Shelby Welinder: Career, Husband, GTA V & Net worth

Some people are born with an incredible gift. These people demonstrate their talent and skills at the first chance. You might be wondering whom I’m talking about? Well, I’m talking about none other than a British-American model and journalist Shelby Welinder.

The British-American model and journalist became more renowned to the public after GTA V. The game’s cover shoot was Shelby’s bikini photo.

Many of you might know Welinder as the cover girl of GTA V. But how much do you know about her personal life? What is her professional career? And her relationship status.

Shelby Welinder
Charming and Elegant, Shelby Welinder

Here in the article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about this talented lady, including her net worth, relationships, and career.

Quick Facts

Let’s dive into the quick facts about Shelby Welinder.

Full Name Shelby Welinder
Birth Date September 7, 1992
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Residence London, United Kingdom
Religion Christian
Nationality English, American
Ethnicity White
Hobbies Reading, Photography, Writing, Travelling
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Education Bachelors of International Relationship  (New York University)
High School (Not available)
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”09/07/1992″] Years Old
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Reach 74 inches
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Lean
Profession  Actress, Journalist, Producer, Model
Associated Organization Rockstar Games, Conscious Magazine
Movies Inside Amy Schumer, Beautiful Woman, Down for whatever and Bad Decision.
Marital Status Married
Husband’s Name Edward Akrout
Husband’s Profession Actor, Artist
Children No
Net Worth $100-600 k dollars
Social Media Not Available
GTA V Merch GTA V Playstation 4, GTA Xbox one, GTA V Premium Edition
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Who is Shelby?

The California-born model and journalist hold British nationality too. You might be surprised after knowing her age when she entered into modeling. Well, Shelby marked her entrance into professional life as a model when she was just 15 years old.

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Apart from modeling and journalism, Welinder is also an actress. She has featured in different documentaries and dramas too.

More importantly, the American-British model journalist is popular among the audience after featuring GTA V’s cover photo.

Moreover, Shelby is married to Franco-British artist and actor Edward Akrout.

Shelby Welinder’s Body measurement and Horoscope

Welinder is a beautiful woman with a bold and sexy body figure. Likewise, she has such a charming and lovable face that everyone could fall for her.

The beautiful GTA V Cover girl has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Similarly, she has a reach of about 74 inches. However, her body weight and other body measurements are still not available.

Tall and slim GTA V cover girl Shelby
Tall and slim GTA V cover girl

Further, Shelby’s beauty is more increased by her brown eyes and blonde hair. But, her eyes look blue in photography since she loves the color blue.

Regarding Horoscope, Welinder is a Virgo girl. Virgo is the sixth Zodiac sign. Additionally, it is represented by a maiden.

Welinder’s Early Life and Education

Shelby was born on 7th September 1992 in Los Angeles, California. Though, the details about her parents are not available.

Moreover, according to sources, Welinder spent a childhood with her parents in Hawaii. However, after the migration of her parents due to work, she grew up in England.

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Shelby is a beauty with talent. She has outstanding academic qualifications. The detail about her high school is unknown.

But, she has pursued a graduate degree in International Relationship from New York University. After graduation, Welinder begin writing for a variety of publications.

Shelby Welinder’s Career

The American-born model was beautiful and attractive from her teenage. When Shelby was 15, she came into the limelight as a fashion designer.

Consequently,  the fashion designers decide to give modeling a chance. As a result, Welinder grabbed the opportunity and worked as a model for several years.

Firstly, Shelby started her career as a writer during her university time at New York University. During that time, she used to write for different publications.

However, her mind shifted to be a journalist after witnessing humanitarian and natural disasters.

Shelby posing with Luke Lysdahl for cover of a magazine.
Shelby posing with Luke Lysdahl for the cover of a magazine.

Currently, she is active as a freelance journalist in “Conscious” magazine in the USA.

Skills are developed by a person during a lifetime, while talent is natural. Above all, this talented woman is a model and journalist and an actress and producer.

Further, Shelby marked her entrance into the film industry by debuting in the television series Inside Any Schumer. She played the role of Amy Schumer in the comedy genre series.

Similarly, Welinder debuted as a producer in 2018. Her first project as a producer was Quantum Political Feedback.

Shelby’s Net Worth

The principal source of income for Welinder is from journalism, modeling, as an actress and producer.  Besides, her husband, Edward Akrout, has also accumulated wealth from his career as an artist and actor.

