Jellybeannose: YouTuber, ASMR, Relationship & Net Worth

There are a lot of K-pop enthusiasts in the world today. People love K-pop dances for being extremely fun, creative, and visually attractive. Similarly, Youtuber JellyBeanNose started her Youtube channel as a K-pop dancer.

JellyBeanNose first joined the youtube community in 2007 at the age of 17.

Similarly, her youtube videos are heavily influenced by the Korean music industry and Korean fashion. Many fans from the Western world adore her and look up to her for dance steps.

Furthermore, Jellybeannose is an incredible dancer who has won a couple of awards in dance competitions in Korea and has been a part of k-pop conventions in America.


Besides, Jellybeannose is also known for her ASMR videos, which stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Viewers seem to love her ASMR videos because of her sweet and smooth voice.

Likewise, the talented 30-year-old is currently engaged to the love of her life, Jonathan Van Arsdall. The beautiful couple has been dating for a long time and hopes to get married soon.

Quick Facts

Before getting to know about the life and career of Jellybeannose, let’s look at some facts about her.


Birth name Heather Vaughn
Birthdate 21 June 1990
Birthplace Pheonix, Arizona
Other names Jellybeannose
Religion Christain
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s name Not Known
Mother’s name Not Known
Siblings One
Sibling’s name Kristen Gluch(Heather)
Education Arizona State University
Age 32 Years Old
Height 5ft 4 inches
Weight 56 kgs
Hair color Dark Brown
Hair Type Straight
Skin tone White
Eye color Dark brown
Marital status Unmarried
Relationship status Dating
Boyfriend’s name Jonathan Van Arsdall
Children None
Profession Dancer, Influencer, Youtuber, K-Pop Enthusiast
Tattoos Two
Pet’s name Koko
Associated with NYX band
Category Entertainment, K-pop, ASMR
Joined Youtube 18 June 2007
Total views Over 54 Million Views
Second channel JellybeanASMR
Podcast This is Not a Dream
Net worth $200,000
Social media handles Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok
ASMR equipment Eagletec KG011 Keyboard, Blue Yeti USB Microphone
Last Update December, 2022

Jellybeannose: Birth & Early Life

Jellybeannose was born in Pheonix, Arizona, on 21 June 1990. Her zodiac sign is cancer, which aligns with her character of being an extraordinarily comforting and charismatic person.

Jellybeannose’s birth name is Heather Vaughn. She hasn’t shared much about her family or early education, but she often shares her father’s pictures.

So, we can assume that she is very close to her father. However, she hasn’t shared any information about her mother yet.

Her parents were supportive of her regarding her passion and career choice. Because of their love and support, she became an incredibly talented dancer who gained a lot of fame on the internet.

Furthermore, Heather also seems to be close to her sibling, Kristen Gluch. Jellybeannose’s sister Kristen is married to Kevin Glunch. The couple has their own company called “voyageisaverb,” where they resell clothing items.

Jellybeannose had been a k-pop fan since a very young age. She revealed that she was first introduced to k-pop by her friend at the age of 14.

Besides, after graduating from high school, Jellybeannose joined Arizona State University, where she received her degree. She graduated from her college in 2015.

Dancer Jellybeannose: Love For K-pop

Jellybeannose’s love for k-pop has a long history. She was too infatuated with Korean culture and the Korean music industry since she was in high school. It was then she started to learn k-pop choreography.

The k-pop enthusiast also had her band called NYX, and she had formed in her college days with two other members, Bailey and Isabelle. However, the band lasted only till 2015.

Jellybeannose with her friends.
Jellybeannose with her friends.

The dance band frequently covered dance choreography from the latest k-pop music and uploaded it on their youtube channels.

Jeallybeannose’s fanbase loved her dance as she inspired most of them to fit in the k-pop culture. Jellybeannose’s gif and videos were even famous on various sites like Imgur and musically in the early 2010s.

However, not everyone seemed to enjoy her unique interest in Asian culture. Many people on the internet accused her of being a “culture-vulture” for allegedly imitating Asian people and their style.

Honestly, many k-pop fans seem to have no problem with her because she displays herself as a genuine k-pop enthusiast with no ulterior motive.

Youtuber Jellybeannose: Career, Dance & ASMR

Heather, AKA Jellybeannose, first joined the youtube community on 18 June 2007 while only 17 years old.

It wasn’t until 15 October 2009 that she uploaded her first video titled “A Day in my life: Backstreet Boys.” In that video, she and her friend did a fun dance to Backstreet Boys’ classic song.

Similarly, she shared her first video associated with Asian culture in 2011 via a video titled “Asian Horror Movie Reviews?” in which she rated her favorite Asian horror movies.

In the latter days, she was famous for her dance videos. She covered the choreography of several k-pop bands and artists like Red Velvet, SNSD, Hyuna, Big Bang, Jay Park, Sunmi, JENNIE, AOPA, TWICE, LOONA, Girl’s Day, BTS, and much more.

Additionally, she is also known to do music video reviews with her friends from her former band, NYX, in which they give their first reaction to k-pop music videos.

