Calvin Abueva and Salome Alejandra.

Who Is Salome Alejandra? Calvin Abueva Wife, Kids Family And Net Worth

It has become quite popular among Calvin Abueva’s fans to find out who his wife is, and his fans are eager to know more about Calvin Abueva Wife, Salome Alejandra.

Calvin Abueva is a Filipino professional basketball player born on February 4, 1988. He plays for the Magnolia Hotshots in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). 

Calvin Abueva is a professional basketball player who studied at San Sebastian College. He started his collegiate career in 2009, playing for the Stags in the NCAA.

Abueva caught national attention as Jimbo Aquino’s critical support when the San Sebastian Stags won the NCAA title in 2009. When Aquino left SSC, Abueva took over as the Team Leader.

He became the Leader of a menacing trio that also consisted of Ronald Pascual and Ian Sangalang. Calvin won the Most Valuable Player award during the 87th season of the NCAA.

In his 4th and final year in the NCAA, Abueva was a shoo-in to win his second and rare back-to-back MVP award. He performed beyond expectations, making numerous dominating performances.

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Who Is Calvin Abueva Wife Salome Alejandra?

The woman who is married to Calvin Abueva is named Salome Alejandra. Sam is the name by which she is known in the business world.

Calvin Abueva Wife Salome Alejandra
Calvin Abueva Wife Salome Alejandra. Image Source: Instagram

The date that the couple tied the knot is unknown. They chose to keep the date and location of their wedding a secret.

Additionally, Calvin and Sam have five children of their own. Clint, James, and Deandre are the names of the couple’s three younger children, while the identities of their other children are being withheld for the time being.

What Happened With Calvin Abueva Wife Salome Alejandra?

At first glance, Calvin Abueva Wife and their children appeared to be the model of a happy and healthy family unit. Despite this, issues occurred, resulting in the two of them parting ways.

She went as far as going live on the official Calvin Abueva Instagram page, exposing her husband’s alleged mistreatment of her and their children and claiming that he had been abusing them.

Calvin Abueva with his children.
Calvin Abueva with his children. Source: Instagram

The PBA star responded by denying all of her accusations and stating that her claims are false and have no basis in reality. In addition, he addressed his family as well as his supporters and apologized for Sam’s actions.

After some time had passed, it was reported that the couple had reconciled their differences and were working together to maintain their amicable relationship for the sake of their children and other family members.

These individuals managed to stick together and support each other no matter what.

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Did Calvin Abueva Ever Date Before His Wife?

Calvin Abueva with Vice Ganda.
Calvin Abueva with Vice Ganda. Source: Instagram

Calvin Abueva was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with prominent gay comedian and host Vice Ganda in 2018, though he was married then. Vice Ganda’s alleged girlfriend never publicly stated the couple’s status.

However, fans interpreted the couple’s actions and expressions toward one another differently. Both Calvin and Vice Ganda have insisted that their relationship is platonic. They’ve been friends since 2014.

Calvin Abueva Family

Calvin Abueva grew up in a military family, with his mother, Evelyn, a Filipina immigrant, and his African-American father, Calvin Sweeney. His mother was born and raised in the Philippines before moving to the United States to marry her husband.

Richard Ramsey, Calvin’s younger brother, was placed for adoption at the tender age of three months and raised by a foster family until 2010, when he was reunited with Calvin, his mother, Evelyn.

Richard is an assistant coach for the De Ocampo Cobras basketball team and a player for De Ocampo Memorial College in Santa Mesa, Manila.

How Much Does Calvin Abueva Have His Net Worth? 

Calvin Abueva is a professional basketball player with an estimated net worth of $32 million. The Filipino-born basketball player has always been known for his humble lifestyle.

His life was not always glamorous. He was born into a family with a modest income, and his parents had to work hard to provide for their children.

Nevertheless, they provided him with a good education and all the necessary resources he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

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