the movies is around $1.5 Million to over $6 Million, which he received for the various film throughout his career.

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Net Worth of Chris Pine in different Currencies

Meanwhile, here are the net worth of Chris Pine in different currencies around the globe:

Currency Net Worth
Euro €26,554,050
Pound Sterling £22,574,214
Australian Dollar A$42,418,710
Canadian Dollar C$38,443,500
Indian Rupee ₹2,249,520,000
BitCoin ฿529.37

Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, Pine owns a luxurious residence in his name with such a vast net worth.
And, he has a beautiful house in Los Feliz which he bought for around $3.1 Million in 2010.
Also, the property has a splendid Mediterranean-Style compound that comprises 1.5 acres of land in the trendy L.A neighborhood.
The house is spread over around 2200 square feet with approximately 61,490 Square feet. It has hardwood floors, exposed-beam ceilings, and picture windows.


Meanwhile, the Pine also has beautiful collections of vehicles.

And, the actor has an Audi R8, which costs over $142,700.

Also, the famous actor owns a Porsche 356 Speedster worth over $341K and  Vintage Mercedes SL, which costs over $1.8 Million.

Likewise, Chris occupies Classic 1994 Porsche and Classic Early 70s Mercury Marquis.

Also, Pine decorates his car into something like a therapist’s office as he often loves talking to himself during driving.

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Chris enjoys a luxurious lifestyle out of his impressive net worth.

Being an actor, he also loves watching movies of other stars, and his favorites include Tom Cruise and Jenifer Lawrence.

And, in his free time, Pine is into reading, skeet shooting, driving, playing golf, and doing a lot of traveling.

Furthermore, Chris is a great pet lover and has a pit bull.

Also, he is fascinated with the girls that play crossword puzzles. Chris also believes in luck. He loves Christmas a lot.


Meanwhile, Chris’s vacations destination is enormous, and he travels around the globe.

Chris Pine during a vacation
Chris Pine during a vacation

He has been to famous places like Spain, Mexico, and his favorite destination is Paris.

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Earnings, Movies, and Endorsements


Meanwhile, Chris grabbed his impressive net worth by acting in different movies and tv shows.

In the year 2010, Chris acted in the movie Unstoppable, for which he received a salary of around $3 Million.

Following this, Pine’s salary for the movie ‘People like Us’ was around $4.25 Million, while he received over $750,000 as of the backend bonus.

Likewise, for the movie released in 2012, This Means War, Chris was offered a salary of around $5 Million, and additionally, he received $1 Million as the backend bonus.

And, from ‘Star Trek,’ Chris grabbed around $500,000 as the backend bonus and earned over $1.5 Million.

This movie, released in 2009, made an astounding box office collection of around $386.83 million worldwide.

Furthermore, Chris’s salary for the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was around $4 Million.

And, The movie ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which was successful globally and made around $131.3 Million in earnings from the world theatres.

Another impressive earning Pine made was from the Star Trek Beyond, which was released in 2016, for which he was offered a whopping $6 Million.

Therefore, Chris grabbed handsome earning from his salary alone.


Meanwhile, Chris’s movies have been commercially successful from his debut one.

And, his initial movie ‘The Princess Dairies-2’, which was released in 2004, managed to collect over $122 Million in the worldwide box office.

Similarly, Pine has portrayed in the movie ‘Smoking Aces,’ which was released in 2007 which managed to make over $57 Million.

Similarly, ‘Unstoppable,’ released in 2010, managed to grab almost over $165.7 Million worldwide.

Following this, Pine has acted in a fairy tale movie called ‘Into the Woods’ where he played the role of ‘Cindrella’s Prince.’

Moreover, the movie made over $212 Million in the global box office collection.

Following this, Pine’s movie This Means War, released in 2012, made around $156.97 Million in the worldwide box office collection.

Furthermore, Rise of Guardians, which was aired in 2012, made over $306.9 Million globally in which Chris has portrayed the role.

Similarly, Another part of ‘Star Trek into Darkness‘ released in 2013 made an impressive collection of over $467.38 in the global box office market.

Also, Chris has acted in a comedy movie called ‘Horrible Bosses 2‘, which made around $105.94 Million in earnings all over the globe.

Likewise, his other successful signature movie ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ movie managed to make over $335.6 Million in the market.

Latest stat

Similarly, Chris has also portrayed the lead role in Wonder Woman, which was marvelous at the box office, grabbing over $818.05 Million in the box office, released in 2017.

Furthermore, ‘A Wrinkle in Time, ‘ released in 2018, was Chris’s another successful movie with over $133.214 Million collections worldwide.

Likewise, he played the role of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man: Into the spider-verse 3D, which managed to collect over $375.6 Million in the box office collection.

Recently, Chris has portrayed in ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ which was released in 2020, managed to make over $166.145 Million in the worldwide collection.


Meanwhile, the dashing actor has been the face of many prestigious brands and earned a considerable sum of money by endorsing these brands.

And, he was in the famous Armani’s fragrance campaign in 2014.

Also, the actor acts as guest appearances in movies like Outlaw King to raise money for World Central Kitchen.

And, he has endorsement deals with companies like Code Colonia, AKA, and Colognes.


Meanwhile, with the acting in blood, Chris has been inclined to the acting since 2003.

And, his debut included the movies like ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagements’ and ‘Just my Luck.’

Before the television, he was into the theatre during his school days.

Chris pine is facing at the camera.
Chris pine is facing the camera.

And Chris’s popularity grew with his role in the famous ‘Star Trek.’

Owing to his acting, he has also received numerous awards and achievements like the Showest Award for Male Star of Tomorrow(2009), Best Cast, and numerous other awards. 


Meanwhile, Christopher is also into charity and believes in giving.

And, he was a part of the month-long fundraiser that helped children’s health in LA and surrounding communities targeting to gather around $1 Million with the help from the local business.

Furthermore, Chris Pine has supported charities like Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Children’s Defense Fund, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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3 Interesting Facts about Chris Pine

  • Meanwhile, he was ranked 27th on Entertainment Weekly ’30 Under 30′ actor list in 2008.
  • Also, Pine auditioned for the Avatar (2009) for the role of Jake Sulley but couldn’t impress the director and regarded it as the worst auditions he ever did.
  • And Chris was the youngest actor to play a significant role in a Star Trek Film at the mere age of 27.


Is Chris Pine Russian?

Meanwhile, Chris’s ancestry is Russian, Jewish, English, German, Welsh, and French.

Who is Chris Pine dating?

Although Chris has numerous past relationships, he has been dating British Star- Annabelle Wallis since 2016 and has been in serious relationships.

Do Chris Pine Sing as well?

Chris, in fact, is a good singer and has sung a few lines of the ‘Fly me to the Moon’ on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday nights and sang in the 2014 film musical into the woods.

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