Likewise, the talented entertainer also has a second channel called “JellybeanASMR,” where she uploads ASMR videos. She first joined her second channel on 23 September 2014. Her first video on this channel was titled “ASMR: Introduction + Some Tapping/ Crinkling/ Ear to Ear Whispering.”

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K-Pop Conventions & Podcast

Youtuber Jellybeannose was involved in several K-pop festivals and conventions from her early days on Youtube.

Likewise, people with similar interests, i.e., K-pop, meet at the conventions. Also, Jellybeannose meets with her fans at such conventions.

In August of 2013, the MNET America reality series called #MYKPOP offered Jellybeannose a part of the show. She flew out to Korea to be a part of the show.

Similarly, in September of 2013, she and another youtube dancer, DviNC3B, were chosen to be flown to Korea to compete in a dance competition.

The competition took place in Gangwon, Korea, and the duo won second place overall.

Jellybeannose in K-pop festival, Korea.
Jellybeannose in K-pop festival, Korea.

She has also taken part in several dance competitions in which she has proven herself to be a competent dancer. She teamed up with The First Bite dance band to compete in the K-POP World Festival.

Before her former band members disbanded their band, NYX, they participated in many open competitions.

Moreover, Jellybeannose is also a co-host of the podcast “This is not a dream.” There she and her co-worker Joy luke talk about crime stories and horror incidents.

In the podcast, they take turns telling about real and terrifying murder and crime tales.

K-POP Convention Vlogs

Besides, Jellybeannose has held K-Pop-related panels at KCON, SabotenCon, K-pop Con, Miami, and Taiyon Con, held annually in various parts of the United States America.

Infact, her most viewed video on youtube is her vlog, where she visited the KCon in 2016. The video is titled “[KCON 2016] 38 K-POP Dances,” which is 26 Minutes long(Chorus Dance Game). It was uploaded on 31 July 2016 and had over 3.5 million views.

Similarly, the video titled “[K-pop Con Miami ’15] 35 K-POP Dances,” which is 21 minutes long, is her second most popular video showing the dances that happened in K-pop Con, Miami.

Jellybeannose: Relationship

Youtuber Jellybeannose is known to date a lot of Asian men, specifically Korean. Though people on the internet were observant that she was obsessed with Asian men, many thought it was completely okay for her to have a specific preference for men.

Likewise, people on the internet have found out that Heather’s name “Jellybeannose” is a nickname that her high school boyfriend called her. It later became the name of her youtube channel and her complete identity.

Currently, Jellybeannose is engaged to Jonathan Van Arsdall, who is from Bluff, New Zealand. The couple has been together for several years now and is soon getting married.

Moreover, Jonathan has purposed to Jellybeannose on 7 July 2019, which she had shared on her Instagram. The couple had plans to get married in October 2020, but their plans got postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

They have confirmed that soon after the situation gets better, the couple is getting married. Currently, the couple lives together in a house in Pheonix, Arizona.

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Jellybeannose: Lifestyle & Health

The professional dancer/YouTuber lives a pretty incredible life. She is an incredibly fashionable person who often impersonated various k-pop idols and looks extremely beautiful in her outfits.

Likewise, Jellybeannose also has two tattoos, one on her right hip and the other between her chest. The natural brunette also occasionally switched up her hair color from brown to blonde and black.

Additionally, Jellybeannsoe is also an incredible animal lover. Growing up, she had various cats in her house.

At present, she has a german-shepherd dog named Kokobean. She and her fiance love their dog very much.

Besides, Jellybeannose also visits her sister occasionally and promotes her sister’s business on her Instagram. She also spends her time making short dance videos on Tiktok and Instagram.

Also, Youtuber Jellybeannsoe has revealed that she has been battling Type 1 diabetes since 2010. It is a chronic condition where the pancreas produces little to no insulin.

Likewise, the influencer has several posts on her social media, raising awareness about this condition.

Jellybeannose: Net Worth

The 30-year-old dancer/YouTuber earns from her k-pop themed channel and her other social media platforms. Besides, she also co-hosts a weekly podcast with Joy Luke.

Moreover, she has amassed thousands of subscribers and millions of views on both youtube channels. As of 2021, Jellybeannose’s Net Worth is approximately $200,000.

Jellybeannose: Social Media

The beautiful 30-year-old is active on all of her social media platforms. On Instagram, Jellybeannose has over 20k followers and is following over eight hundred people.

Similarly, she has shared over 380 posts till January 2021, and her posts are mostly dance-related.

Likewise, she has a Facebook page with over 13k followers. She is also active on Tiktok with over 800 followers.

Jellybeannnose is famous on Youtube with over 248k subscribers and over 54 million views. Similarly, on her ASMR channel, JellybeanASMR, she has over 305k subscribers and has over 73 million views.


How old is Jellybeannose?

Jellybeannose is 30 years old.

Is Jellybeannose dating someone?

Jellybeannose is currently engaged to Jonathan Van  Arsdall.

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