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Casey Neistat Net Worth: Cars & Houses

American Youtuber, producer, filmmaker, and actor Casey Neistat has a net worth of $16 million in 2024.

He is famous for his vlogs on Youtube. Besides, he is the founder of multimedia firm Beme, which CNN acquired.

Neistat has also founded the 368 production studio in New York to allow Youtubers to collaborate.

Casey Neistat during a Youtube rewind festival shoot.
Casey Neistat during a Youtube rewind festival shoot.

He has amassed over 12 million subscribers on Youtube, and he is recognizable for a unique style of vlogging by filming the whole scene rather than solely the subject.

Apart from his main channel, he has two more channels named Casey Neistat Classics and Casey Neistat’s Snap Stories.

In 2016, the YouTuber won the ‘Shorty Award’ in the category ‘Youtuber of The Year,’ along with the GQ Men of The Year Awards and Streamy Award.

Further, he has won the Independent Spirit Award and was listed at #82 on New Media Rockstars’ list of top 100 channels in 2014.

Quick Facts

Given below are a set of quick facts about the popular YouTuber Casey Neistat:

Full Name Casey Owen Neistat
Net Worth $16 Million
Birth Date 25th March 1981
Known as Casey Neistat
Age 43 Years Old
Birth Place Gales Berry, Connecticut, United States
Religion Reform Judaism
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Dropped out (high school)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father’s Name Barry Neistat
Mother’s Name Amy Neistat
Siblings Jordan Neistat, Van Neistat, Dean Neistat
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight 78 kg (172 pounds)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Build Slim
Interests Travelling, Singing
Profession Youtuber, Producer, Actor
Active Years 2000-Present
Endorsements Nike, Google, J Crew, Mercedes-Benz
Marital Status Married
Relationships Candice Pool
Children Owen Neistat, Francine Neistat, Georgie Neistat
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok 
Last Update April, 2024

Casey Neistat Net Worth and Income

Casey Neistat has forged his stellar net worth of $16 million through his video productions, Youtube, public speaking, etc.

Being a prominent Youtuber with over 14 million subscribers across all his channels, he is expected to earn around $730,000 a year from Youtube before taxes.

He had a windfall of $25 million when CNN acquired his social media company Beme in 2016.

Also, the Youtuber is renowned as a public speaker and was involved in the Celeste Bartos Theatre in NYC, where his program tickets were priced at $40 per ticket.

Similarly, his other earning avenues include endorsement deals and production ventures.

Net Worth of Casey Neistat in Different Currencies

You can find the net worth of Casey Neistat in various worldwide currencies along with Bitcoin below:

Currency Net Worth
Euro 13,632,720
Pound Sterling £ 11,589,600
Australian Dollar A$ 21,801,600
Canadian Dollar C$ 20,037,600
Indian Rupee 1,188,400,800
BitCoin ฿ 348

Casey Neistat: Cars and Houses


Neistat has owned an 1194 BMW 530i, which produces a 182.9 cubic inch 8-cylinder engine, which produced 215 hp of power. He had put it up for sale at $2800 with a special youtube video.

Besides, he has a Jeep Wrangler, which he used for an extreme off-road drive for a video, ended up breaking it, and had it towed with a Mercedes-Benz.

Moreover, he has purchased a Tesla Model X worth over $90,000 and a top-of-the-line Tesla Model 3 costing $56,990. 

He recently put up pictures of himself driving a Land Rover whose price ranges from $50,000-$83,000.

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In 2017, Casey Neistat purchased a $3.7 million residence in Venice, Los Angeles, California. It was built in 2015 and had an original listing price of $3.5 million.

The abode features a 3500-sq-foot living space with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Further, it has amenities such as a retractable glass wall, a pool/spa, and even a BBQ area.

He had listed the property for sale in 2020 for a price tag of $3.9 million.

Likewise, during his stay in New York, he resided in a ‘Bohemian Aristocrat Apartment’ in Manhattan containing 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

It was purchased in 2017 and redesigned by a creative couple of Casey Neistat and Candice Pool with the help of designer Daun Curry.

Casey Neistat: Lifestyle and Vacations


Casey Neistat is an adventure-loving person, and he travels all over the world for his work.

Mostly, he flies to his destinations and has clocked over 200,000 miles on an airplane.

His first-class seat vlogs for different airlines are popular on Youtube.

Similarly, Neistat loves to surf, and he regularly posts pictures on his Instagram.

His favorite restaurant is Scott’s Lobster Dock, and his favorite book is The Autobiography of Malcolm X.


Casey Neistat wakes up early in the morning between 4-5 am as he believes that it is the best way to save time and utilize it productively.

He starts his day with a jogging session, after which he prepares breakfast for his daughter.

Casey Neistat with wife Candice Pool.
Casey Neistat with wife Candice Pool.