Different sources cite that Shelby has a net worth of around $100-600 k dollars.

Overall, the couples have a luxurious life in their house in London, United Kingdom.

Shelby Welinder and GTA V

GTA V and Shelby’s story is quite impressive; want to know the detail, so keep reading the article.

Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a renowned game among the gaming community. Above all, the game has now developed to the fifth sequel, i.e., GTA V.

Besides, GTA V has won the love and likes of the audience because of its immense graphics and dynamic gameplay. Rockstar game came into the limelight of media in 2014, not of its game but due to a file suit against it by model Lindsay Lohan.

Additionally, she filed a case against Rockstar Game, blaming the use of her photo on GTA V’s cover without her permission.

GTA V cover girl Shelby Welinder
GTA V cover girl Shelby Welinder

The court favored the Decision to Rockstar Games, demonstrating the cover girl other than Lindsay Lohan. Moreover, the story didn’t stop here; fans guess the cover girl to be Kate Upton.

However, Rockstar Games revealed the cover girl, none other than Shelby Welinder, later. Shelby even revealed payment for her work in GTA V to the audience after this controversy.

Also, Welinder is not known by her name but as a GTA V cover girl in the audience these days.

Shelby Welinder and Movies

Shelby, as an actress and a producer, has limited projects. She has featured in Inside Amy Schumer, Beautiful Woman, Down for whatever, and Bad Decision.

Meanwhile, she has also worked as a producer in Quantum Political Feedback and Voyeur.

Welinder and Journalism

Welinder started her professional career as a writer. She was a writer from her college time at New York University and used to write for different publications.

However, Shelby decides to become a journalist after noticing humanitarian and natural disasters. After that, she began to write about the world’s catastrophe, and she even began to write against human violence.

Moreover, currently, the GTA V cover girl works for “The Conscious” magazine of USA as a freelance writer.

Shelby Welinder: Relationships, Husband and Children

Shelby is a dream girl of many men. But your misfortune, she is already taken by someone. Are you eager to know the man to whom Shelby is married? Well, the GTA V cover girl is married to Franco-British actor and artist Edward Akrout.

Edward has featured in different TV series and big-screen movies. The audience well admires his role in The Dauphin in The Hollow Crown.

Likewise, the other popular projects of Akrout include Genius Picasso, Killing Eve, Rodin, Gypsy, The Enemy Within, and many more.

Welinder cheering with her husband
Welinder cheering with her husband, Edward Akrout

Akrout is a French-born guy who pursued a Philosophy degree from The Sorbonne University, Paris. He also attended Le Cours Florent in Paris for acting classes.

Also, he has worked as an artist. Moreover, his works are exhibited at The Hoxton, London; Hotel Royal Café, London; The Art Foundation, Athens; and Le Carreau De Temple, Paris.

Furthermore, the other relationships of both Welinder and Akrout before marrying each other are unknown.

Similarly, the details about their relationship and marriage are also not available. Further, Welinder couples don’t have any kids till the date.

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Edward Akrout Acting Career

Edward Akrout, the husband of Shelby Welinder, is a French-born actor apart from an artist.

Akrout is seen featuring in different movies over a period of time. Firstly, his debut was in the movie Swinging with the Finkels back in 2011.

After that, Edward worked on several projects. However, he has to wait until 2017 to come into the spotlight. His role of Amos Parker in Turn Washington’s Spies became the golden fish for him.

Since then, Akrout never has to look back. In the meantime, he played in the movies Strangers, Killing Eve, Genius, Dark Heart, and Enemy Within, which were all commercial successes.

Social Media Presence

Apparently, Welinder is not available on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Welinder’s Controversies and Rumors

Shelby does not have any controversies to this date. This might be due to her minimal presence on social media.

Similarly, she does not have any rumors concerning her at present.


Is Shelby Welinder Married?

Well, Shelby is married to Franco-British actor and artist Edward Akrout.

When is the birthday of Shelby Welinder?

The British-American model, actress, producer, and journalist was born on 7th September 1992.

Who is the cover girl of GTA V?

Well, the cover girl of GTA V is none other than Shelby Welinder.

Who are the parents of Shelby Welinder?

The details about the parents of Shelby are still not available.

How many kids does Shelby Welinder have?

Shelby doesn’t have any kids to the date.

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