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Cesare Pompilio Età And Biography – Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Cesare Pompilio Età is being inquired about after the elderly Juventus fan died suddenly.

Pompilio was an extraordinary sports Journalist and commentator from Italy. He was popularly recognized as a die heart fan of an Italian football club, Juventus. He has been in the Italian media for more than 5 decades.

It was his unusual style of commenting on the football matches that the fans loved. Moreover, his love for Juventus and Christiano Ronaldo was also very unique. He often showed his love for them by drawing their initials on his hair and beard.

Cesar Pompilio
Cesar Pompilio (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, this senior Juventus devotee and sports pundit passed away in 2022, leaving a void in the Italian journalism industry.

Cesare Pompilio Età: How Old Was He?

Cesare Pompilio Età was 73 years old when he died.

According to The New Dept, the Journalist was born in 1949, and his birthday was 29th March.

He was born and raised in Trieste and spent the rest of his life in Milan.

Cesare Pompilio Biography: Family And Ethnicity

Not many of Pompilio’s biography details are disclosed in the media.

Cesar was a man who preferred a low-key life. He didn’t like publicizing his personal life, so he had not revealed anything about his parents or wife. However, he was born and raised in Trieste, Northeast Italy.

We believe he followed Christianity; however, his ethnicity is not disclosed.

Furthermore, he was a married man. And he even had grandchildren. Once, he posted a picture with his granddaughter at her graduation and captioned it as ” she is a doctor… her name is Alessia… she is my granddaughter…. the rest is just gossip …”

So though Cesare appeared hard on the TV, he was a man with a soft heart. He cherished his family and friends but didn’t talk about them in public.

As the older man passed, his well-wishers and family were deeply saddened.

Cesare Pompilio Net Worth: How Much He Earn?

Cesare’s net worth can be expected to be colossal.

As a Journalist with decades of experience, the man lived a luxurious life during his prosperous career.

According to a news portal, he began his journalism career in 1986. He served at Telelombardia for many years. He was one of the keystones of the Qui studio, a voi stadium. 

Furthermore, the man was also a football commentator. We could often see Cesar in a Black and White striped Juventus jersey. His way of broadcasting any program was unique; he was always angry and shouting. And due to this, he has also been involved in controversies.

However, now that he is gone, it is this unique style that every football fan is missing. 

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Juventus Fan Cesare Pompilio Death: How Did He Die?

Cesare Pompilio’s death occurred on 4th September 2022.

But, the reason behind the sports Journalist’s death is yet to be disclosed. According to News Italy, Pompilio suffered a heart attack in 2018 and had undergone major surgery. He also had other underlying health conditions.

However, the Journalist had not reported any significant sickness in the previous years, and his death surprised everyone.

Pompilio’s death was made public by the director of Telelombardia, Fabio Ravezzani, on the day he passed. He wrote, “I have terrible news to give you. Unfortunately, our dear friend Cesare Pompilio died.”  He also added that only those people with good fortune got the chance to witness Cesar’s goodness outside TV. Lastly, he stated, “Saying that we will miss him does not convey the idea of emptiness that we feel. “

Likewise, Juventus’s former general manager also expressed profound sadness upon Cesare’s demise. On Twitter, he wrote, “Dear Cesare, today you left us, but your memory and all that we have lived together can never be erased. Even in difficult moments, your friendship and constant support will always be with me. Rest in peace, my friend”.

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