Then, he heads off to his office on his skateboard and works continuously till lunchtime. Finally, he returns home at 6 pm and goes to bed at 10 pm.


Casey Neistat has been to many places worldwide for his filmmaking.

In 2016, he was on a romantic vacation with his wife Candice Pool & daughter on the beaches of Croatia, where they hopped aboard a cruise and had a quiet family picnic in a park.

Besides, he has had getaways in Camps Bay, Copacabana beach, Singapore, Barcelona, etc.

Casey Neistat: Charity

In 2013, Fox hired Neistat to make a promo for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Further, he went to a village in the Philippines suffering from typhoons and organized 10,000 meals and basic medicine from their marketing budget of $25,000.

Also, he combined with Omaze for a charity effort and donated his Tesla Model 3 and $20,000 to people contributing $10 to Omaze’s campaign.

Likewise, he has contributed to Charity Water, Boys and Girls Club of America, One Young World, etc., with his philanthropic efforts.

Casey Neistat: Media, Endorsements, Investments, and Book Publications


Neistat has acting credits for Project Power, Airplane Mode, Youtube Rewind 2016, Nerve, Daddy Longlegs, and There’s Nothing You Can Do.

Besides, his directing credits include Retro Tech, Op-Docs, Alter Egos, etc.

Further, he has given lectures on filmmaking and his experiences in places such as TEDx talks, The Nantucket Project, etc.


Between 2018 and 2019, he ran a 20-episode podcast named Couples Therapy, where he discussed marriage, friendship, parenting, and life as a whole with his wife, Candice Pool.


He has created the Make it Count video for Nike, which was an instant hit for its divergent nature.

Moreover, his endorsement deals include J Crew, Finn Jewelry, Samsung, Google, and Mercedes Benz.

Neistat supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election and that of Democrat Joe Biden in 2020.

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Neistat founded the multimedia firm Beme with Matt Hackett in 2014. They had produced an app that enabled users to produce short unedited videos and share them with subscribers.

It was acquired by CNN in 2016 for $25 million as a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting Inc. However, it was shut down by CNN in 2018.

In 2018, he initiated Studio 368, a collaborative space for creators in 368 Broadway, New York.

After his move away from NYC, it has been operated by his long-time mate Sam Scheffer.

Besides, the Youtuber has produced shows such as Bolt From The Blue, The Neistat Brothers, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, and Science Experiments.

Book Publications

Casey Neistat has appeared in a chapter of the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, where he gives advice.

Casey Neistat: Career

Neistat began his career working with his brother Van Neistat, working for Tom Sachs as they created films about his sculptures and arts.

He first gained traction in 2003 with the video titled iPod’s Dirty Secret, where he was critical of Apple for not having battery replacement for its iPod media players.

In 2008, his series “The Neistat Brothers” was purchased by HBO for an estimated $2 million. It brought out his innovative filming style to the masses and earned positive reviews.

Then, he released videos such as Snowboarding With The NYPD, Do What You Can’t, Bike Lanes, etc., which catapulted him to stardom.

Casey Neistat in Social Media Week program in 2019
Casey Neistat in Social Media Week program in 2019.

To date, he has released over 950 vlogs on his Youtube channel and has around 3 billion views on his content.

He has spent more than 13 years of his career working on Broadway, NYC, and Youtube.

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3 Facts About Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat’s signature statement is a pair of blacked-out sunglasses, along with white primer spray paint.

Neistat had run away from home aged 15 and eventually moved in with two women, getting one of them pregnant.

He had started Youtube in 2010 but did not upload vlogs until 25th March 2013.

Casey Neistat: Social Media Presence

Neistat is an active social media user and uses the virtual medium to share his activities, travels, work, etc.

Facebook – 943 thousand followers

Instagram – 3.1 million followers

Twitter – 2 million followers

Youtube – 12.4 million subscribers

Twitch – 79.1 thousand followers

Tiktok – 313 thousand followers

Quotes of Casey Neistat

“Ideas are cheap, easy, and common. Everybody has ideas. Ideas are highly, highly overvalued. Execution is all that matters.”

“Always ask yourself: Am I living the life I want? Constantly evaluate where you are in life to make sure you are heading in the direction you want.”

“The only way you can have a job and sleep at work whenever you want is when you own the company.”


Why does Casey Neistat always wear sunglasses in his videos?

Casey Neistat wears glasses in his videos to avoid distraction as he tends to look into the camera’s flip screen instead of the lens.

Why did Casey Neistat stop vlogging?

In 2016, Casey Neistat had stopped vlogging for a while to focus on his documentaries. However, he resumed in 2017.

What is the net worth of Candice Pool in 2021?

Candice Pool’s net worth in 2024 is approximately $2 million.

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